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Energy work, negative thoughts, and the like

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wotsaface Tue 22-Jul-08 20:07:51

Ok so I've named changed as scared you'll all think I'm a loon (well I may be grin).

I've recently opened my mind to the possibilities of eastern philosophy around the movement of energy through our bodies, and certain people being able to "pick up" on other people's energy (seeing auras etc). I used to be very sceptical about all this but, having seen some energy work on animals (where I have literally seen ripples of energy movement, along a horse's back, go backwards and forwards between an energy worker's hands, I've got more and more interested, if a little spooked.

However, I've suddenly got paranoid about other people being able to "read" my energy, where the idea of it feels almost intrusive. I'm experiencing some really intensely odd moments when I'm in company. It's as though I have a "devil on my shoulder" where I get really paranoid that people can read me and all sorts of strange thoughts come into my head.

It's like, what's the most embarrassing thing you can think of and then think it, and then I can feel my energy directing outwards and then think that some people know that's what I'm thinking, and will think the worst of me, all out of fear I guess. It feels as though my negative energy is projecting on to others when I really don't want it to. I am a sensible person honest! Intelligent and in a responsible job, and fairly together in most ways too!

My god reading this through makes me sound like I'm completely barking, but I haven't a clue who to talk to in RL about this, and it's having all sorts of effects on my confidence an getting generally worse, so wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar. I guess it could be what western science would call intrusive thoughts, but I am genuinely interested to know what people think about the energy stuff too.

I am feeling really blush about this so please be gentle with me

Roskva Wed 23-Jul-08 12:47:11

I don't think you're weird, at all. There are a lot of things on this planet that can't (yet) be explained by science. I have accupuncture fairly regularly, and that's said to work on energy channels within the body, and not on any circulation that western medicine has documented. so in a way it makes sense that some folk can see that energy.

Years ago a friend of mine started seeing people's auras, and like you, she found it very disconcerting. She started reading up on the subject to try to understand it better. One of the books she read was called 'Hands of Light' - she passed it on to me to read, and I found it quite interesting, even though I can't see auras. I can't remember who wrote it I'm afraid.

SaintGeorge Wed 23-Jul-08 13:20:38

Learn the 'golden bubble' technique.

It is a simple form of meditation.

I have some notes in a Word document if you want them.

Drop me an email.

antlxstew at yahoo dot co dot uk

wotsaface Wed 23-Jul-08 22:08:12

Oh thank you both for your replies. I was about to have myself admitted!

Roskva I will look into the book you've mentioned thank you. I notice from your profile that you have a horse, you lucky thing. Have you ever had energy treatment done on her? I've recently seen electro-acupuncture done on a horse, which had damaged a nerve and would otherwise have been shot as couldn't stand up, but the pusles you could see activate something and within a day she was up! It was amazing. It's this experience of seeing things in animals, that can't have any preconceived ideas, that has really opened my mind to all this.

Saint George, thank you also for your reply, I will email you, though please excuse my sceptical reaction to your profile and claims to being a witch!!! For some reason I am very nervy....but in the absense of western science enthusiasts rushing to my rescue (or suggesting I be carted off - I expect that's what most were thinking) I will take the plunge and email a stranger re my mental health. Bless you both for wanting to help smile

Roskva Wed 23-Jul-08 23:32:51

You're welcome smile.

You know, there is usually someone else out there who has had similar experiences, however unusual, but it takes a lot of guts to ask the question and risk the answers of people who haven't.

I haven't had any accupuncture done on my horse, but I think she might benefit from it - she's no spring chicken and periodically goes lame in one hind leg, although the vet can find nothing clinically wrong. There don't seem to be any practitioners who treat large animals in this area, although there is a vet who does accupuncture on small pets. One minute my horse is fine, then she gets down to roll and gets up limping sad. I do wonder whether she actually has had some kind of trauma in her neck or back, which affects how she moves and makes it look like she's lame.

Papillon Thu 24-Jul-08 05:18:08


Negative thoughts are important to address, in any person, especially when you feel the energy of Life, its Intuitions and Vibrations. They are very powerful and easy accessed if you open yourself to the reality that Energy does exist (its everyone else, who ignores it thats weird hun... wink )

There is no "One Way", " My Way" - Energy (Spirituality/Religion/Philosophies/Magic etc etc..) comes in many forms in the realities that humans have.. Be open and FEEL.

There are lots of forums about to talk about spirituality.. my favourite is

Yea, so confidence...negative energy/thoughts... would recommend listening programmes on Self Esteem, Mediations, Trance. There are all sorts out there and you can find alot online.

