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"Down in the jungle on a Saturday night" - any church goers know this one???????

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FAQ Tue 23-Sep-08 23:33:50

Was planning the hymns tonight with my friend (the Church warden) and in the Roots book one of the songs suggested was this one.

Neither of us know it and I@m curious as to the words - and the tune......

All I could think of was Cbeebies

"down in the Jungle where nobody goes, there's a great big xxxxx washing his clothes" grin

Can anyone satisfy my curiosity???

cornsilk Tue 23-Sep-08 23:34:31

is that a hymn?

FAQ Tue 23-Sep-08 23:35:37

apparently so - a children's one shock grin

cornsilk Tue 23-Sep-08 23:36:29

I've heard it - maybe tikabilla - didn't know it was a hymn!

FAQ Tue 23-Sep-08 23:37:10

no - it's not the down in the jungle were nobody goes one on Tikabilla grin - that's just the one that came into my mind when we read the title in the Roots book LOL

cornsilk Tue 23-Sep-08 23:40:46

LOL thought it was an unusual hymn!

blithedance Tue 23-Sep-08 23:57:23

Were they thinking of "Who's the king of the Jungle?"

FAQ Tue 23-Sep-08 23:58:50

No - I've googled and there is a hymn with that title (from Kidsource) - but I can't find any words/tune for it.........and I want to know grin

overthehill Wed 24-Sep-08 00:25:53

Do you have a Christian bookshop that might sell Kidsource where you could go and surreptitiously look it up? Probably not very ethical, but if needs must...

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