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Has my toddler and little boy seen spirits and ghosts in the house????

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bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 10:03:41

I wonder if anyone has had similar experience.
when my 5 yr old boy was younger he always talked about the 'tickly man' who tickled his toes at night !Apparently he'd wake up my son and then go down the stairs. He wore a hat apparently but sometimes came out of the drawer under the bed.

my hubbie and I have overactive imaginations and loved the story, but tried not to colude . He got scared so I sprayed deoderant and told him it was special spray which the tickly man did not like.

Anyway or 2 year old is screaming in the night. and told me this am that there was a man in his bedroom. I asked him to describe him and he said Hat. It freaked me out.

My dad died 4 months ago, I had a few 'signs' but maybe just co-incidence. He broke his right arm in a fall and died of exposure.

Anyway 2 year old kept pointing to his right arm and trying to tell me something.

Maybe I am just trying to link up things that have no meaning.

Anyone else's children seen anything or is it just imaginary friends???

ConnorTraceptive Wed 10-Sep-08 10:08:46

Is it possible your 5 year old has told your 2 year old about the man?

I think children can be quite sensitive to these things, last week my 3 year old heard a man saying his name whilst we were in the car.

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 10:30:58

It is always possible. 5 year old has quite severe speech disorder so is fairly hard to understand.

2 year old has single word speech but excellent understanding.

I think it is probably just imagination but I would love to believe they can see things we cant.

I had some 'signs' but again, after the event it is easy to say they were just co-incidents.

Hubbie and I stayed in his bed when we organised funeral. He died in garden after a fall and was not found for about 2 days.

We woke up and heard foot steps on gravel in garden and tapping on window. My hubbie said before I did "that your dad" it was a comfort but then when the Ipod went off at home It was spooky.

I dont think tickly man is connected to my dad. my 5 year old told me that taid (grandad) was sitting on bench at school and watching him in the playground. It could just be totally made up no way of telling when it is a little child????

BlackEyedDog Wed 10-Sep-08 10:42:45

so sorry to hear about your dad.
After my dad died I experienced some odd stuff - sort of 'signs' I suppose - not helped by moving to a rather spooky old house.

I don't really believe in spookatons but also can't explain why people experience the oddities they do. Perhaps residual energies, an imprint of a former life impressing itself on this world?

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 10:47:34

Thanks blackeyedog.

Our house is so not spooky, that is the ridiculous thing.

It is a post war pre-fab !!!! who would bother haunting that, unless it is one of the german POW builders ?!!

The day my sons get really fixated on imaginary pals, I will be so scared

When I say a prayer with 5 year old every night and ask God to look after Taid, he tells me not too, because he is scared that he will come and take him to heaven. He has learned so much about life and death in the last 4 months. He fluctutes between not wanting to talk about him, as he says he is scared, to saying that he has seen him and is matter of fact about it.

He knows we all die but not for a long time. He told me that he believes that we go up to heaven, stay a while, then come down as someone else. I told him I didnt believe that bid, but lots of other people do.!

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 10:49:36

forgot to ask,

What signs did you experience.??- do tell I am so fasinated about his stuff.

BlackEyedDog Wed 10-Sep-08 11:03:46

oh I actually agree with your ds that we get another go!

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 11:21:04

as animals or people.

I dont like it because I could come back as a really unhappy person in a sad life. for example, an abused child or something.

piratecat Wed 10-Sep-08 11:25:01

i am not sure what to say, but i wouldn't be including people in prayers if my kiddy got scared of the mere mention, esp just before bed. Perpetuating that fear/trigger.

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 11:34:53

I usually just test the water. I ask him to say the prayer and say what he wants mostly.

after he got scared I stopped mentioning his taid, but sometimes he does it himself.

I think he has been exposed to too much too soon.

BlackEyedDog Wed 10-Sep-08 11:36:53

why on earth would you do that. will return with my spookaton 'signs' but must work noww

IorekByrnison Wed 10-Sep-08 11:44:12

Children of this age are a bit spooky. I think it's to do with the fact that reality and fantasy are very fluid for them so that they will describe things as though they are real. Having said that dd terrified the life out of me a few months back.

We were staying at a friend's villa in Spain. It's built on a hillside so slightly odd levels within the house. By the landing the top of the stairs is a small door leading to some loft space. Dd wanted to look inside. We opened the door for her, and she said "look at that lady". "What lady?" we asked and pointed to various things inside that she might be imagining looked like a woman. She kept saying "no, there" indicating into space. She then said there was a man with her. We started to get slightly spooked and said "yes, but it's just pretend isn't it". She insisted "no, it's real".

We forgot all about it until the next day when she went upstairs and wanted to look in the cupboard again. We said jokingly "are the man and the lady still there?". She said "No. Just the man. The lady's gone away. She wants to come back but she's lost her way."

