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Pagan Mums???

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piximon Sun 17-Oct-04 19:51:28

Hi, I was wondering if there are many pagan mums on here and what path are you are following?
I'm having a hard enough time finding other mum's to talk to let alone ones who understand the path I'm following.
I look forward to any responses.

lunavix Sun 17-Oct-04 20:29:38

I considered myself Pagan for a long time, I lived in Australia and it seems more accepted and even common out there! I kind of left it behind though, dp and his family would not understand and I found it hard as I knew noone here the same! I was only an amateur at best (I'm still pretty young as it is!) and I really regret losing my views - I'd still love to bring up ds as a pagan but it *is* very hard with no social support.

Snugs Sun 17-Oct-04 23:42:22

Hi piximon

I'm a pagan. Very eclectic in my beliefs but the nearest path, when I need to attach a label to myself, is Wiccan.

I had a very spiritual upbringing (my mum is a medium and healer amongst other things) and my elder sister is also a pagan (again, the nearest I could call her is Wiccan, or hedge-witch)

What are your beliefs?

BB, Snugs

piximon Mon 18-Oct-04 10:54:46

Hi lunavix and Snugs, thanks for replying.
I was brought up Roman Catholic but from a very early age I realised that path didn't sit well. From as far back as I can remember I used to play games making "spells" with leaves and plants to heal etc.
Once I hit 25 I decided I wanted to do something more about my beliefs, so I bought more and more Wiccan books to learn the basics. I have now found a group to advance with but finding time is hard since I have one 20 month and one 6 week old.
Most of the people I meet either have no children or grown up ones.
My son loves being outdoors and collects leaves, flowers etc. He's been to a few open events and loves dancing to the Morris men.
I don't want to force religion onto my children but so far he seems to show a natural interest which I will encourage.

Papillon Mon 18-Oct-04 11:05:30

Hi Piximon

Thanks for starting this thread. I wanted to a while ago but then decided to wait until somebody else did as I am very frequent poster on the spirit board and did not want to hog the limelight

I am not into labels either but if I had to choose one then ...I am a green witch. I have tended to steer clear of too much work in the craft though because of a bad experience afew years ago. That was due to a lack of respect and generally a lack of knowledge about energy. So I am just taking my time, learning and regaining my trust in this area.

lunavix Mon 18-Oct-04 11:56:30

Piximon - I think that it's quite difficult for mums to be able to follow a alternative path. I'm a 'young' mum and I'm finding it hard enough to meet similar mums, much less ones that would accept that too or *shock and gasp* have similar beliefs!
I too would think the nearest path would be wicca, which was the main belief of a group I used to visit in Australia, although I do have an interest in shamanisn through an ex.

Katherine Wed 10-Nov-04 13:11:50

I have a developing interest in this area. I'm not sure that I was wanted to go too deep or become too involved. I don't like anything which is extreme - perhaps the hedge witch thing would suit me more.

I'm just at a stage when I am trying to find out more. I have a strong interest in nature and our planet and am becoming more interested in the seasons and natural energy. I'm still pretty ignornat though.

I don't feel I know enough yet to approach a group or anything but could someone recommend some good reading for a beginner.

Many thanks

Snugs Thu 11-Nov-04 19:51:36

I like 'A Witch Alone' by Marian Green.

Although obviously aimed at those who want to follow a 'magical' path, don't be put off by the witchy title. It is a very good beginning to getting closer to the earth and her natural patterns and cycles and offers exercises that you can do over the space of a year.

Or try 'Hedge Witch' or 'The Hedge Witch's Way' by Rae Beth.

joash Fri 12-Nov-04 19:20:10

Just wanted to say "ditto" snugs.

Levanna Fri 12-Nov-04 23:28:43

according to my FIL I most definitely am as I celebrate Solstice rather than Christmas during winter! I wouldn't say I follow any particular path, just what ever catches my attention and draws me to trust and believe. I'm very interested in the cycles of nature and of the body and mind - how closely they all intertwine. I do reiki and have great faith in my cards, an interest in numerology and also a well thumbed book of spells. As far as my children are concerned I will always encourage them to respect and love nature, I would find it difficult to encourage them to place their faith in anything that isn't tangible.
I'm sorry if this isn't the sort of response you were searching for, but as I haven't got a clue which 'label' I come under, I thought I'd drop by!

fostermum Sun 14-Nov-04 11:38:48

hi all pagan mums i am one too,unbeknown to my bosses i dont think it would sit well lol,im just a quite solitary who does things her own way,bothering none,but real nice to know im not alone on here

Katherine Thu 18-Nov-04 20:36:49

Thanks all. Have got hedge witch and hedge witches way. Also got the Glennie Kindred book about celebration so have a fab solstice party planned now.

All I need now is the time to read them.....

jabberwocky Wed 15-Dec-04 09:43:07

Katharine, I am a former confused protestant converted to Wicca almost 6 years ago. We are still finding our way with solstice celebrations. I just made a yule log and found fab candlestick holders with suns on them to put red and green tapers in for the table. Our "santas" look more like winter shaman. Any ideas from your new book you'd like to share?

