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amazonianadventure Thu 10-Jul-08 15:47:48

Is any one a buddhist? Im looking for some east to read clear info on buddhism.

Im looking for "something"

fransmom Sat 12-Jul-08 13:24:12

maybe the best place to start would be to look for book sat your local library?

do you mean 'easy'?!

amazonianadventure Sat 12-Jul-08 22:01:16

pmsl yes, an easy im around 15 miles from a library im afraid

SkittlesAreFruitGroup Thu 17-Jul-08 09:29:54

Google it - I've been reading up on Buddhism for the last few months, and there are some FANTASTIC websites out there.

Buddha Net

FAQ about Buddhism

are two good places to start.

I understand what you mean when you say you are looking for 'something'. Me too. I think I may have found it, but still mulling it over.

skydancer1 Thu 24-Jul-08 11:32:40

Try these websites.

Justthe3ofus Tue 12-Aug-08 16:10:36

Fantastic book I have found - Buddhism for Mothers - from

Bluebutterfly Tue 12-Aug-08 16:15:58

I do not practice Buddhism, although if I were to choose a "religion" to follow, it would probably be the one for me.

Good books on Buddhism that I have read:





The second one is a very good basic overview.

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