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Daily Bible reading notes

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Waswondering Mon 20-Oct-08 19:52:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scrappydappydoo Mon 20-Oct-08 20:11:19

If you have a Christian bookshop near you - go and have a browse and see if there are any you like the look of...

Some people in our church use 'The Word for today' which I think may be similar to the one you describe but is british... plus its free here
Other people I know seem to quite like the Jeff Lucas' one here

You can also get daily Bibles which have readings for each day

ja9 Mon 20-Oct-08 22:58:09

I use explore. what i like about them is that they gpo through books of the bible rather than themes. i have been given annual subscription from pil for last 2 yrs - great gift! just reminded me to ask if they would like to do same for me this yr...

DutchOma Tue 21-Oct-08 09:29:29

Yes, we use Lucas on Life, have done for a couple of years, ever since Selwyn Hughes from across the grave became a bit much for us. We had used his notes for years before he died.

beeper Tue 21-Oct-08 14:49:00

Sorry I would stay away from Jeff Lucus, I was once in a church where he spoke and he definatly was not speaking with the spirit of God.

beeper Tue 21-Oct-08 14:51:07

Try Oswald Chambers, online dailys


Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-08 19:11:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CarGirl Tue 21-Oct-08 19:13:29

I have some sent daily by email from ellel ministries, called seeds of the kingdom. they're free and so far I've been very impressed with them.

Waswondering Tue 21-Oct-08 19:14:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CarGirl Tue 21-Oct-08 19:19:15

No Ellel is English based but has a worldwide ministry here is the link to sign up

scrappydappydoo Tue 21-Oct-08 20:49:48

That's interesting beeper as he is a highly regarded speaker and a member of the spring harvest management team - was there anything in particular you felt wasn't right? (just wondering)

Yurtgirl Tue 21-Oct-08 20:53:08

I use Explore as well!

I have definately heard jeff lucas speak at spring harvest - I cant picture him though! - has he got 5 kids or is that someone else?

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