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Would a Prayer Request Topic be Used?

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milliways Sat 11-Dec-04 21:21:29

I am fairly new to MN and have been watching some threads when I would love to offer hugs/support etc, but also ask "Would you like me (anyone) to pray for you". I know some people may take offence at this, but others may appreciate the chance. Similarly, without having to go into great detail, requests could be made for prayer from anyone willing for their particular situation. Thoughts please.

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Sat 11-Dec-04 21:23:30

I think you can probably just put it in this section rather than start its own topic

if you believe in it, then that's a lovely gesture for you to make

ionesmum Sat 11-Dec-04 22:07:53

nice idea. i'd support it.

have you heard of

Tommy Sat 11-Dec-04 22:10:42

I agree with Twig (as usual)
It's really comforting to have a big group of people to ask for prayers in difficult situations and I think MN is probably a good a place as any to do it

fruitcake Sat 11-Dec-04 22:16:17

Why would they take offence? Or rather, why should they? No one is forced to read a thread. I'd be happy to pray for you or anyone who would appreciate it and vice versa. Even if you don't believe in God, positive thoughts are definitely helpful, at the very least.

mumwithnoname Sun 12-Dec-04 12:12:49

Definatly support it.Lots of people have prayed for me in the past and it's made o big difference!

TheHollyAndTheTwiglett Sun 12-Dec-04 12:15:43

Um .. without wishing to cause offence .. I would say as a matter of courtesy if people ask you to 'think' about them or send vibes then don't offer prayers .. if they ask you to pray for them then fine .. some people just don't like the concept and this doesn't tend to be an overly religious board..

advocaatofthedevil Sun 12-Dec-04 12:17:31

I don't think it warrents a whole topic, no.

fruitcake Sun 12-Dec-04 20:41:45

I agree. It doesn't. Relegion is (at least for me) a private matter. However, if someone wants to have prayers said for them, I would be happy to help. Just keep me away from the fundamentalists!

codswallop Sun 12-Dec-04 20:43:23

they have said no mroe topics anyway

codswallop Sun 12-Dec-04 20:43:38

" what has a a hazlenut in every bite?"

juniperdropofbrandy Sun 12-Dec-04 20:46:01

I'd join in milliways

Our church (CofE) does a prayer chain, where we ring round then finish at the person who started it and it's very comforting for people. I would imagine (hope) that people of all religion/beliefs would get involved?

fruitcake Sun 12-Dec-04 20:46:23

NOT a fruitcake. Don't like hazlenuts.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 20:47:12

No. I am never offended if someone offers to pray for me - I think it is a nice gesture. But to me (an agnostic, verging on being an atheist) it would be mildy offensive to have a whole "prayers for" topic as it would imply that my non-praying support was inferior.

juniperdropofbrandy Sun 12-Dec-04 20:47:42

Oh and I think a thread on here would suffice btw.

juniperdropofbrandy Sun 12-Dec-04 20:48:57

what about positive vibes or thoughts SenoraPostrophe?

fruitcake Sun 12-Dec-04 20:53:40

Okay, m'dears. Go read essbee's post on whadya want for Christmas and get busy!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 12-Dec-04 21:17:15

juniper - but then it may as well be categorised by the problem (in the existing topics).

I like your prayer chain thing though. If I was religious, that's what i would join.

Carla Sun 12-Dec-04 21:40:12

I don't think milliways was asking for a separate topic. And yes, think that's a brilliant idea.XX

JaNgLyBELLS Sun 12-Dec-04 22:26:37

I've never quite understood the "sending vibes" thing. How does that work? Does it??

mumwithnoname Mon 13-Dec-04 12:35:17

our church has a prayer chain-seems to work a bit like chinese whispers though!!!!

juniperdropofbrandy Tue 14-Dec-04 17:11:36

Yes that has happened with ours on the odd occasion, mumwithnoname. Now we try to keep the prayer requests simple, as in so and so is ill or in hospital etc..

JBells, I don't really know but people seem to swear by it? I suppose it's similar to prayer but depends on your beliefs. I'm sure there are other Mners that would be more enlightening though?

JaNgLyBELLS Tue 14-Dec-04 17:13:59

How does it go? - "there are more things in heaven and earth than this world dreams of"?

Levanna Wed 15-Dec-04 00:33:26

A 'Wishing Well' might be more appropriate?

Levanna Wed 15-Dec-04 00:35:39

JB, I have loads of faith in the power of positive thought (and visualisation for that matter!). I have been fortunate enough to have experienced what I believe to be 'it' on more than one occasion .

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