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What's your earliest memory?

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duchesse Thu 26-Jun-08 21:44:43

This is a spin-off from another thread, on which someone expressed surprise that anyone would remember things from when they were 3 and said that these memories must have been "put there" by a parent.

Now my earliest reliable memory is of looking around our kitchen, at the underside of the sink (can still see the pattern now), then going outside to where my mother was milking our goat. The goat seemed huge to me, taller than I was. My mother had a big stomach and the sun was shining.

This combination of elements puts this memory at around 20 months of age. It's entirely visual. I have an earlier far more smell and feeling based memory that makes people think I'm barking, so I won't pollute this thread with it.

Just interested: what is your earliest memory?

ummadam Fri 27-Jun-08 09:15:15

going to see my mum and baby brother at hospital 2 days after my 2nd birthday.

I don't remember any of the bits I have seen photos of but do distinctly remember my mum joking that I hadn't brought her any birthday cake - I was SO upset! I remember her telling me the doctors wouldn't let her eat any anyway. ( she had just had a GA and c section).

I can remember at the same time (because my dad was cooking so mum must have been in hospital still) standing in our kitchen at the doorway and talking to dad about baked beans!

Surfermum Fri 27-Jun-08 09:18:06

I can remember waiting for the ferry to go over to Wales and looking at the half built Severn Bridge. I was 3.

But then I've looked at photos of us having a picnic there, so maybe that's why it's stayed in my memory.

juniperdewdrop Fri 27-Jun-08 09:19:18

I distinctly remember being in the pram as I loved it so much, no one believes me but I know it. I also clearly remember my parents going away on a plane to London and my grandparents showing me a plane at the window and saying "there they are" although realise now it wasn't them, and I was 2. I even remember how sad I felt.

AMumInScotland Fri 27-Jun-08 09:48:30

I can remember very clearly the summer when I was 2.9 - playing a game with my older sister and a toy wheelbarrow. There are photographs which maybe help jog the memory, but lots of detail which is definitely remembered.

I have a lot more memories from then onwards - realising I was old enough to see over the garden wall that same summer/autumn, mum being pregnant with my brother the next spring, and quite a few when my brother was born (I was 3.9 by then).

So I don't think it's unusual to have memories of things from that age.

I have one earlier one, but it must have been when I was less than a year old, and I do think that was from vividly imagining the event when I was told about it later.

AMumInScotland Fri 27-Jun-08 09:57:53

Juniper - I don't think the pram thing is unlikely, certainly when I was small (though I'm talking early 70s here) you really didn't get buggies the way you do now, so you could have been in in the pram till 2ish. Not like now where you'd probably be out of it after only months.

juniperdewdrop Fri 27-Jun-08 10:06:35

Yes I was born in 68 so you're right AMum.

PortBlacksandResident Fri 27-Jun-08 10:10:38

My mum brushing her wavy hair in the hall mirror at the house we left when i was 3.5. She had loads of freckles too (more than now prob due to her not being in the sun so much).

I can remember the hallway very clearly and we have no photos of that.

JRocks Fri 27-Jun-08 10:12:08

Sitting in a washing up bowl of water in front of the fire at my grandparents house. I know that my mum's mum was there, as I feel that she was behind me, but not in my line of vision. She died when I was three. Also remember when my little brother was born, eating chocolate mousse for breakfast (loving my dad's panicked parenting!) and then buying him a stuffed monkey before visiting the hospital. I was 3.11 then.

chipmonkey Fri 27-Jun-08 11:09:09

My ds1 remembers being given a bath in a red tub in my Mum's house. That did happen once and he was 5 weeks old.

JRocks Fri 27-Jun-08 18:39:15

spooky - my tub was red, but the only pictorial evidence was me in a brown one, although mum says they did have a red one at one time..

ByTheSea Fri 27-Jun-08 18:42:15

I was 2 and remember sitting on one side of my grandmother and my 3-year-old sister was on the other side. My grandmother had my newborn cousin on her lap and we were looking the baby's little toes and my grandmother was telling us that our toes were once that tiny. I remember being astounded that my toes could have once been that little.

ivykaty44 Fri 27-Jun-08 18:44:36

I remember being in my cot and the pictures on the end of the cot. The cot was in a room downstairs and my cousin used to come into this room and play for a while in the morning.

