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How psychic are you?

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lavender2 Sun 28-Nov-04 21:59:16

following my mumsnet dream wonder how much you can read thoughts etc....discuss (btw am very psychic)

Donbean Sun 28-Nov-04 22:01:27

Not at all and im so jealous of people who are.
I would love to be, just for one daay to see what its like.
What is it like?

Miaou Sun 28-Nov-04 22:10:04

I just knew this would be you, Lavender!

Not really psychic at all but once had a very weird experience. Where I used to live, I was walking down my road past my neighbours house one day and as always, the caravan on their driveway caught my attention and irritated me (don't ask...) - I then found myself thinking "At least it will be gone in a couple of days" - following which I thought "Why did I think that? I've no idea if they are getting rid of it or not!". Two days later - they got rid of the caravan.....really spooked me did that one.

lavender2 Sun 28-Nov-04 22:16:46

did you Miaou? why

Miaou Sun 28-Nov-04 22:17:53

Just from reading previous posts I knew it was the sort of thing you were interested in. Nothing sinister

lavender2 Sun 28-Nov-04 22:20:36

Donbean I dunno really it's things like if people are with me and are quiet I can tell what they're thinking to some extent..can't explain it and never abuse it either

zephyrcat Sun 28-Nov-04 22:22:25

I'm not sure that I'm very very psychic, but certainly have some ability. I'm really interested in all that kind of thing

lavender2 Sun 28-Nov-04 22:25:29

btw zephrycat I haven't forgotten about material for your quilt...have been looking around today and will send some this week..some with flowers on (old skirt) and blue material dh's work shirts!

Donbean Sun 28-Nov-04 22:28:05

How much of that can be put down to instinct though?

zephyrcat Sun 28-Nov-04 22:29:33

thanks lavender- - no worries, plenty of time

lavender2 Sun 28-Nov-04 22:36:56

what does pyschic mean to you?

zephyrcat Sun 28-Nov-04 22:41:57

um... hard to explain! allsorts really - from little things like knowing what someone is going to say or do - knowing that the phone is going to ring or who its going to be to things like dreams of things which have then happened at a later date.
I'm also quite into the psychic/medium side of it - have never experienced it but would love to talk to someone who has!
Do agree with Donbeam though that to a certain extent some of it is instinct i think....
What do you see it as?

Gobbledigook Sun 28-Nov-04 22:44:12

I'm psychic because I can predict the jist of some people's posts on this site. People keep saying 'I agree with x, x and x' and I'm thinking - 'what a shock!'

Doubtless people think it about me too but there you go!

Gobbledigook Sun 28-Nov-04 22:46:51

Sorry - didn't mean to ruin the thread! Carry on!

I am certainly a little bit psychic and I freak myself out sometimes by knowing exactly the words that are going to come out of someone's mouth - or is that just knowing them very well? I don't know. Certainly I've predicted things or done things that are far too spooky but I can't think of an example.

People think it's all rubbish and can all be explained but there must be more to the mind that what we already know?

jabberwocky Sun 28-Nov-04 23:42:21

I don't know if I'm psychic per se, but I do think I'm very attuned to the moods and body language of others which makes it easier to predict what they are going to say or do next.

zephyrcat Mon 29-Nov-04 09:59:35

I certainly believe that there is more to it than just intuition - but then saying that there have been countless times that i have said something that dp is thinking or vice versa and I put that down to us being 'in tune' with each other - not being psychic.
On the other hand I have had dreams which have predicted an exact event - the worst one being a stabbing - which have freaked me out a bit at times!!

Snugs Mon 29-Nov-04 10:57:19

Very psychic - but do come from a long line of psychics/mediums, plus have done training to develop gifts further.

Do various types of psychic readings - Tarot, drawings, psychometry etc. Also do psychic art, when the spirit do the portraits, not me.

Love testing on Zeiner cards - regularly get 75+% - when 50% would be the average score by guesswork/chance alone.

zephyrcat Mon 29-Nov-04 11:34:28

wow snugs would love to meet you!!!!

zephyrcat Mon 29-Nov-04 11:38:08

I once went to a psychic fair thing with a friend and we went into a little room and my friend sat at the table but the woman kept looking over at me. In the end she asked me to leave the room because she was only picking up things to do with me not my friend! Ever since then i have really wanted to go and see someone to see what they get from me but am too wary of the con-merchants

Snugs Tue 30-Nov-04 21:51:01

zephyrcat - I hate doing readings when there are other people in the room. I once read the Tarot cards for a woman who had brought her teenage daughter along. The girl sat behind her mum during the reading. Everything was fine until I mentioned a new baby. The woman was puzzling over this as she had been sterilised - lucky she couldnt see the look on the daughters face

zephyrcat Tue 30-Nov-04 21:56:12

lol excellent!!! How would i know who is and who isnt for real when looking for someone to do a reading?

tammylove Thu 02-Dec-04 18:51:33

Hello everyone. I have been told by alot of Psychics (sp?) that i am very psychic but block it out.

I would love to know there was another place where all our loved ones are waiting for us and its full of love and peace. I get comfort from thinking that and it helps when im on a downer. xx

Snugs Sun 05-Dec-04 23:31:48

Sorry zephyrcat, not been on MN for a few days so didn’t see your post.

It is difficult to choose a good reader. You can only really go by recommendation.

If you do go for a reading (and this applies to Tarot, spiritualism – whatever), try to keep your body language to a minimum. Your answers to questions should also be kept to a minimum – yes, no, don’t know. Don’t be tempted to jump in with ‘oh yes that would be Uncle Fred’ or whatever – a good reader doesn’t need it. They simply near to hear a response from you to keep the connection going, they don’t need details. Anyone who needs you to supply the details is a fake, simple as that. A genuine reader may not always be able to give a reading, but if that is the case they will be honest and tell you so, not try to fill the air with the answers that they think you want to hear.

secretpsychic Thu 09-Dec-04 13:42:07

Hi all

I'm moderately psychic. I can pick up thoughts from dh. I've had prophetic dreams too.

I was talking about an experience only yesterday that I had when Holly and Jessica first were missing. The police said they were looking for a white car/van and I had a vision of a house with a red car outside, then a long path with a wood then a school. Didn't know why but when the house came on the news where they were found it was that house and car. Plus same path and school. That really spooked me out and made me feel sad I'd love to develop it further and will do once my last child is at school and I can go to our local spiritualist church's daytime meetings.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 09-Dec-04 13:44:01

thanks for that snugs - I'm going to look into it a bit more and go and see someone soon

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