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Ways to honour and use money

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Papillon Fri 18-Jul-08 09:11:24

Once upon a time, there was a seed. The seed was part of a large family of trees that
grew in a forest the humans planted, planted for harvest to be used in many, many ways. The seed was planted in the Earth´s dirt, the Sky sent water to moisten and germinate the seed and the Sun sent its rays to warm the seed, bringing forth roots and leaves, beckoning it to grow up tall and strong towards the Sun.

For many years the after the seed had been planted, the tree grew
amongst its brothers and sisters in the forest. Then one day, the humans came and felled,
then took the tree from forest to be milled.
The wood from the trees were utilised in many ways, but this tree in
this story was made into money. It gave its life for the humans to spend how they wished.

And so, there came to be two twenty dollar notes which as part of their journey, placed by the hand of a man, came to dwell in an egg box in the large fridge of a woman in her teenyweenyhouse. The notes like eggs sat in the egg box, waiting once again to germinate and grow into a new life.

When the woman found the two twenty dollar notes she took them from the egg box and held them in her hand over her heart and spoke to

"How can I honour ´money´ that is gifted to me"

And as she held them quietly a way of honour was created upon how to spend the money.

The first thing the woman bought were plants, plants that once like the money had been seeds. The plants were taken to their new home to be planted into the Earth. This act bought gladness and peace to the money as it remembered its life once as a seed, then as a tree whose roots lived in the Earth.

Then the women spent the money on her health, so she too would continue to be strong like the trees had been in their life. As the
woman travelled home with her plants and medicine she saw her spiritual daughter by the side of the road with her birth mother. They were talking to horses, a strong "Power" symbol,

Power Horse runs across the plains

Brings the vision,
of form and stamina
shields of power and grace

The shamans journey
through the air, reaching the heavens
in balance and Wisdom

True Power is Love...

Messages of power flooded through the woman, as the woman travelled in the moneys pathway. The power of compassion, teaching, loving and of sharing gifts as gateways to honourable power.

The woman gave her daughter some of the money so she continue to be part of her journey and to strengthen their spiritual bond.

The woman decided that the rest of the money would not be spent, but be kept close to her, in her power medicine bag, as a symbol of
honourable acts in spending money, money that were gifted to by a man who cared for her.

Surfermum Fri 18-Jul-08 09:18:41

Wow Papillon, that's beautiful. And so pertinent for me right now. It's like you were meant to post that for me today smile.

I am just listening to The Little Money Bible by Stuart Wilde. He says money is just energy. It's neutral, not good or bad. Abundance is natural and spiritual and we create it.

I started just yesterday to concentrate on noticing all the abundance around me, rejoicing in it and thanking the Universe for it. It was a lovely feeling.

Thank you Paps for sharing that. Love and blessings x

Papillon Fri 18-Jul-08 09:31:11

too cool Surfermum, I am feeling very in touch with Spirit right now so yeah, thats well cool it resonated within you, that book sounds great

I wrote it earlier this week, its a true story that recently happened to me.

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