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DD has freaked me out(long)

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krisked Fri 12-Nov-04 12:31:59

I moved into my house 1 yr ago and when i first moved in some strange things happened. We heard laughter and someone repeated what i had said, both me and DH heard it. One night, i came home and went up to the bedroom. We have 2 built in wardropes, two freestanding and one chest of drawers. There are also various drawers on the wardropes. Anyway they had all been opened. My first instinct was that we had been robbed but nothing was taken. I did speak to someone who has lived in the road all her life and she said the only person who had died in the house was an old man. The house was built near an old mental hospital that was later used to house TB sufferers until their death and my sister and friend live in the area and they had some strange things happen aswell. Anyway it became a bit of a running joke and nothing much has happened since we first moved in apart from things like toys going off on their own and spoons falling in the kitchen without any explanation of where they came from. Then the other morning my DD(22m) came downstairs and was adamant that grandad(she calls any old man grandad, even max on the tweenies) was in our out-house that is attached to the kitchen. she never goes out there so i presumed that she had dreamt it and carried on getting ready for work. However, she became very distressed screaming and pulling at the handle. I asked her what she wanted and she started pointing out the window in mid air saying "grandad".She seemed very upset that i couldn't see anything. I decided to let her out there and carry on and as i listened she was playing and laughing. When it was time to go i went out there and she looked at me then pointed to mid air again and said grandad. I told her it was time to go and pulled her through to the kitchen. With that she turned round and said come on to mid air and then as if told they couldn't come she said ok bye bye and quite happily followed me through. She hasn't mentioned it since and i have kind of brushed it of but the other part of me is wondering if there is more to the old man story!!!!

JuniperDewdrop Fri 12-Nov-04 12:41:23

Hi Krisked, children are supposed to be able to see spirits up to a certain age, 6 I think?
My DS1 used to say he saw grandad with the hat on. I assumed it was my late father who wore a tartan cap? DS1 wasn't stressed so I just left it. DS2 saw someone in my living room a few months back, smiled and waved then looked puzzled and started looking behind the curtain to see where they had gone? He's 4 and only recently been able to explain things properly so at the time couldn't describe who he saw but I feel it was my late sister by the way he looked at her?

sobernow Fri 12-Nov-04 12:52:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morningpaper Fri 12-Nov-04 12:57:11

Message withdrawn

JuniperDewdrop Fri 12-Nov-04 12:59:33

LOL MP. I know I feel a bit sorry for him out there but maybe he liked the shed?

krisked Fri 12-Nov-04 13:48:06

Well he could of put the transeferred the washing to the tumble while he was out there

I recently watched that most haunted live and as they do seances on there my DH seems to think that i've invited all sorts into our house??

It is strange though cause throughout my life it's as if someone wants my attention. Ive had dreams or felt someone blowing in my ear or been clearly tickled.

Anyone believe in angels?? i had a strange experience when i was 11, i was walking down a lane at my horse riding school and a man approached me with a knife and tried walking me into the bushes. I turned and ran but he chased me, just as i sensed he was directly behind me and about to grab me, i tripped over a speed bump and as i was falling it was as if i was lifted and carried 10 yards to a bend where a man was coming in the opposite direction with his child and i was saved. To this day i can still feel the sensation of my feet lifting and me flying Call it a tramatic incident thingy or that i'm just clearly barmy i dont know but i most def believe in angels now

jabberwocky Fri 12-Nov-04 13:53:17

Ooh, that gave me goosebumps! I do think there are lots of things that we just don't completely understand. I would say as long as she doesn't feel afraid and is safe it's nothing to worry about. I have a cousin who has seen an old woman many times in her house. Her daughter has seen her too. They think it was the former owner and say she seems benign and they speculate that she is just happy that someone fixed up her home.

