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What would you think of these experiences?

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ColumboWearsControlPants Sun 14-Sep-08 23:06:34

While writing one evening I got the very distinct feeling that something unseen and benevolent was intimating itself to me, as if there were was an invisible veil in front of me and something willing me to think about on the other side it. At the time I thought, someone less practical than me might think back on this as the time they first became aware of God.

Another time I happened to be listening to some Islamic devotional music (Nusrat Ali Fateh Khan) and something clicked into place or rather came into focus, as if I was attune with a specific kind of energy or concentration, and I felt this extraordinary feeling of acceptance and complete recognition of my essential self and a force that I can only describe as a burst of unconditional love. I don't think it came from me, it sort of coursed through my thoughts and emotions and coloured everything with a different light, like everything was the same but from a different perspective.

I go through life all the time feeling that there is something I should be doing which I am not doing, and these experiences (I've had more but won't detail any further) seem to tie in with that feeling.

neverknowinglyunderdressed Mon 15-Sep-08 13:00:22

Next time you feel 'the presence' ask it who it is and what it wants. Quite easy then to work out if its God or not.

Overmydeadbody Mon 15-Sep-08 13:02:48

I think the brain is an amazingly complex organ

neverknowinglyunderdressed Mon 15-Sep-08 13:02:48

What I mean is that in the spiritual realm there are many different entities. Some are benevolent, many are not. Some that are harmful can easily masquerade as benevolent. So it does pay to be cautious.grin

piratecat Mon 15-Sep-08 13:04:15

i can understand that feeling, it happened to me, after a time of turmoil and changed my view of the world, of myslef forever. I felt i finally accepted myslef and wasn't scared anymore.

ColumboWearsControlPants Tue 16-Sep-08 19:47:32

I guess I just find it interesting how different people interpret the same things.

For eg, once, at a very low point in my life I had this weird experience where I was woken from sleep feeling this weird tingly sensation on one side of my body. It flashed through my mind that I was having a stroke, but then it seemed that there was a presence in the room and it was really positive, then suddenly it wasn't there anymore and I felt totally frightened and to scared to move, I lay there petrified until it got light. Years later I just happened to be watching Songs of Praise and a man was describing the exact same experience and he was convinced it was an angel that had visited him.

Papillon Wed 17-Sep-08 03:24:03

ok here is my small book, take on experience. Surely you been waiting with baited breath for it, dont hold it while you read whats below...

Thats the crux of this thread, how different people interpret the same things. And how it separates us. Separates our ability to see the possibility that what we experience as truth, light or dark, is one and the same.

Experience is all well and good to teach you how you are feeling, where you are at emotionally, physically and mentally. But to take those experience, place them beside what is your form of magic, belief, pragmatic ways etc, and try implanting them into your daily life is an even more interesting step. To see what you can manifest from your Alert, Aware, Conscious State of Mind. The more it happens, the more a person can vibrate and be the Force itself, I find it quite humourous these days, which is a good thing to laugh and not be too serious about it all. It is not always something I can maintain, but I am getting better at it. Practical ways to put what I have experienced into my life and into others, inspirational without the pressure of them having to conform to anything but a window on the way they choose to live their own lives.

Experience... It could be associated with wine in the evening, it could be with the way music uplifts a person, or music or experiences bringing negative moments making heavy sensations about you. Sensations and experiences that mirror what is and has been created in a persons life. Perception and getting what we want from situations is huge in humans. Its not that dissimilar from lying or creating our own truths, what we want to see in the mirror over what is reflected in the mirror of our experiences and lives.

I personally see that separation and opposition in "Spiritual Truths" makes for alot of "gaps" in how we evolve, develop as a species... in a spiritual way. If a "Force" created us, then surely we have the potential to be part of that Energy/Force.

Intuition is a good example of an area of the brain that society does not utilise near as much as the logic area of the brain. We like science to prove our logic. But research has indicated (dont ask me for links, I have stored this stuff up over years of reading and personal experience) that rogue events, in the what seems orderly patterns of atom structures occur. Something seems to be logic and then an anomaly happens.

I could go on, it of course, as you know, it is a subject that fascinates me. I am someone interested in Energy, its my God.

Here is a extract from something I read today, which you may find of interest.

Truth is the only purity. The energy that you have been feeling is a kind of truth; in actuality it is a force. Most people on earth think that the physical world and the spirit world are combined that they are one and the same. They also think that force or energy is part of the material world and is usually produced by it. Look at a crystal; it is a perfect example. It represents a crystallized form of spirit, because it is of the material realm. Force, on the other hand, is spirit that has not yet been crystallized into a physical form. The rainbows emanating from the crystal are the color of force that is more dense than spirit and not yet a form. The music of the earth mother sings to us through color. When you see form, you see color. And when you see color, you see music and tones in their solid form. The force that has been felt in your dreams is a pervading energy that people the world over are feeling and do not understand. They experience this energy as a quickening. Their lives are moving faster and they can barely keep up with their shifts in consciousness and the needs of everyday life. They don't understand that spirit is increasing their needs so those new mirrors can be formed. These mirrors are teachers if only the people will have the courage to look into them and learn.

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