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StG! Come see me!

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WeDoTheWeirdStuff Wed 24-Sep-08 21:00:15

<proud mum>

Been discussing god with Flamechick (always agreed with DH that I would teach her about my beliefs and Christian - he's an ex catholic). When asked by her teacher today where god is.....

"In all of us, and around us and above us. Everything is made of little bits of god."

grin Not the "in heaven" response that would go with my christian teachings

SaintGeorge Wed 24-Sep-08 23:17:02

<<runs into thread, after detour to lavvy, sorry!>>

Excellent! That is one fine girl you have there.

Better than the responses my two give.

DS2 gets very vocal whenever an old hag pic is used to illustrate 'W'. Cant' imagine where he gets that from blush. Otherwise, he is unfortunately leaning towards Christianity (the shame).

DS1 just stays quiet. He used to be vocal, but after challenging his RE teacher once too many times he was forced to read to the whole school in assembly (highly embarrassing).

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