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Blessings / prayers for babies / children? Any ideas?

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saggers Sat 20-Sep-08 21:14:59

Need a collection of blessings for babies. Don't need to be religious. I have an Apache one which is lovely but can't find any more. Any help would be much appreciated.

saggers Sat 20-Sep-08 21:18:27


saggers Sat 20-Sep-08 21:27:28

Is that a no then? sad

MaryBS Sat 20-Sep-08 23:17:07

I can probably find some religious ones, if you want them - do you like ancient or modern?

Weegiemum Sun 21-Sep-08 06:25:17

I have some nice ones from the Northumbria community which I could type out for you later if you like (Celtic Christian).

mamatilly Sun 21-Sep-08 14:24:18

i have this prayer on my wall...

beloved lord almighty god

through the chains of all masters
through the guides of all angels and children

place our feet firmly on the path of light
illuminate our minds
purify our hearts
and fill us with joy

that we may be clear channels for our children


Tommy Sun 21-Sep-08 14:33:50

thee's a lovely reading about children in The Prophet - Kahil Gibran (not overtly religious but still spiritual)

third verse of "Away in a manger" (DSs' bedtime prayer smile)

can;t think of any more off hand

saggers Mon 22-Sep-08 20:31:46

MaryBS Modern please. Thank you.

Weegiemum Yes please, if you don't mind. Thank you.

Thanks also mamatilly and Tommy I know the Khalil Gibran one.

MaryBS Tue 23-Sep-08 07:17:47

How about this:

Before you were conceived, I wanted you
Before you were born, I loved you
Before you were here an hour, I would die for you
This is the miracle of love.

Need to trawl my books when I get chance...

saggers Wed 24-Sep-08 21:51:01

Thank you again.
Keep 'em coming!

feeble Thu 25-Sep-08 13:51:25

Dont know if it counts as a blessing but i always sing the following to DD at night

Jesus tender shepherd hear me
Bless thy little lamb tonight
Through the darkness be thou near me
Keep me safe till morning light

There are other verses but I dont know them sorry

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