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Jewish childrens' books for littlies

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acnebride Sun 16-Jan-05 22:08:52

OK, maybe this should be in a different topic but oh well. I have a 1 year old and my synagogue library isn't too helpful (only children's book I could find in the first sweep was one called 'Mommy Never Went to Hebrew School' . I started looking at big sites like Amazon but wonder what the books are really like - a lot of kids' books that look great from the cover aren't.

DS is 1. He's going to be Jewish (Reform) but I'm not Jewish so am looking for books to help both of us. Ideal would be an illustrated Shema, a few Bible stories etc, preferably from not to reverent a perspective - is that too much to ask? probably. Just wondered if anybody could recommend anything.

Tanzie Sun 16-Jan-05 22:42:47

I can't recommend any, but a lot of the children's books about Chanuka and Pesach on Amazon are quite cheap, so you wouldn't be wasting too much money if you just bought one - if you liked it, you could buy more in the same series, if not, you would have only wasted a couple of pounds. I seem to remember having a children's haggadah, but think it was for much older children. Are you converting yourself, or just interested?

PrettyCandles Thu 20-Jan-05 13:10:46

Dorling Kindersley do some good books of this sort. One we've got which is very good is 'My First Hannukah Board Book' ISBN 1-4053-0237-2.

I've also got some sticker activity books from Paragon (obviously they would be for when your ds is older) 'Moses in the Bulrushes' ISBN 1-40541-555-7 and 'David and Goliath' ISBN 1-40541-548-7.

Also some books published by Frances Lincoln - 'It's Party Time!' about Purim and 'Four Special Questions' and 'Rebecca's Passover' both about Passover. They're possibly a bit religiousy, but they're a good starting point for both you and your ds.

BTW, have you read 'Till Faith Us Do Part' by Jonathan Romain? Very worthwhile reading if you're in a mixed relationship.

acnebride Thu 20-Jan-05 13:42:52

This is great, thank you both. Thanks PC for all your helpful info, these look just the ticket. Also for the Rabbi Romain recommendation, yes I've read it as he is our rabbi! We just went to the very good annual seminar at the Sternberg centre as well.

I'm not converting at the moment Tanzie but am going through what I think is a relatively new process whereby I'm doing what is effectively a conversion course, then I will go to the Reform Beit Din and they will examine my level of knowledge etc before agreeing to give my children Jewish status. hope I've got all that right! DS will go into the mikveh with dh.

I do go to church very intermittently but couldn't describe myself as a Christian any more. I'm at shul much more often but am absolutely not ready to cut myself off from my roots. We'll see.

PrettyCandles Thu 20-Jan-05 13:59:27

acnebride, I've CATed you.

Tanzie Thu 20-Jan-05 22:23:57

PS "Mommy Never Went to Hebrew School!!" Just how accusing does that sound?!

Maybe also some Old Testament stories? We have (I think) the Moses in the Bulrushes one that Pretty Candles mentions. Also some with jigsaw pieces that come out, which they enjoy.

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