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Dream Interpretation Please Help

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chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 09:29:09

Lastnight I had a dream which saw me going for an ultrasound scan as I was pregnant.

On the screen appeared the image of my Mums face (still in the hazy black and white format that ultrasounds scans show). It was the image of her face when she had died.

She died 3 months ago from breast cancer, and although I was in the hospital all throughout the day she died, I never went to see her in the room once she had passed away, or in the chapel of rest.

Her face appeared gaunt and distressed.

Im in pieces this morning. Have I done something to upset her? Is it a sign that she's in distress now?

Please if anybody can help I would be so grateful.

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 09:52:02


BernieBear Sat 08-Mar-08 10:06:29

chinchi - I am sorry for the loss of your mother.

I am no dream interpreter, but from reading your post I wonder if the dream is symbolic of how you are feeling following your loss? i.e. "distressed and gaunt". This is linked to the loss of your mother hence seeing her face and the fact it is an ultrasound, could show how you are feeling inside?

There will be others along whom I'm sure will put this better, but I didn't want this to go unanswered.

Again I am so sorry for what you are going through {{{{hugs}}}}}

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 11:06:01

Thankyou for your reply BernieBear,and your reply certainly does make sense.

My main concern is that my Mum is at peace

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 18:22:42

Small bump

kaballie Sat 08-Mar-08 18:37:43

Hi Chinchi,
Dreams are a subconscious expression of our thoughts, feelings and emotions so I think that Berni's got it spot on there. This has everything to do with how you're feeling and not your mum. It's still so soon after she died and dreams like this are really common after someone has died. My dad died 6 years ago now and I used to have dreams like this sometimes. In a way they can be quite cathartic as it forces you to face how you are feeling instead of burying any emotion. I didn't see my dad after he died and sometimes now I wish I had, to say a final goodbye, just for some closure, but I've nowfound that through other avenues and I'm sure you will too. It's a really tough process to go through, but you'll get there. I'm sure your mum, like my dad would want you to remember her full of happiness and life. Maybe get out some old, happy pics to get rid of the images you saw last night. If that's not too painful still.
Love Kaballie x

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 18:50:05

Thankyou both BernieBear and Kaballie. It really helps to know that what I saw doesnt mean shes hurt in anyway.
It was only yesterday I told an old friend that I hadnt seen in years how hard I was finding it to let go.

Thankyou both xx

kaballie Sat 08-Mar-08 19:24:50

Not a problem Chinchi, anytime.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Mar-08 19:27:24

If you saw her during a scan of your pregnancy, is that part of your brain telling you that she is always a part of you?

I don't often dream of my mother (she died almost 4 years ago from breast cancer) but when I do I find it incredibly comforting - even if the dreams themselves are unsettling.

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 19:46:07

Thankyou BIWI. Thats brought tears to my eyes she certainly will always be a part of me.

So sorry to hear about your Mum. At least we know they are at peace now xx

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Mar-08 19:49:54

My dad - who was totally bereft and still struggling, to be honest - said that one of the worst things for him, in the early days, was that he kept dreaming about her, and that it made things worse for him.

I was actually jealous of that. blush

Sorry if I made you cry.

chinchi Sat 08-Mar-08 20:26:00

I lost my Dad 6 years ago, and I had very bad dreams about him- and I still do when I stay at my in-laws house?! The dreams are few and far between now though.

I enjoy seeing my Mum in my dreams, if only just to see her face without her actually saying anything. I think I just shocked myself seeing her like that lastnight.

Her death has hit me so hard. I feel as though Im in limbo- sometimes its almost like she hasnt died, because I never saw her once she passed away. Its almost like Im waiting for her to come back, and that makes it harder to let go

Elephantsbreath Mon 10-Mar-08 00:48:08

I dreamt about my dad after he died (5 yrs nearly now). They were sad 'goodbye' images. There was a pond and he tossed his silly old cap into it. I was 6 mths pg at time. I was with him when he went, along with mum and everybody and also saw him after. I sort of wish I hadn't because he was completely gone then, being with him on the journey out is more important.

I'm so sorry about your mum. I found it hard - like being in a fog - for a long while. It did get better and I find myself thinking and laughing about my lovely dad quite a lot. No need to rush getting over it and why would you? 3 months is very soon.

Ranogill123 Sat 08-Nov-14 11:36:17

Can anyone help interpret my dream? I lost my mother nearly 4 months ago. Last night I dreamt that I was rushing somewhere and my mum is lying there ill like she use to be. I go up to her and say mum when you coming home where's your medication. She says she can't come home but is very cagey but not open and I was not sure if she was angry or just felt she couldn't speak to me. Her behaviour was odd because I nursed my mother for the last 4 years in fact I moved her in with me. Mum never behaved like that when she was alive she was always relieved to see me.
My sister is sitting on the floor with her head in her arms and my older brothers young daughter is there as well.
Just before I see my mother my older brother walks past me trying to curse me but I tell him to be quiet.

I feel sad about having such a dream.

Please can someone help??

Thank you

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