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MN Christian Prayer Request Thread. June already!!?

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CaptainDippy Mon 16-Jun-08 11:14:14

Hello smile Here's the summary from our last thread for you to read and pray through etc .......

Wrap onlyjoking and her precious children up in your love Lord as they remember their lovely husband and father, Steve. Help them through this time. We pray for them and for those who has lost someone close (thinking particularly of mummy2T&F, YorkieGirl & ggglmpopo*)

- Would like some prayers as her best friend is currently serving with the military in Afganistan and is worried about him and missing him terribly sad

Milliways Requested prayers for her DF who has had re-ocurring cancer and is commencing Chemo again soon sad

Chegirl - Lost her beautiful DD a couple of years ago and is still coping with the painful loss sad

FAQ - As she copes on her own and looks to the future with her gorgeous boys smile

myjobismum - Prayers for pregnancy niggles and for her FIL who has a nasty infection in his leg and has been in and out of hospital recently having IV anti-b's etc. Prayers that his leg would heal and that he'd be a bit happier!! winksmile Prayers that her lovely DS is much better now toosmile

pennies - Prayers for strength as she struggles in her realtionship with her DH. Special thoughts and prayers for thier children.

CopingVQuiety / IWillNotLetThisBeatMe - Prayers as she struggles. Hold her close Lord and strengthen her. Show her your light through these dark times.

bobsmum - Prayers for her as she approaches DS' school about ed psych / SALT etc

Saliswan - Prayers for her relationship with her DH at this time and for the health of the SS household, which has not ben good of late. xx Prayers as she contemplates doing her NVQ3 and for her Aunt who is very ill and might be admitted to a secure institution.

WeegieMum - Prayers for her as she struggles with horrid UTIs and kidney stones, esp while looking after the DCs and trying to studying too. xx Prayers for her DD2 who has Perthes Disease and has been suffering with Chicken Pox too. Prayers for her SIL who has just suffered a m/c sad and for her friend who has been diagnoised with an inoperable benign brain tumour - she has a young family. sad Strengthen them Lord.

Sooooooz - Praying for much boinging grin and for Sooz as she adjusts to job change. Lots of prayers for her relationship with her DS1 which has been rather volitile of late. Prayers for the families of 2 neighbours who have recently died. xx

Worzella - Has been feeling a bit unloved and sad of late - put lots of lovely supportive people around her, Lord smile

Podmog - Prayers that she would remain close to God and to her church friends as she struggles through some difficult situations. The healing process is proving frigtening and painful atm. Prayers especially for her as she says the next few days are going to be had. Wrap her up in your love, Lord. xx

amber - Prayers for Rachel who is in a diabetic coma, she is the DD of a friend. Prayers also for a DF whose relationship with her husband has recently broken down.

RoseyLea - Prayers for full recovery from her injuries as she fell over on Sunday (15th) and hurt herself, inc a broken finger sad Ouch! Prayers for protection over DD who recently had a VERY bad allergic reaction, poss to some hay. Prayers about her house as it potentially needs completely re-wiring!! Prayers for Rosey as she contemplates entry into "The Vicar Factory" too!! grin

MaryBS - Prayers for the parents and family of baby Charlie who died after been born 7 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia. sad Prayers for Susan and Eddie who are Christians. Susan is dying of cancer and struggling. sad Prayers for a young widow too (19 / 20) who has been left with very young children to care for after the death of her DH. Hold them, Lord. xx

Podglet - On-going prayers for healing of her realtionship with her DP. Prayers for her lovely DD who has been poorly. xx

paperchain - Is struggling and needs lots of love, support and prayers right now. Prayers for Dumbledoresgirl as she helps her too. xx

helibee - Has CFS, ME and a wonderful young DD smile Her mum died a few years ago and she misses her terribly and is struggling with loneliness atm. xx

StripTeasle - Prayers for her and her family as they remember her DSis who died a couple of years ago due to addictions. xx

CaptainCaveman - Has been in hospital with bleeding sad Praise the Lord that the bleeding seems to have stopped and she is being allowed home today!! smile Praying for the rest of her PG to be happy and healthy smile Prayers for house move too!!

notsofarnow - Prayers for a work collegue who is not English and is 18 weeks PG. She says if her DH finds out about the PG, he will makes her have a termination sad Prayers for poor NSFN's tooth abcess and for her DDs shoulder, which keeps dislocating and causing her pain.

mrmartainbishop - has been in hospital in a diabetic coma sad Does anyone have an update on this!!?

CaptainDippy - Another cold is brewing and Dippy is struggling with anxiety and feel low sad Prayers for light in the darkness, please! smile

Get praying!! winksmile

MarsLady Mon 16-Jun-08 11:21:39

Praying for you all! smile

CaptainDippy Mon 16-Jun-08 11:33:16

Hi Mars! smile How's you and yours?

MarsLady Mon 16-Jun-08 11:37:06

busy, growing. Just sold a kidney to pay for new shoes for the DTs. They have really narrow feet and Clarks don't stock their size (C fitting shock).

Podmog Mon 16-Jun-08 11:50:37

Message withdrawn

CaptainDippy Mon 16-Jun-08 12:04:17

Why thank you Podmog smile <<<hugs>>> and prayers to you sweetie smile

shock @ C fitting Mars!!

DutchOma Mon 16-Jun-08 12:05:54

Thanks Dippy for the update and news of CC. Praise the Lord that she can go home. Just praying that she will go on taking it easy.

