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prayer meeting help please

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littlebrownmouse Tue 02-Oct-07 23:56:09

I'm hosting a prayer meeting at my house once a month and the first one is this Friday. Haven't hosted a prayer meeting for ever and haven't been able to get to many recently (hence holding them at my house - easier to stay in than arrange baby sitters and go out). It seemed a good idea at first but now I'm panicing a bit and could do with some ideas to help focus the meeting. Not sure how many people will be there, ages will vary and it will last about an hour. Focus of prayer really is the life of the church. Any ideas would be really welcome. Thanks.

MrsThierryHenry Wed 03-Oct-07 00:01:00


If I were you I'd ask your group to each bring one item which they'd like to cover in prayer during the meeting.

There. Easy-peasy, and it means they take ownership of the meeting rather than it all being led from the front (i.e. you).

Well done for your initiative, and good luck!


littlebrownmouse Wed 03-Oct-07 01:42:34

Thanks, thats how future meetings will go I think but this is the first and I'm not sure who will be there. Think it will probably run itself but need a structure to fall back on in case it doesnt. Will let you know how it goes.

eidsvold Wed 03-Oct-07 06:18:45

perhaps just share a short piece of scripture or something that touched you during the week - as Mrs TH said - most others will have prayer points.

You could perhaps start with blessings that people have had during the week - things that they are thankful for - and then move onto things that need to be prayed for or about iyuswim.

MaryBS Wed 03-Oct-07 08:18:39

Not sure how well this'll come out (I can always email it to you), but I led a group on prayer, concentrating on the Lord's Prayer. It also took longer than an hour, so you'd need to cut it down if you want to use it. This is what I prepared for our first session:


Share the prayers we’ve brought with us – why did you choose it?

Lord – Teach us to Pray

Luke 11:1-4 The Lord’s Prayer

He was praying in a certain place, and after he had finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.’ He said to them, ‘When you pray, say:
Father, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come.
Give us each day our daily bread.
And forgive us our sins,
for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us.
And do not bring us to the time of trial.’

• He prayed by himself (Mark 1:35, Matthew 14:23, Luke 6:12)
• He prayed with the disciples (Luke 9:28)
• He prayed with others in the synagogue (Mark 1:21, Luke 4:16)
• He prayed before major decisions (Luke 6:12-13, Mark 14:32-36)
• He prayed for his disciples (Luke 22:31-32, John 17)
• He prayed as part of his ministry (Mark 9:28-29, John 11:41-44, Luke 10:21)
• He teaches about prayer (Matt 6:5-15, Matt 7:7-11, Mark 11:22-25, Luke 11:5-13, Luke 18:1-14, John 14:12-14, John 15:15-17, John 16:23-28)

The disciples ask him to teach them to pray – this is something we could do too

Early Experiences of Prayer

Who taught you to pray?

Our Father - Addressing God as “Daddy”

Jesus called God “Abba”, which translates as “Daddy”, rather than “Father”. It specifies his own PERSONAL relationship with God. As children of God, we are Jesus’ brother/sister, sharing that personal relationship.

Romans 8:14-17
When we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ it is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.

How do we feel about having such a special relationship with God? Discussion

Hallowed be Your Name

God is not only our Father, he is our Creator and Redeemer.
Share experiences of being caught up “in wonder, awe and praise” of God

Thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer -

Praying Together

In a period of silence, you are invited to pray aloud, to give praise, to give thanks, to ask God something, whatever you feel moved to do…

Finish by saying the Lord’s Prayer together…

Things to Think about before next time:

• Try to set some time aside for prayer
• At least one day this week try to set a bit longer aside for prayer
• Finish your prayer time by saying the Lord’s prayer
• Ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration
• Spend some time praising God!

Preparing for Prayer

Silence – spend some time just listening for God. Use this time to relax and empty your mind of all the things that have been crowding in for your attention.

Place - Some people like to have a special place for prayer. It may be a favourite armchair, a corner of your bedroom, or somewhere where you can go for a bit of peace and quiet. It may be outdoors.

Posture – kneeling is traditional, but some people prefer to sit down, to be walking, to pray standing. Hands together in prayer, or open and uplifting, or just clasped together – perhaps holding something – like a praying cross?

Time – do you set aside a specific time of day for prayer? Morning/Evening?

littlebrownmouse Thu 04-Oct-07 12:23:16

Thanks all
its all been really helpful. have spoken to a few people who are def coming and they seem to think that there'll be no need for anything except maybe an introduction, a reading and to let it happen. All who are coming are used to this kind of meeting, praying out loud and spontaneously etc so a heavy structure is not really necessary. I think I'm feeling a bit nervous as its quite a responsibilty and I want it to go well and I want to see God at work in our church (He's obviously already at work, but there's more in store I'm sure).

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