How do I get hold of my certificate of Baptism?

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bungalowbelle Sun 22-Jun-08 15:08:12

My mum says she was never given it and I need it.

duvetgirl Sun 22-Jun-08 15:09:59

I have lost my marriage certificate. How do I get hold of a copy of that?

unfitmother Sun 22-Jun-08 15:14:30

You can get a copy from the parish register of the parish you were baptised/married in.
Contact the priest/vicar.

bungalowbelle Sun 22-Jun-08 15:33:49


duvetgirl Sun 22-Jun-08 15:46:22

Thank you

MaryBS Sun 22-Jun-08 21:09:25

Best to get it sorted sooner rather than later if you are likely to need it soon. When I contacted the church I'd been baptised in, the records had been archived, and I had to apply to the diocesan central archives to get it.

duvetgirl Sun 22-Jun-08 22:30:37

thanks MaryBS (wavesfrom nas, shush)

MaryBS Sun 22-Jun-08 22:55:54

ivykaty44 Sun 22-Jun-08 23:05:45

Contact the County record office for the county that you were baptised - the parish register should have been handed inrto the office when the register is full - obviusly this will depend on how busy the church has been since and how old you are smile

The cost of a baptism certificate is £12 - it is a standard price across the counrty.

The above is for Church of England baptisms - a not non conformist e.g Catholic Methodist etc

A marriage certificate - there are several place to apply

General Register Office - apply and you can do that online or telephone the price is £8.50 if you phone them with the GRO reference number it is more expensive if you do not have the reference - about £11

The local register office that covers the civil registration district where you got married - they will charge you £7

Or the church/county record office wherever the marriage register now is and you can get a copy.

This is if you married in england or wales - abroad will be different for getting another copy.

Spidermama Mon 23-Jun-08 14:05:55

Excellent and thourough post IK. smile

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