Sozie Fri 12-Nov-04 13:55:42

Krisked, a guy I worked with was a medium and he said everyone has the ability to converse with the spirit world they just need to open up and be receptive. You story about your dd was lovely though I would have been spooked had I been you.

krisked Fri 12-Nov-04 14:07:00

It was strange, at the time i was just like "this is really odd" and i was probably more intrigued to find out who she was speaking wasn't until i left the house that a chill went up my spine!

mummylove Wed 17-Nov-04 23:12:15

krisked - are you around?

just read this, that must of been so strange when your little dd done that. think at first i would of been scared but then thinking about it, its quite nice that if there was a spirit of an old man that he got to commumicate with your dd, must of been nice for him.

i kind of beleive in spirits, it does really interest me. at my old job, i made friends with the caretaker some old hippy dude, after a couple of years working there we had a long chat about spirits and she told me his experience of training to be a medium. he said that you should sit somewher quiet and relax, breathe slowly and allow any spirits to commumicate with you.... got to say i would be poopin my pants doing it.

Branster Wed 17-Nov-04 23:16:55

Spooky...are you going to move house?

ChicPea Thu 18-Nov-04 00:47:49

Hi Krisked, I would like to tell you my experiences when I lived alone in my first flat.

After 10 days of living there a shelf fell down and the three brackets on a six foot alcove were stacked on top of each other in the left hand corner. Thought this was odd. Two weeks after that I lay in bed trying to get to sleep and heard scratching/aggitation. Couldn't understand it and thought I was over tired, then three heavy footsteps then nothing. Got up and investigated and nothing askew. A few days later I bought a laundry basket with a lid and put in my laundry. In the morning the lid was up. I looked at it as I sat on my bed and just knew I had a visitor./spirit/soemthing. That was three incidents in 7 weeks. My grandmother had died one month before I completed on the flat and I wondered if it was her saying she was okay. Then I remembered the shelf falling down and the books everywhere and I knew it wasn't her as she was very tidy.

I rang a friend who put me in touch with a spiritualist who called me straight away. He asked me questions and I told him it felt male, unhappy and I did feel as though I was being watched, ie I wasn't alone. I also could smell very fragrant smells in the hallway or cooking smells and there was a shop below me and the flat above was vacant. He came over the next evening and prayed, put eggs in corners of rooms, put a bowl of water next to my bedside. The whole thing was weird and things calmed down and I had to tell the whatever it was to move on out loud. I used to go to bed wondering what would happen that night and would wake up feeling relieved when nothing had happened...but...I told myself, it could happen that night...

Things started happening a few weeks later when I stopped telling it to move on and I would have this white mist on one wall where I would blink and think to myself "I can't see properly, I must be tired, but I can see properly in that room...". I didn't know this was common poltergeist behaviour. I would lie in bed trying to get to sleep and I would hear creaking outside my bedroom door. And it wasn't the central heating as I would switch it off at 7pm.

I got to the stage where I became very frightened and my friends couldn't understand how I could live there. I must admit I was scared to go "home" but my attitude was that it was my very first home that I owned and I was not going to let it get the better of me. One day when I felt desperate, this was about four months after moving in, I called the local vicar who said he would need to exorcise the flat. He asked me if I had held seances there or if I had an interest in the occult and I told him I hadn't. He asked me about the previous owner and I told him I didn't have a clue. He came over and prayed and said things which I couldn't believe ie "God bless ChicPea's flat and all surrounding it and we call upon Jesus Christ, etc, etc." It sounded very victorian. As he was saying this in all seriousness I did have to pinch myself in case I was imagining the whole thing. That night I went to bed and the whole oppressive atmosphere had changed to what I can only describe as a happy summer's day.

So the spiritualist concluded that it was somebody who had lived and died there who had difficulty moving on and the vicar concluded that it was poltergeist brought in by somebody who had held a seance or who was interested in the occult. Perhaps the previous owner?

I moved in March 1996, my boyfriend moved in the October (who thought it was all in my mind) and we left in March 1997. I then rented it out twice and when I went back to tidy up before handing over the keys on both occasions I wondered if I would see anything and on both occasions the night before I saw that white mist which made my stomach lurch. I couldn't get out quick enough. I did sell it after the second tenants and thankfully I made a super profit.

Since then I have had that feeling of being watched, ie not alone in two other properties - friends' houses - and I have always got out fast as this is the feeling. I would NEVER hold a seance and I consider these things very dangerous. I do believe that if you take an interest in this you open yourself up to something which you cannot control/understand.

