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SleepyJess Mon 17-Jan-05 17:28:41


I saw mention on one of these threads about the Celestine Prophecy and assume you were talking about the books by James Redfield? (But can't find the actual thread where you were apparently discussing it! Still quite new to MN.. get lost easily!)

I have read the three James Redfield books.. The Celestine Prophecy, The Tenth Insight and Secrets of Shamhala and would love to know what others think!

Also, have any of your read the Conversation With God trilogy.. or anything by Neale Donald Walsh.

Am reading The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight at the moment (Thom Hartmann).. but don't get much studying as well.. also mum of 3.. and have not read beyond the first chapter or so, which is frankly, rather alarming.. and much more direct that what NDW states 'via 'God''.. in his later books.. about the state of the world.

I have passed CwG onto quite a few family members and friends.. with positive responses..but have not found anyone else who reads the other stuff I have read/am reading..

Is there anyone out there to discuss all this with?

SJ xx

Papillon Wed 19-Jan-05 02:13:32

Hi sleepyjess.. just posted on your interview with god thread about CWG! and you know him already.

I was one of the people who participated/organised the threads for Celestine Prophesies insights. I know another site who have been working through this but up to number 8 or so... You could always look through old threads in the spiritual section to see what we think. I am jetlagged and brainaddled today so cannot make too many great statements today!
Did start a thread a few months ago to encourage interest for people to talk about CWG... but nought happened. I personally am not a great adovocate of the idea of God... more into energy and matter.
Look forward to more chats in the future.

SleepyJess Thu 03-Feb-05 22:46:42

Has anyone read anything by Elisabeth Hallet? I have an amazing un-put-down-able book by her called ^Stories Of The Unborn Soul : The Mystery and Delight Of Pre-birth Communication^. I have read it many times over. This book sort of got me into reading about all things spiritual although I had always had an interest in it. And I am more than interested now.. these books have changed my outlook on lige, if not my life! I think ElisabathHallet has written others of a similar subject.. which I haven't been able to get hold of ^Soul Trek^ springs to mind. The one I do have though is full of true, real life stories about how the souls of our children are waiting for us... and how some people communicate with them, sometimes from the womb, sometimes some years before they are born! It also explains about how miscarriage, still birth, and even abortion are not quite the tragedies we percieve them to be in this life.. about how the souls of these babies are fine and happy.. and how they have so much choice about what happens in this life. Choosing their parents for a start! (So when you feel like a cr*p mother.. just remember, your little darling chose you! )

Other authors.. Elizabeth Kubler Ross.. (who has widely studied the concept of 'dying' - and how it is just another 'beginning')..and Deepak Chopra. I have How To Know God in my bookshelf (by DC) but not read it yet. I think I need to read it though..because Ikeep seeing it everywhere, in films.. mentioned by others.. and even being read by a lady in the launderette on holiday! LOL!(So I gave in and bought it!)

JS x

melsy Thu 03-Feb-05 23:37:27

Just going to bed ,but saw this whilst having a mooch around b4 I go up.

Paps , glitterfairy,gothicmama and I were the 1st to bring to life this section/ board forum area.Papillon was more organised than I am & If you start at the bottom of the board and scroll up you may find variuos imaginative variations on what james redfield named each prophecy!! but further near the top ,we named them as insights 1, 2 & 3 etc.

I to also have all of redfields books , started them abut 9-10 years ago.BUt now Im trying to get through his latest one GOD and the universe. which isnt such easy reading !! and have put it down in a huff several times. I like to get that buzz at the back of my neck you know ??!! Im not sure either of an all omnipitent(sp?) being named GOD , but certainly believe there is some universal force/ energy abound.

Great to have this kind of thread , I dont think weve before now had a space just to share new books. The Elizabeth Hallet one sounds wonderful , made me wnat to go and hug dd right now.

nite all x

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