I sat one eve a couple of years ago and asked my eldest cousin ( like a sister and lived with us) about my memory of the cot and the pictures on the end and her brother in the room - she confirmed all of this, I would have been under 18 months at this time - they moved out around this time to their own house.

My other big memory was the man landing on the moon - my mum made sooo much fuss about this and made me watch the tv, it is no wonder I remember this event. I would have been 23 months

cyteen Fri 27-Jun-08 18:47:43

Watching tv in the living room and seeing the tiger puppet from Ragtime; going into a panic (for some reason I was terrified of that puppet) and running out of the room shouting for my mum; being unable to find her in our tiny two bedroom flat and going from panic into hysterics. She was in the toilet grin Think I must have been about 2.

I read somewhere that Ray Bradbury remembers everything from the moment he was born - lots of details about things the doctors said etc. that he couldn't possibly have imagined or picked up afterwards. It does happen.

MaudGonne Sat 28-Jun-08 01:45:33

Mine, about 4. But my friend, who I think has an exceptionally high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) claims she can remember looking out from her pram.

chipmonkey Sat 28-Jun-08 01:59:41

I remember lying in my cot looking at the curtains and making them go double, then single, double, then single. I have always had an eye muscle imbalance, you see!grin

duchesse Sat 28-Jun-08 12:16:43

JRocks- Are you sure the picture hasn't discoloured over time? Red tends to go brown in old pictures.

MissingMyHeels Sat 28-Jun-08 12:22:50

I remember being potty trained and doing a pink pooh! Not sure of exact age.

evenhope Sat 28-Jun-08 12:42:26

I can remember being pushed around Southsea in our old black twin pushchair while my mum did her Avon round. I remember it was cold and we were looking at the Christmas lights. No idea how old I was but my brother is 2 years younger so for him to be sitting up in a pushchair I must have been around 3 (at 4 I doubt I'd have been allowed to still be in the pushchair!)

MrsBick Sat 28-Jun-08 12:52:06

i remember sitting on the bottom stair cos i had started toddling but couldn't yet climd the steps to see my dad. i was less than 18mths old.
I also remember being given a dolly i had at my parent's wedding. they got married when i was 1.9

SqueakyPop Sat 28-Jun-08 13:09:24

I have several early memories, but could not say that I was much younger than 4.

I remember sitting on the kitchen floor (black and white tiled) feeding chips to my dog, and then telling my mother I had finished my lunch; I remember feeding nestlings with soggy bread in a hole in our hedge; I remember fetching the Daily Mail shock for my father from the local newsagent.

fiodyl Sat 28-Jun-08 13:43:03

I can definatly remember being 3, getting woken in the midle of the night(was actually just early morning but still dark outside) to go on holiday to Wales.
I can remember being in the back of the car with my sister in the middle and me and my brother either side of her under a big colourfull blanket. I can remember asking how long we were going for and being told 'a fortnight' and not having a clue what that was.

I also have other memories from around this time(possibly earlier)like being left at playschool and screaming, until my mum came back, and them agreeing to let my younger brother stay next time so I wouldnt scream.

Loads of memories of nusery age 3.7-4.7 and the trip to visit big school. I remember my 4th birthday very clearly too.

chippergirl Sat 28-Jun-08 16:25:23

Standing in the living room watching my father light the fire in the morning. He turned an smiled at me.

JRocks Sat 28-Jun-08 22:30:19

duchesse - no, it was definitely red in the memory and brown in the photo. I was quite a titch so think that they may have had two different tubs in the time it took for me to grow too big to get in one! grin

MrsMargolyes Sat 28-Jun-08 23:55:37

My mother feeding me cornflakes from my red plastic bowl. She wore her white crocheted poncho. 18 months ish.


Lying in the blue carry cot being shovelled into the backseat of the Morris Traveller. Mum and dad stressed and shouting at my sisters!

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