I am sorry to write such a long post but I just wanted to share my experience with you. It became terrifying but I got through it. If you are scared maybe you could call your local vicar so he can pray in your house and see if it makes a difference. He will take it seriously.

Good luck.

Socci Thu 18-Nov-04 01:41:59

Message withdrawn

Chandra Thu 18-Nov-04 02:24:29

ChicPea, why water beside your side table? it has hit some strings here, I have heard some story in the past about that remedy making unexplained tantrums in children to stop, the advise came from a spiritualist (a conversation I overheard), I was very young when I heard it very it stuck to my mind.

Socci Thu 18-Nov-04 10:44:21

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Thu 18-Nov-04 10:45:00

Socci, I had to cope. Would be interested to read your experiences. Chandra, the water by the bedside should be fresh every night before going to bed and it is thought to protect the sleeper with positive energy. The water should never be drunk as it absorbs negative energy and the bowl/container should not be used for anything else. This is very much a spiritualist thing and not what the church believes in, not that I am a church goer. Also, when going to bed, I had to imagine a light surrounding me when lying in bed. God, the whole thing was potty!!

coppertop Thu 18-Nov-04 11:22:13

I've had some really odd 'episodes' with ds1. He didn't start talking until he was about 3yrs old so a proper conversation with him is a fairly recent development. Anyway, in the mornings I always used to ask him if he'd slept well and whether he'd had good dreams. About 6 weeks ago he said that he had and went on to describe the dream that I'd had the night before in lots of detail.

Did anyone watch the recent "Everyman" documentary series about the mediums? I'd watched them while ds1 was upstairs in bed. About 2 weeks later I went into the bookshop to buy Charlotte Moore's book "George and Sam" (about the author's life with her 2 autistic boys and their non-autistic brother). I had just taken it from the shelf when ds1 led me to another section of the shop (he'd never been in there before) and said "Get that one, Mummy". The book he was pointing to had only the spine facing outwards and was by Gordon Smith, one of the mediums featured in the documentary. Dh was so spooked that he actually bought it for me.

krisked Thu 18-Nov-04 11:52:49

Hello everyone, I am intrigued now!!!! Its really strange, My sister went through the same type of poltergist activity as chicpeas years back. One was a young boy and one was an elder man. The man was evil and if the kids slept in one room awful things started to happen like bed shaked and such. We came to the conclusion that the boy was trying to protect the children and in order to do that he needed the children to sleep in the other room. It was funny cause my sister never told anyone and then one day when the kids were 2 and 9 months and both asleep my sisters friend went round. She visited the loo and didn't shut the door properly. The door started pushing open and she heard a giggle, she assumed the eldest was playing games and so she was pushing back on the door. Anyway she finished her business and as she opened the door she heard running footsteps into the nearest bedroom and round by the bed. She jumped over the bed and nothing was there. She ran downstairs and out of the house and it wasn't until she was in her car that she phoned my sister and told her what had happened. That was quite early on and we discovered the man and child thing when a friend of her husbands visited and said he could see them. My sister lasted a total of 4 years before leaving and she says she just had to get on with it but now she is scared. Recently when i moved into my house which happens to be across the road from my sisters old place we discussed it. We got out old photos and in every one we discovered Orbs, some big and some little but all the time. Pictures taken on the youngest a boy all had bright lights round him. Strange......

Anyway back to my house. the other night, another thing. DH was upstairs with DD asleep. I was downstairs watching tv. I heard DH get up walk to the top of the stairs and downstairs, I thought i heard him say something so i called out, no answer so i turned down the tv opened up the door and no-one there. Went upstairs and he's fast asleep. Im really not scared which is so strange as i am the biggest wimp. I never stayed at my sisters house!! Anyway last night i was laying in bed with DD watching clifford and again she started pointing at mid air saying "grandad" i said aloud he wasn't allowed in the bedrooms or bathroom cause it scared me and i might be weeing but was welcome to the rest of the house and she stopped straight away!!!