So we laughed it off, but that evening at bed time she started talking about them and saying "They are naughty. They come into my room at night. They come nearer and nearer and nearer..." I was a bit nervous by this time but put her to bed. A few hours later as we were having dinner, I had a very strong feeling that I needed to check on her. I went into the room and saw that her bed was empty. I looked through the semi-darkness and saw that she was standing up with her back to me, in a really weird position, half leaning over the other bed in the room, and apparently still asleep. My head started filling with blair witch thoughts, and I panicked, gathered her up, took her into our room and put her in our bed.

I didn't sleep all night and have never been so relieved as when morning came. It is amazing how all the rationality by which you think you are living your life can just slip away in one moment to expose the most primal fear.

It was all fine in the end of course. I think she probably did make the whole thing up (she was 2 and 3/4 at the time). But it was incredibly convincing.

drivinmecrazy Wed 10-Sep-08 11:51:29

DD1 is 7 and has seen her RG (grandad) several times recently. He died 2 months ago and they were very close. On her first day back at scholl last week she said that she kept seeing a light out of the corner of her eye, and she's sure it was him winking at her. It made total sense because he would want to be with her on her first day back. She has also heard him breathing in her room at night, but far from being scared she is really reassured and knows he will always look out for her.
He always knew the answers to any wierd and wonderful questions she had, and has started writing to him and leaving letters and questions under her pillow at night, waiting for an answer.
We have suggested she talk to her RG when he is in her room, but don't know how far we should encourage this 'contact' which gives her immense comfort.

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 11:51:42

who is to say she did make it up. We will never know, and she wont remember when she is older.

I usually assume it is real but try not to colude to much !!!- I probably am a bit barmy - poor kids....

IorekByrnison Wed 10-Sep-08 12:35:29

You're right, bandie. It might have been real. But she does make an awful lot of stuff up.

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 14:29:30


It would be good to find out if that villa has a history.. Surely your friends might know.

I really think she did see things, too imaginative by far !

solidgoldbrass Wed 10-Sep-08 14:34:11

At the outside edge of possibility is the Stone Tape theory: that energies produced by intense emotions can remain in locations and occasionally be percieved in some way by some people. This would be a natural, not a supernatural phenomonon and totally harmless. But it's a bit Not Proven.

IorekByrnison Wed 10-Sep-08 14:39:40

Yes it was the lack of Disney princesses in her story that made me particularly worried that there might be something in it.

IorekByrnison Wed 10-Sep-08 14:47:17

Bandie, we did discuss the villa's history. I forget the details but basically the man who built it died several years ago and his wife more recently. It was, apparently, the place where they were happiest. Dd at one point, when asked what they were doing, said "making soup", which we all laughed at. But apparently they were big foodies and cooked together a lot. So, it all sort of checks out if you're looking for it.

Stone Tape theory a tempting possibility - but what were they doing in the loft?

As you say, we will never know.

sweetheart Wed 10-Sep-08 14:49:26

My dh and I believe that our dd had a spirit guide when she was little. She would always talk about the man that was often with her in the house, her discriptions were consistant over a long period of time which we felt was unusual for a child of her age at the time.

I cannot discribe why but it was not like an imaginary friend and I was really spooked at the time. That was about 5 years ago now and "the man" was only with us for a while. It seemed to comfort her rather than frighten her so we learnt to accept the presence.

I would however be slightly worried if she had been distressed like you ds tbh.

fransmom Wed 10-Sep-08 18:37:22

maybe they came nearer because they realised that he could see them and wanted to tlak to him? i would also be worried tho if i found my dd in the position you found your ds in tho

kiltycoldbum Wed 10-Sep-08 18:53:40

i know this is nothing to do with what youre talking about but a strange thing happened to me the other day. I was sitting on the floor in the dead centre of my lounge feeding my ds with dd next to me when out of nowhere a white feather dropped on me hitting me on the shoulder and fell in my lap. Where in gods name it came from as there where certainly no feathers hovering on my lounge ceiling i dont know! Ive been having a very stressful upsetting time lately so it would be nice to think it was some "sign" that someone was thinking of me!

fransmom Wed 10-Sep-08 18:55:37

how lovely kcb xx it is a sign that someone is thinking of you sweetheart xx could you kep it in a memory book or something similar?

kiltycoldbum Wed 10-Sep-08 18:58:33

ive put it in my sewing box actually! smile just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye!

bandie Wed 10-Sep-08 19:39:07

Kcb- that is really nice,

It is apparently quite typical to get white feathers if an angel is watching you.

Not sure what I think. What kind of feather was it. Is it a little white one or quite big.

I agree, cant think were it would have come from.

It obviously makes you feel better, so it is having a really positive effect.

Iorek- having listened to the history. I assume little one did not know any of this prior to the episode. There is little doubt now that it was real.

Wonder why we lose the ability to be connected to these things as we get older?

I dont recall having any experiences. I dont really think we come back, but when I was little and at primary, I used to think I'd worked in a building as some sort of victorian nanny. I used to say to my dad "Have we been there?" hed say, no. "I can remember going there and pushing a pram around " At the time i was sure I had done it, but now I am an adult I think I must of had a dream or seen something on telly and got it all mixed up. As I get older, I just doubt things more.

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