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Homework - Protestants -v- Catholics

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crystaltips Thu 03-Mar-05 17:15:10

Basically DS wants to know the difference between these 2 faiths .... heathen as I am .... I haven't a clue

nerdgirl Thu 03-Mar-05 17:23:54

Catholics have seven sacraments, Protestants have two.

The adoration of Mary.

The eucharist as literally or figuratively the body of Christ.

Will try to think of others.

nerdgirl Thu 03-Mar-05 17:25:02

Praying to saints.

The infallibility of the Pope.

morningpaper Thu 03-Mar-05 17:30:49

Excellent comparison chart here:

Tortington Fri 04-Mar-05 16:49:08

henry the eighth decided one day to have a divorce and so made up his own religeon. this was also to do with the greater emergence of merchants and foreign economies - not just on religeous grounds - the catholics wanted to hold onto all the power but henry thought -stuff that- i can get loadsa money and power if i sod them lot off - i can marry who i want if i make sommat up too!

the lords prayer is said slightly differently.

ark Fri 04-Mar-05 17:37:12

A lot of the difference is to do with communion, Catholics believe that through the eucharist prayers the wine and bread becomes the body and blood of Christ (Cogs are turning but I think this is refered to as transubstantiation) Don't know how old ds - could be a little OTT
So protestants believe that the wine and bread represents the body and blood.

Also The Pope is a big diff as Catholics refer to him as head of church meanwhile Protestants do not.

There is loads more - but just realised he probably finished his homework by now! And all the while i've been rambling on!

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