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Presents for very religious Christian family

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PrettyCandles Fri 04-Jul-08 14:47:47

If I gave T-shirts with British band(s) on them to teenagers in a very Christian American family, could I cause offence? Are there any bands to avoid? For that matter, what bands would be worth looking out for - I know absolutely nothing about music!

scrappydappydoo Fri 04-Jul-08 14:57:18

There's a british christian band called 'delirious' who are incredibly popular in the states - you could get them a cd or t-shirt of them. Google them for mechandise
In terms of offence - things with swear words or explicit lyrics will not go down well. hth

MaryBS Fri 04-Jul-08 18:59:22

If they're THAT religious, then the morality of the band members may come into play, as well as their lyrics. In which case, a lot of bands would be classed as offensive!

Moby has done some religious songs, I believe he went through a Christian "phase", but I don't think he calls himself Christian anymore.

PrettyCandles Fri 04-Jul-08 19:19:23

Yes, that religious, I think. Eg they didn't like it when I offered to read or lend Harry Potter to their then-8-yo ds.

Had a quick surf, but could only find CDs of Delirious. Any ideas where I could find T-shirts, or something other than CDs? Or any other acceptable (and good!) band for that matter?

MaryBS Fri 04-Jul-08 19:39:53

That's a toughie! Shame they're too old for these:

PrettyCandles Fri 04-Jul-08 19:41:32

Umm, I think they'd think I was taking the mikey. They're practicisng Christians, I respect their views, but I'm not.

Cute, though smile

Laugs Fri 04-Jul-08 19:43:22

not sure about religious impications, but think it's a bit of a risk buying teenagers band t-shirts if you don't know what bands they're into.

MaryBS Fri 04-Jul-08 19:43:59

You could try this place. Not specifically music related, but it looks like they have some quite cool, if religious t-shirts:

PrettyCandles Fri 04-Jul-08 20:47:05

True, Laugs, but I really have no idea what to get them.

Roseylea Sat 05-Jul-08 19:12:06

Try here for cool christian CDs they might like:


catok Wed 09-Jul-08 22:13:27

Music by Casting Crowns is popular with our teens. They have tracks on YouTube - I like it too!

Gemzooks Fri 11-Jul-08 22:25:39

could you get them quaint British foodie treats instead?

RichmondMummy Sat 16-Aug-08 21:37:42

How about ITunes gift card so they can download the music they like?

Smithagain Tue 19-Aug-08 21:18:10

I would be very wary. If they are on the fundamentalist side of things it is possible they disapprove of secular pop/rock music completely. I know one family in this country whose kids didn't listen to any chart music until they were about 18, because their father banned it. Wacky, IME, but true.

(FWIW, the kids turned out lovely and very well-adjusted!)

Weegiemum Wed 20-Aug-08 05:07:42

If the are very fundamentalist they may even disapprove of contemporary Christian music.

I'd steer clear of music and get something else! Though I have no idea what!

moondog Wed 20-Aug-08 06:40:13

I wouldn't give t shirts with aband name on to anyone unless i knew them extremely well, whatever religion they were.

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