Socci Thu 18-Nov-04 12:00:49

Message withdrawn

Socci Thu 18-Nov-04 14:46:17

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Thu 18-Nov-04 22:35:29

Oooohhh what creepy stories! Socci, I would lie in bed trying to get to sleep at 1am thinking "I must go to sleep" (I had to get up at 6.30am) and then I would hear this creaking outside my door, liek a gentle pressure on the board outside the bedroom. I would open my eyes thinking "I just heard creaking and it wasn't my imaginiation" and when I opened my eyes the creaking stopped. After lying in the dark for 5mins, I would close my eyes and it would happen again. This happened three times in one night and on the third set of creaks I just thought "The bastard is playing games" and I turned over and went to sleep. I got to the stage where I thought it wouldn't hurt me physically and therefore I was safe. I was told by somebody who has had experiences of spirits/whatever you call them that things can fall on people, even heavy things and you can't be too relaxed about such a threat.
Oh! Forgot to say that at the 7 week stage when it was still new, my parents gave me their mad whippet for the weekend to keep me company. As I lay in the bath in the evening, he would charge around the flat going from one room to another knowing where I was and the door was open. That scared me. At the end of the weekend, I was glad to give him back as he was interacting with something I couldn't see. Oooohhh creepy.
I have heard strange noises where I live now, bangs and the sound of a board falling outside the bedroom door - we were at one stage living on a building site doing an extensive refurb - and while it scared me, my real fear is of being broken into while being at home as we were robbed at knifepoint 2 years ago. So any bangs when I am alone, as long as it isn't a robber, I can cope with it!

Branster Thu 18-Nov-04 23:23:27

oh please, please these stories are really scaring me girls!
you are all so brave too!

so it looks like you communicated with the 'grandad' krisked and hopefully he won't go into bedrooms and bathrooms now?! so I take it you're not going to move about inviting a priest over and see what he thinks about all these happenings.

all these stories really gave me goosebumps.

as it happens I think ghosts do exist in some form but never had any experiences of meeting/seeing/hearing any and don't wish to either.

One of my neighbours died in very tragic circumstances not long ago and I'm quite scared when DH is away and can't help thinking she'll be back here and frighten us. there was an odd incident after she died (only to my standards though, DH says I'm being silly), I noticed one of those black&white birds (what are they called? the ones that people say about 'one for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy'????) settling in this woman's garden and this bird never seemed to mix with the other birds but would often sing. I was convinced it was the same bird every day not a different one like a coincidence. Anyway, at that time I started parking my car on this woman's side of the house, near their garden wall as it were and after a few days when I came home, parked the car, open the door and stepped out this stupid bird flew out of this garden, over the wall and descended slightly in the air so it was levelled with my head , I had to duck and the bird just flew very fast above me. It really scared me because I haven't seen a bird behave like that before and what with me thinking there's something spooky going on , now I'm convinced it's the same bird and it has something to do with the dead woman. Haven't seen the bird since BTW. I know, I know it's all very logical, but to me it felt very strange. And unfortunatelly this dead woman did not like me or DH at all that's why I was so paranoid.
The human mind...! Now can you imagine how I'd be like if I were in any of your shoes?! I'd probably camp outside

ChicPea Thu 18-Nov-04 23:55:15

Branster, those birds are called Magpies!!

surfermum Fri 19-Nov-04 00:29:27

I have heard dd laughing down the baby monitor, staring into thin air and waving bye bye at the back door. Could just be normal 18m old behaviour, but my in laws are spiritualists and FIL says that she is visited by clowns (family connection to the circus) and they come and blow up balloons for her. He even turned up one day (FIL not the clown) and said they didn't come to see her today, they were in my front room! MIL has been "told" too that "that little girl love balloons" ... true! she could sit and play with one for hours. But then what little girl doesn't.

My dh used to see people's auras when he was little. He would draw people with the Readybrek glow around them and told his mum that that was what he could see. They took him to have his eyes tested but they were normal.

Still need a bit of convincing myself I think, but they make it all sound so matter of fact that somehow I have to believe them.

Socci Fri 19-Nov-04 08:45:22

Message withdrawn

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