CaptainDippy Mon 16-Jun-08 12:10:10

Hopefully DO, hopefully wink ... How are you and Bob doing?

podglet Mon 16-Jun-08 12:17:18

Hurrah for Dippy - thank you lovely, really helps concentration for prayer

Could I ask for some crossed fingers and prayer for tomorrow please? I have to take DD to Moorfields Eye hospital to get her checked to see if she has / hasn't got the same eye condition that I have. I am registered partially sighted and there is a 1 in 4 chance that she has it. DS hasn't got it thank goodness. Thank you.

CaptainDippy Mon 16-Jun-08 12:22:37

Of course we will pray Podglet my lovely smile Really praying DD hasn't inherited the condition - do update when you are back. xxxx

Roseylea Mon 16-Jun-08 13:44:52

thank you CD! Wonderful summary to help me pray!

MaryBS Mon 16-Jun-08 17:24:52

Well done CD

Can I add these in please?

Ruth - going for selection for ordained ministry - today, tomorrow and Wednesday

Janice who has MS

Kevin, who has terminal cancer

Susan and John (who have asked me not to give out details publicly, but if you want to know what you're praying for, email me)

PandaG Mon 16-Jun-08 17:26:37

thanks so much CD! praying for all situations, much easier with a summary to do it from.

Lighten our darkness LOrd we pray...for all of us who are feeling in the dark right now either physically, emotionally or spiritually I pray that God will bring light and hope to our dark places.

Much love x

MaryBS Mon 16-Jun-08 18:03:28

Thanks Panda, REALLY needed that!

amber32002 Mon 16-Jun-08 19:47:01

CD, thanks for the update smile

Lots and lots of prayers for everyone here

CaptainCaveman Mon 16-Jun-08 19:53:01

Thanks CD, and thank you all so much for your lovely prayers. I felt very peaceful and loved whilst in hospital and am VERY glad to be home safe with minicavey still in utero! Now 31 weeks and praying he stays put until he becomes term.

Came home around midday and have had a 3 hour sleep this afternoon! Mum is staying for a few days too so NO danger of me doing anything resembling exertion, possibly other than boiling the kettle. Thank you Lord, it is so wonderful to be home and I am so grateful that all is well with us.

Praying for you all using CDs wonderful prayer list.

notsofarnow Mon 16-Jun-08 22:09:28

wonderful update cd well done you.

Having this tooth out tomorrow, my dentist can't do it because she is pregnant so dont know who'll be doing it but I kinda trust her and I don't know if i will the person who's doing it, also afraid tht thier not going to be able to deaden it as it still has infection there.

dd is back at fracture clinic on Thurs so will see what happens with her then, it's still constantly dislocating so praying they decide to do something quickly. xh has his operated on again today.

Have had a bad emotionally so praying I wake up better tomorrow. Love and prayers to all.

MaryBS Mon 16-Jun-08 22:21:31

Welcome back CCM and Jerry!

and hugs to you NSFN

Another piece of work has gone in... TBH it was a service I'd done for our church last year, and reworked a little bit to fit the criteria blush

amber32002 Tue 17-Jun-08 07:48:05

Please can I ask for prayers that I will know when to just shut up? blush

PandaG Tue 17-Jun-08 07:55:24

why reinvent the wheel Mary?! glad my words were of some use smile

please pray for me and my Mum...she has had multiple chest infections since Christmas, finally had various tests and scans and has a blockage in one of her lungs. I found out last night she is going into hospital today for an operation to remove the block tomorrow. sad

THe speed with which she is going in, and the fact that my mum has always been fit and well have really worried me, and I am so far away I feel very removed fron the situation. Anyway, please pray the op goes smoothly, and that it will be a real moment in my parents lives that points them to God - I did manage to tell Mum I would be praying for her on the phone last night (why is it so hard to talk about God stuff to your family?)

thanks all xx

CaptainDippy Tue 17-Jun-08 08:28:17

Oh Panda sad Praying for your mum today .... do update when you know more .....

What's up amber honey!!? xx

Great to have you back CC!! gringringringrin Take it easy gorgeous!!wink

Thank you for extra prayers, Mary - remember those people and you with your workload too. xx

Hope all goes well today with the tooth nsfn, praying for you sweetie - especially praying for calm and peace .....and a nice dentist!! hmmwinkgrin

Right, off to hop in the shower, so will pray quietly in there!! shockwinkgrin

DutchOma Tue 17-Jun-08 09:00:58

Praying for all, good job God knows all our troubles, just in case we forget anybody hmm.
Has anybody heard from Bobsmum at all? She hasn't posted for a bit, at least not under that name.

ZipadiSuzy Tue 17-Jun-08 09:44:13

Thank you CD for the prayer round-up and indeed continued prayers for my ds1 struggling with life and reasoning. hmm Have settled into teaching thank you CD, although sometimes I doubt myself, more confidence praying for.

CC - Lovely to have you and baby caveman back safely, good your mum is here to help you. Prayers for a full termination smile - you mentioned a while ago that your faith hasn't seemed as strong as usual, did you manage to regain your strength in the love of god?

Mary - Well done on your hard work, tweeking successful past work, hmm sounds familiar, but works smile

CD - Prayers for that lightness, stay strong and happy smile

ZipadiSuzy Tue 17-Jun-08 09:46:59

Amber - prayers for you (and when to shut up)?????????????

Panda - Prayers for your dmum keep us posted.

OJ - Prayers for tomorrow. Trifle on the ready!

ZipadiSuzy Tue 17-Jun-08 09:49:58

Nsfn - Ouch prayers for your tooth extraction today!!!!!!!!! is it top or bottom?

Podglet - Aw prayers for dd at the eye hospital smile

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