Its a personal journey Spirituality, the net helps people like "us" who dont follow major religions find communities of kindred spirits

SaintGeorge Thu 24-Jul-08 15:36:10

Why sceptical? I no more 'claim' to be a witch than a Catholic 'claims' to follow Christianity. Would you be equally sceptical if they declared the fact on their profile?

As it happens the details on my profile are scanty at best and some things are said in jest but that is by the by.

I am a little bit hmm at the fact that you have posted in this topic heading about 'energy work' yet react like that.

wotsaface Thu 24-Jul-08 17:56:32

Thanks Papillon for your posts, it is very helpful however I feel I should respond with apology to Saint George first.

SG I think my sceptism is what is ultimately causing me my angst. And there we go, I have managed to project this negativity your way and offend you, which was rude of me, particularly since you have been so kind in offering help. Thank you so much for sending the info by email despite your being hmm back at me, for which I probably deserve.

I did take your profile in jest and hoped in a sense my comment would be taken that way too. I have been brought up as a christian and trained as a scientist so to some extent I have been conditioned to think that "witches" etc are spooky and that I shouldn't go there. I am trying hard to make the transition towards Papillion's lesson of accepting that there is not "one way" and this is making sense to me at the moment. I clearly have much to learn smile

Roska I hope you find treatment for your horse soon, it sounds to me like your suspicions are probably right, if there are no large animal vets that practice acupuncture, are there any other trauma specialists you could approach? Equine osteopaths?

SaintGeorge Fri 25-Jul-08 11:02:03

Apology accepted and in turn I offer an apology for my brusque reply.

I have battled long and hard, both in RL and on here, to correct assumptions about witches/ witchcraft hence my reaction.

I don't like to reveal many details about the 'real' me and the magic references in my profile are about past MN conversations, but of course that isn't obvious unless you actually read those threads. I forget when talking to people in this topic that not everyone has been around a long time and 'knows' me.

The picture doesn't capture my best side and I promise I only wear the hat on Sundays wink

So, fresh start!

Try the stuff I sent you, I am sure it will help, even if only as a form of relaxation. If you have any questions I can help with, shout here or email me and I will do the best I can to assist.

And if you want any info on my faith, to broaden your scope and understanding, then you know where I am smile

wotsaface Fri 25-Jul-08 22:58:03

Thank you SG that's sweet of you. You are obviously a sensitive soul too.

I do have a somewhat dry and flippant sense of humour that often gets me in trouble, although I like to think it's endearing wink

I have loads of questions though all escaping me for now. Please do keep posting with any useful insights, it feels like a big weight has lifted already.

I guess my lesson in the impact of my scepticism is an important one, although sorry it was at cost of your feelings.

Hope to cross paths again soon

Roskva Sat 26-Jul-08 09:25:10

Wotsaface, I'm waiting for friend of the lady who looks after my horse for me (I'm pg), who does accupressure on horses, to visit. Apparently she's very good, but she livs the other side of the country.

SaintGeorge, I'm interested in learning more about witches - can I email you?

Papillon Sun 27-Jul-08 01:52:49

Wanting to enjoy your Life and be at peace within your Life brings a wonderful sense of BEINGNESS that that brings positive thought outcomes / pleasure to yourself and to others. Until very recently most women didn't have the opportunity to choose their own paths, and to hear from a woman who is beginning her journey of Spiritual Individuality creates pride in and for you and what you are wanting to do gives me great pleasure.

Please know, dear sister-of-the-LIGHT, that in your walk upon your sacred path of ASCENDED CONSCIOUSNESS, please stay in your NOW MOMENTS and in your CENTRE OF POWER. If you do this, then those life lesson opportunities won't knock you "off" or "far" from your path EVER AGAIN!

Negativity is a densely woven fabric that is useful at special times, to tell us what is not working and allow us through pain and miscomfort, to impel us to do something positive. Negatives things happen, Assumption is the Mother of Screw ups, but the Goal of being better and feeling better, is a positive goal indeed to have

As we are sharing Spiritual paths, I am a Shaman / Medicine Woman.


SaintGeorge Sun 27-Jul-08 12:34:09

Roskva, please feel free to email. Can you stick MN or your nickname in the subject line though to make sure I don't miss it and delete it by mistake (as I did last week with an email from a friend blush)

wotsaface, listen to my wise friend Papillon, a lady of great insight.

