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Any one had any experience of healing/ laying on of hands- especially if you are not religous?

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LynetteScavo Wed 09-Jul-08 21:23:24

I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who has had any experience of anything along these lines, as it't not the kind of thing I feel I can discuss in RL smile

PrettyCandles Wed 09-Jul-08 21:28:45

I went to a Quaker laying on of hands many years ago. I'm Jewish, and at the time I was going through a very lapsed phase indeed - tbh I'd say I had lost my faith and was aproaching atheism.

I didn't go for treatment. I went because a friend didn't want to go alone. While I was there an unoccupied healer offered to lay hands, and, out of curiousity, I accepted.

It was lovely. I came out with such a feeling of placidity, it was as iff all my stresses had been gently wiped away. Many years later I was hypnotised, and the feeling of deep relaxation and calm is very similar.

I dont' think I could deny that 'there is something there'. Maybe humans do emit some sort of force/field/wave/vibe. Some people really do have a presence or charisma that is nothing to do with personality.

LynetteScavo Wed 09-Jul-08 21:32:16

That's very interesting, PrettyCandles!

I was brought up in a Quaker family, and had never heard about Quaker laying on of hands. Infact, I was suprised my mother didn't pooh-pooh the idea when I mentioned it to her.

3Ddonut Wed 09-Jul-08 21:36:27

I saw a collegue of mine once giving another collegue, touch therapy, which is similar, she didn't actually 'touch' her though! she sort of waved her hands about an inch from her body and when she felt some 'heat' she correctly diagnosed the problem! The lady in question was interested in complimentary therapies but not at all 'airy fairy' and the lady who received it was not at all into these type of things, I found it fascinating. She said it was all to do with the aura. She said that when she was being trained to do it, another student did some on her and detected a problem in her kidney, she said that she had no problem and it was put down to the fact they were in training, the very next day she was rushed into hospital with a kidney stone and needed surgery!

UnquietDad Wed 09-Jul-08 21:53:10

I went to a "healing" ceremony a couple of years ago as some nice Christian friends of mine had invited me to do so.

It was led by a very charismatic Indian gentleman who used a combination of theatre, gentle coercion, suggestion and patter. He was very good. It was all bunkum, but very well-presented bunkum.

LynetteScavo Wed 09-Jul-08 22:15:11

Bumping my own thread.

I've always known DS can heal with his hands. (have always belived healing was bumkum grin) but had a very wierd, calm, lovely experience recently when I asked him to put his hand on me. Very wierd.It's been bothering me. I think he may be "special".

3Ddonut Thu 10-Jul-08 09:44:45

Why is it bothering you? He sounds like he has a gift, whether you believe in all this 'healing hands' or not, or whether is scientifically proven or not, doesn't really matter if he has the ability to make you feel so much better?

I'd be thrilled if my child had the ability to do this!!!

PrettyCandles Thu 10-Jul-08 13:05:48

My mum is convinced that I have this gift. Certianly when I massage or even just absent-mindedly stroke her, I almost always put my hand on the source of her pain. Whether that is because I have some sixth sense, or whether I just know my mum well, I have no idea! But I can't do this with strangers, and not even with everyone in my family. I could do it with my dad, my aunt, and my grandfather, if I was in the right mood. Why not my grandmother, or my brother and sister? No idea. When I touched them, it was just 'ordinary', somehow. And I don't think it was to do with how much I loved them.

LynetteScavo Fri 11-Jul-08 16:26:42

Didn't realise this thread was still going.

The healing bit is fine. He puts his hands on us (he's only done it with DH and myself), the area gets a bit warm, his hands become warm, our pain goes all well.

The bit that's concerning me is that I asked him to put his hands on my back, as I have a bit (alot actually, but that's a different thread!) of sciatica.

I felt an almost over whelming feeling of calm,adn up lifting, as if my body was being filled with a warm light, and I was glowing gold inside. It definately felt as if there was a bit of devine intervention going on. Surely this is not right, comming from a 9yo boy?

By the way, it didn't help my back at all!

piratecat Fri 11-Jul-08 16:29:16

hmm, I used to do a bit of healing, and trained for a while.

I think the warmth, and the pure contentment of a gentle touch has alot going for it.

TheHedgeWitch Thu 17-Jul-08 16:07:27

Message withdrawn

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