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Conversations with God

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Papillon Fri 03-Dec-04 07:55:10

A friend has lent me this book (book 2) by Neale Donald Walsch. It feels like the right time to read this book and I am gaining alot of insight from the book.

And speaking of insights I know afew of us did not relate so well to the Godly aspects of the 8th & especially 9th insights of the Celestine Prophesies and this book is helping me in that department. I notice that book 1 of CWG has a guidebook like CP.

CWG has a website but the server is down right now... but here it is in case it revitilises itself.

Would love to hear what others thought of the book.

melsybells Sat 04-Dec-04 19:41:48

Ahaaaaaa paps, you revive us , in a fresh and renewed direction !!

I really enjoyed these books and as with authors I like, I have almost every one !!!(bit of my obbesesional tendency )!!

I have retrived them from my stack and are waiting under the bead for my spiritual law book to complete!!

He has a lovely way of looking at how we could interact as a species.

Papillon Mon 06-Dec-04 11:43:03

do you have the guide book Melsy?

melsybells Mon 06-Dec-04 18:44:34

Now that Im not sure of , will have to check when I can get to the cupbaord in a couple of weeks , its far away behind boxes for loft!!

SleepyJess Wed 19-Jan-05 11:13:46

Can I still add to this thread or is it archived?? (Bit vague with this site still..)

Just wanted to say.. I have a guide book.. so if anyone would like copies of anything specific.. or wants me to look up something, I would happy to do so. To be honest, I haven't used it. Have read everything to date written by NDW (I think) but not felt a need for the guide books.. (my mum bought it for me when I first in my first obsessive phase re NDW.. although she won't 'go there' herself, lol!)) but having said this, I am still continuing to cock up my life , despite being full of deep insights which really make sense to me!

Also, what is the prob with the 8th (celestine) insight that some are having? (IYDMMA) (which means 'if you don't mind me asking.. I just made that one up! )

Lots of love

SJ x

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