<<waves to Paps>>

wotsaface Tue 29-Jul-08 22:40:37

Hi Papillon, Saint George and Roskva (and all who lurk wink)

Roskva, I'm glad you've found someone to help, here's hoping they can do something. I had osteopathy following childbirth and was stunned when it was suggested there was an old injury causing more problems than pg and labour had. I had received an injury when I was a child (kicked in the back by a pony) that I had completely forgotten about, so I can really relate to the hidden trauma possibility.

Papillon, thanks again for your posts. I can truly say I have been through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster since declaring all this to the world, and have been facing a few demons at home, which I am sure is all related. I've also been faced with situations that would lately have made my anxiety creep in, and have been much more relaxed, your words have really helped. I am also using a bit of the golden ball technique, but I feel it's communication that is helping me most.

I do have a question for you or SG, if you are still about. What are the main differences/similarities between witchcraft amd shamanism? I am interested to know more about both. Hope this isn't too much of an ignorant question.

wotsaface Tue 29-Jul-08 22:48:38

I would of course welcome any replies from anyone else too!

Papillon Fri 01-Aug-08 09:04:23

have you seen this online article?

Shamanism for me is my Soul beating in time to the Earth, seeing Energy and sensing it in all aspects of Life, including Earth Energies and Universal Energies. God to me is not male or female, it is Great Spirit with aspects of both genders, as well as beyond gender. My life involves manifesting Spirit / Energy using Intent, Intuition to draw communities together, kinship, having a foot in both realities at the same time, Spirit and physical realities. Actualising my Intent in none obvious ways, being Strong and Powerful without force. Using atral travel, astral cords, my Power centre (chakras) to ground and live in the Now, whilst being away of the timeless and paces of Flow in and around Life.

Witchcraft formed from Shamanism and both embody aspects of each other... the article above is more detailed.

Papillon Fri 01-Aug-08 09:06:18

Hi StGeorge, good to see and hear your "voice"

Blessing to you and your Mum, going to a Spiritualist Church here, either this or next weekend X

SaintGeorge Fri 01-Aug-08 11:27:04

Hiya Paps smile. Brightest of Blessings to you and yours. Mum sends her regards.

Sorry wotsaface, this had fallen off my 'threads I'm on' so I missed your question.

As Paps says, Shamanism and Witchcraft have a lot of close ties. Astral work is certainly more Shamanic although, as I told you, I am very eclectic and with my Spiritualist background it is something I do.

Compare what Paps has written to my waffle in the emails, I think you will easily see the similarities.

fransmom Fri 01-Aug-08 17:02:25

<<i'm lurking grin>>

hi all xx

melsy Sun 03-Aug-08 23:42:37

me tooo fransmom(lurking too), how odd to come on tonight after a looooooooooooooooooooong time.

Hi all xxx

wotsaface Mon 04-Aug-08 22:54:31

Hello all
Sorry it's taken so long to come back to this thread, I have been taken away from most things this last week by work sad but I am glad to see it's still going.

Papillon that article was very interesting, I wasn't aware there was such a close tie between Shamanism and Witchcraft. I too thought they had evolved entirely seperately in different parts of the world - you learn something new every day!

SG - I got the first email about meditation -was there another? I'd be happy for any more info you think I might find interesting.

Welcome Fransmom & Melsey, I don't think we've met before, but I knew there must be others smile

So for my next beginners question - how does eastern philosophy, particularly Chinese, tie into all this? My first introduction to the concept of "energy" came through learning a very small amount of tai chi, which again I found very useful.

I should probably also explain that although I have been brought up as a christian, I do not and have not practiced any particular faith, because for me there are too many different religions/belief systems for any one to be "right", which is slightly agnostic I guess, but possibly also an excuse for my ignorance. The scientific part of my brain cries out for evidence and proof, and, based on what I have seen with my own eyes as physical reactions (not "auras" I am not that clever) in animals I am aware that I have an appetite for learning more about this. What the heck do animals make of it all I wonder!

Papillon Fri 08-Aug-08 06:19:41

I have seen this message, have some thoughts, but in consideration of my personal energy levels will try to post at a later date in more detail. For now I will say the one of the best ways to learn is not to study too much and be analytical, but Feel, Be and live in aware and mindful, so your intuition has Space to develop. While its good to ask big questions, often those very question mask our ability to grow Spiritually if we dont stop to experience them.

All teachings, philosophies, religions mimic each other a tremendous amount. The Chinese philosophies have done alot of study on energy, though, and are a great asset to Western lifestyles.


wotsaface Sat 09-Aug-08 09:07:40

Thanks Papillon for your efforts in responding to my hunger for knowledge.

I too need to replenish my energy levels and am taking some time out to do this. But I will check this thread periodically for any further wisdom you are able to share, which is very much appreciated smile

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