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Coincidences . . . do you experience many ?

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Christie Fri 28-Jan-05 15:25:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SleepyJess Fri 28-Jan-05 17:40:07

Hi Christie

I don't think there are any 'coincidences' per se.. although I admit to only having this insight due to having had it suggested to me in what I have read in recent years.. and then (more importantly) observing it for myself in my own life. I think we constantly presented with 'opportunites' to help us further on with/back onto our life path which our soul has chosen, but most of the time we don't even SEE these opportunities, much less use them for the purpose they were put in front of us. And sometimes it will be stuff which we perceive as negative.. but in reality, it isn't.. it's probably what we 'chose' to experience and benefit from (at a soul level) before we were living this life.

I'm not always very good at this.. but apparently, if you live your life in a state of 'watchful waiting', you can witness the coincidences coming thick and fast.. and asking for them helps too.

SJ x

tamula Sat 12-Feb-05 11:24:48


I constantly experience something, see something, think of something and then it either comes up in conversation, or what I thought presents itself or does happen. I cant control it and clearly it doesnt always happen! But from what I reacall we only use up something like 25% of our brain, so whats the rest of it for? who knows? maybe some people can utilise a little more than others and who knows to what end?

My mum was a fairly spiritual person and I believe in spirituality to a certain degree, my mum used to recommend that I meditate and try to 'tune' in to myself. I never have, but I do believe that my constant 'insights' into things from the ridiculous to the sublime is not commonplace. I also think that we always know whats right for us as a person, we feel it and know it but dont always listen, not sure if thats a maturity thing or not listening to your 'inner' self? My inner self is near always right!!

I think I've gone off on a bit of a tangent there, but there u go!

BellaLasagne Sat 12-Feb-05 13:49:26

The main coincidence in my family is that my dh and I are both the first born of our parents who were both married on the same day half an hour apart but in different parts of the country.

None of us knew this until dh and I realised they were about to celebrate their silver weddings and were both independently shopping for presents!

SenoraPostrophe Sat 12-Feb-05 14:04:10

I was going to ask this question.

Cam Sat 12-Feb-05 15:24:16

I'm not sur about the spiritual angle, I tend to think that as humans we have lots of proscribed behaviours that are not that different from many other people's. Having said that, I am constantly conjuring people up, ie if I've just thought about someone they appear from the next shop, etc. Sometimes I've tested it by deliberately and consciously thinking about someone to see if they appear. Sometimes they do, so is it that I can sense them nearby (or am I just completely bonkers?)

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