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life after death

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miggy Sun 06-Feb-05 22:21:59

My nan died yesterday,she was 92 and had become very frail in the last few weeks and said that she was tired and didnt want to be here anymore so in some ways it was a positive thing (although still desperately sad for us of course).
In the last week she has spoken of seeing her dead husband and daughter, standing at the foot of her bed.
I was with her yesterday, she had very lucid moments recalling memories and even laughing when we teased her about things. When she was able to speak she was completely with it iyswim.
In the last hour, she kept saying "oh dear, ive still got to get up those stairs yet" and I would say "no nan, you are upstairs-in your bedroom" and she would say "yes dear, I know". My uncle at one point said "Ill carry you mum" and she said "no dear, you cant".
I am not religous and altough scared of ghosts (and irrational!) had no belief in the afterlife before. Now I think I do,and I hope they were there to meet her.
Sorry if this is complete rambling but had to tell someone and people who know me in RL would think I had lost the plot!

SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 22:24:50

Not sure what I believe. But wouldn't it be wonderful if it was true?

Frizbe Sun 06-Feb-05 22:26:25

agree with you there sparkler1

SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 22:28:05

So sorry to hear you lost your Nan Miggy. <<<hugs>>>

oatcake Sun 06-Feb-05 22:30:18

Sorry, miggy, to hear about your nan, but... it does sound like she was going the way most of us hope to go, ie. an afterlife?

surely there's more to life that what we experience now???

ionesmum Wed 09-Feb-05 20:54:47

hi, miggy, I'm sorry to hear about your nan, too.

Lonelymum Wed 09-Feb-05 20:58:33

Oh miggy, so sorry to hear about your loss. I went through the same thing 7 years ago with my grandma. She was 94 and, like your nan, just seemed to run out of steam in the end. She also spoke of seeing her predeceased family at the foot of the bed. It is spooky isn't it? It would be so nice to think there will be friends and family waiting for us at the end.

Amanda3266 Wed 09-Feb-05 20:58:45

Hi miggy,

So sad to hear your Nan died. I lost my Nan when she was 92 as well. I know I dreamed about her a few weeks later and she was dressed in an outfit that she liked and kept telling me "I'm okay now". May have been grief on my part but I like to think not. Sad for you. Sending much love and best wishes.

SleepyJess Wed 09-Feb-05 23:35:28

Hi Miggy. I am so sorry you have lost your Nan. I have just read a wonderful book which might help you.. it's here


Libb Wed 09-Feb-05 23:49:37

miggy , my Grandmother died back in November and Grandad followed just 12 weeks later. My neighbour also used to tell me that her husband sat at the end of her bed to tell her all was well when he had passed, she went over just 7 weeks later. I don't know what to think and neither did my Grandad, but he was adamant that Grandma was listening so he chatted every day until he joined her.

The last thing she ever said to me was whilst I was holding DS - " what a beautiful baby boy" (she had always confused the little grand kiddies before so I was pleased she "saw" DS as she may have remebered her sons, if that makes sense?)

This by sound odd but I am convinced they are with me now, DS often chats to the space behind me and I am certain Grandma is there pulling faces! I really hope so anyway xxx

Libb Wed 09-Feb-05 23:52:07

Miggy, forgot to mention that Grandma was 97 and Grandad was a toyboy at 94. Cheeky little devils!

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