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Do christians get offended by the "darwin/evolution" fish-shaped car stickers?

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allgonebellyup Sat 26-Apr-08 14:19:11

Hope not, my sis got me one thats now stuck to my car! (i am always going on about how i dont believe god or anyone made the world, it has been scientifically proven that the evolution theory is the one that holds the most weight)

ScienceTeacher Sat 26-Apr-08 14:23:50

Naa, just more people to pray for wink

suedonim Sat 26-Apr-08 14:36:18

Is that what those fish stickers mean?? shock I thought they indicated that people were Christians - 'Fishers of men' etc.

bobsmum Sat 26-Apr-08 14:36:32

My neighbour's got one - I think it's quite clever - makes me smile - not offended at all.

Anyway, once you see the light, you can just chop the legs off wink

bobsmum Sat 26-Apr-08 14:37:32

suedonim - the darwin ones have feet, with darwin written where ICHTHUS should be,

Heated Sat 26-Apr-08 14:40:00

I thought the fish symbol was the secret sign that christ's disciples used and is today the equivalent to 'christian on board'

UnquietDad Sat 26-Apr-08 14:40:16

suedonim - the normal fish ones do. The "Darwin" ones referred to show the "Darwin" fish with legs. Some variations on the Christian fish show it eating the Darwin fish. (II love this. It shows they're rattled.)

I know a very committed Christian who refuses to have a fish on his car in case people expect him to be "nice" while driving.

In fact, I know a few Christians who don't do the fish thing at all. I have yet to determine if their objections are mainly theological or ichthyological.

Heated Sat 26-Apr-08 14:40:38

oh, haven't seen those

bobsmum Sat 26-Apr-08 14:41:47

Darwin fish badge

UnquietDad Sat 26-Apr-08 14:42:57

To be honest, as an atheist I wouldn't have a Darwin fish. I think it cheapens the debate. Those who have evidence and reason on their side don't need such gimmicks!!

bobsmum Sat 26-Apr-08 14:45:30

Awwwww - UD - there must be one on here you'd choose car badges grin

bobsmum Sat 26-Apr-08 14:46:21

does this work?

UnquietDad Sat 26-Apr-08 14:46:54

Some of those are quite funny. The 'N Chips one is good

UnquietDad Sat 26-Apr-08 14:47:14

worked both times bobsmum

vonsudenfed Sat 26-Apr-08 14:53:41

I am afraid to say that we got one not only because it made us laugh (I saw one in a carpark and had to ring dh to tell him - by the time I got home, he'd ordered it over the web) but very precisely because it would wind up the somewhat preachy side of the family. Not that they've said anything.

suedonim Sat 26-Apr-08 15:01:14

Right, I get it! I'm not in the UK so haven't seen those badges. Here in Nigeria people plaster their vehicles with slogans, such as 'God Almighty' 'I am covered in the Blood of Jesus' 'Givers Never Lack' and many, many others. I could probably do a MN Slogan of the Day slot. smile

justaboutwithPMT Sat 26-Apr-08 15:14:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EruvandeAini Sat 26-Apr-08 18:09:21

Good point, justa. Even a creationist like me understands that point, given that the Icthus fish is supposed to be an identifier between Christians, really, it's not supposed to be confrontational. Nor is it anything to do with creationism, it's a statement of faith in Jesus Christ.

allgonebellyup, are you really worried about Christians being offended by it? Because a 'Darwin Fish' (BTW, google that name, it's pretty funny) isn't something I would have thought was for those that were worried about giving offense. I thought the whole point was to be aggressively anti-Christian.

I'm not offended by it, I'm just a bit meh about it.

jingleyjen Sat 26-Apr-08 18:13:52

I love it, I am a Christian who believes in evolution, I thoroughly believe Genesis and Darwin agree with each other.

cakeless Sat 26-Apr-08 18:21:09

I am not offended by it but I do think that they are a bit rude. It makes me think that people think that as a Christian then I am their intelectual inferior. I think that its a bit odd to have them in the UK given that it is very unusual for british Christians to not believe in Dawinian evolution, and surely the point of them is to say 'I am far to clever and scientific to believe in God'. If it was just done in praise for Dawin then it wouldn't be a parody of a religious symbol. I think that someone who has one is probably not very open minded. I like the Gefilte ones. I don't know why.

cakeless Sat 26-Apr-08 18:22:10

I am a Christian who believes in evolution btw

harpsichordcarrier Sat 26-Apr-08 18:31:09

hmmm, well if you think a Darwin Fish is "aggressively anti-Christian" then do you think that an icthus is aggressively anti-humanist?
or to put it another way, those who do not believe int he truth of Christianity, or who wish to celebrate their rationality and logic are entitled to be treated in a tolerant and respectful fashion without being described as aggressively anti-anything.
we demand the freedom to sport naff car stickers as a fundamental human rught grin

cakeless Sat 26-Apr-08 18:37:16

The Icthus fish is an early Christian symbol and the Darwin fish is a piss take of it. Thats how it can be interpreted as 'aggressively anti-Christian". Unless you are trying to convince everyone that the similarity between the Icthus fish and the Dawin fish is co-incidental.

cakeless Sat 26-Apr-08 18:40:49

It would be like using the pride flag as part of a pro hetrosexuality symbol.

allgonebellyup Sat 26-Apr-08 18:41:11

i looked at one of those sites - am now pissing myself laughing at the "satan" and "jeebus" ones and also the "no bible thumping" car stickers.

grin grin

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