Papillon Sun 19-Dec-04 13:19:15

Hi jabberwocky, thought you might be interested in THIS site that I go to... has a nice thread about the winter solstice - I think you have to register to view messages?

here is some ideas from it...
* we make blessing balls for everyone and send them early to hang on their trees. We take the clear glass bulbs and take the top off ( the little silver hanger thingy) We write blessings for the person on small scrolls of hand made paper. We tie it off with silk ribbon, write their name on the outside in gold pen and tuck it inside the ball. Next we place small tumbled crystals and tiny feathers in the bulb, (crow for speaking your truth, robin for sweet song, owl for insight.....) and crystals to match the blessing ( adventurine for healing, lapis for spiritual growth, rose QTZ for love......) any small item from nature is nice! We also get the tiny glitter that looks like fairy dust, put the hanger back on and give it all a whirl. We send it with a little tag that tells them our "wish " for them this Year.
* We make dream pillows. Soft silk pillows filled with sweet smelling herbs like lavender and rosebuds.
* We adopt a wild thing instead of giving gifts. Like hawks, owls, otters, mtn lions, from local Wild Rehab centers.
* We too make wreaths for all of our friends!
*We light candles to our ancesters who we send love to on the holiday.
* We make items for the wild birds, seeded pinecones, Peanut butter seed balls, nut and fruit chains. for folks to hang in their trees to call in the wild things!

Remember that winter solistice was Xmas! The Tree = the tree of life. The Trees were decorated with things of nature and small treats.

My children (now 11,13) were raised with Quinnella the winter witch as well as santa! We made up a wonderful story about a beautiful wise woman who talks to our spirit guides all year long and leaves us gifts to share with those who we love. She often leaves baskets of sweets to share with friends, flower bulbs and wild flower seeds to plant in local parks and in nature. My kids made mud and seed balls and tossed them out the window along the roadsides as we drove to our favorite palces! She leaves bird seed and small bird feeders. Her baskets were hung in the trees for the kids to find on xmas morning. She also hides crystals outside for the kids to find so they can put in the fairy garden.(circle of stones with fairy roses and ferns)

Papillon Tue 21-Dec-04 08:46:40

if your still with me JW and others here is another link re kids and paganism that you might find good


karenanne Tue 21-Dec-04 09:25:28

happy yule to you all.
i too am a practising pagan ,a hedgewitch would describe me best but i hate labels lol.i too find it hard finding like minded people in my area but have a wide reaching circle of pagan friends online.also finding it difficult at the moment as my dd has been bought up in a pagan way and is now at school which is focusing on the christian way,i wish her to make her own choices regarding religion but also dont want to confuse her lol.

Levanna Wed 22-Dec-04 02:50:19

and to you and yours, Karenanne!

ocean Fri 07-Jan-05 13:55:54

Paganism today is not true Paganism, it is more New Age. The people that the term Pagan was first used for actually did follow set beliefs and rituals involving a deity, much like the early Christians(not the ones we have today!!!)

Unfortunaltly the term has been usurped by the New Age movement, and now encompasses many things that would have been thought alien to "real" Pagans.

karenanne Fri 07-Jan-05 14:08:18

i follow a set of beliefs and rituals involving deities ,i follow the wheel of the year ,practise magik and herbalism.
a i said in an earlier post i dont care for labels but follow a faith and way of life thats right for me.
i have been following this path for many years ,way before it started to get 'trendy' lol

ocean Sun 09-Jan-05 14:05:07

Karenanne, I appreciate that some do, but unfortunatly like many a good idea it has been sort of kdnapped by the New Age movement!!

Snugs Mon 10-Jan-05 11:45:40

I know a very large number of people who, when pushed, would call themselves Pagan (most of us hate labels) and I can assure you Ocean that every single one of them has a path of truth faith and would be quite insulted to be dismissed as 'New Age'.

What exactly would you describe 'true' Paganism as?

Papillon Mon 10-Jan-05 11:57:34

Hi Snugs

I understand what you are saying Ocean, as I would move in that circle but not wish to call it new age either. The path is individual but also united. It has many mantles, names and points for me. But it is the knowing and the realisation of the Earth Mother which connects us to Life as the roots to a tree.

Snugs Mon 10-Jan-05 12:10:31

Hiya Paps, long time no chat.

How are you? Any improvement in the atmosphere in that room? Hope the Reiki was of some use.


Papillon Mon 10-Jan-05 12:21:16

The room is better, there is some static sometimes, but that is often from me also I feel. I bought a humidifier. My dh said it is like the air from the Alps. So dd is sleeping better and me too. I have not used the Reiki yet. I am not sure it is what I really want to use...

Snugs Mon 10-Jan-05 12:29:50

Glad to hear things are better - the lack of sleep before will not of helped!

I can sympathise about the static - I have real problems with it. I once had to leave a job because the electronic cash register always went haywire if I stood anywhere near it. And I always have to make sure my hand is covered (usually with my sleeve) before I can open a car door or I get a shock.

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