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Jehovah witness

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Babyramone Fri 05-Oct-07 23:47:34

I get on well with a mum of a wee boy my DS plays with.
Anyway I invited said boy to DS party and his mum has told me that they are in process of becoming Jehovah Witnesses so he won't be able to come.

I don't know much about them and wonder if anyone can give me a simple explaination so I don't look vacant if she talks about her religion. Also want to be supportive as some people she's told are acting as if she's joining some weirdy culthmm

I know they are anti blood tranfusion and don't do Christmas od birthdays but don't know much else.

Friend did explain a bit but she said more about why they were joining not the actual religion it's self.


SueBarooeeooeeooooo Fri 05-Oct-07 23:49:11

This is their official website, it might help answer some of your questions.

Babyramone Fri 05-Oct-07 23:55:04

Don't know why I didn't think to google them.
Total faith in the power of MN (grin)

SueBarooeeooeeooooo Fri 05-Oct-07 23:59:13

lol, that's on my favourites, so the power of MN wins out over google anyday grin

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