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Spiritualist ruined any type of surprise!

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BlardyHell Tue 28-Aug-07 11:36:48

Recently we lost a member of the family, and she has come back to my grandmother to say that there is another baby on the way.

Now this points all fingers at me, and i'm now seeing the family getting excited waiting for imminent news! (which can i add at this time there is no baby on the way, or even planned!)

I dont know if i believe in spirituality or not, i believe that if it makes my grandmother happy then thats fine.

My main problem is now i feel pressured and that if DH and i decide to have another it'll be because of this. I now feel really awkward with the whole situation and just wish it hadnt been bought up... i hate it when people take great joy in saying "i told you so". This may sound like i'm being grumpy but i just feel its weird.

Tinker Tue 28-Aug-07 11:40:26

Well, if you're not pregnant then it was wrong anyway.

Um, tell them to grow up?

BlardyHell Tue 28-Aug-07 12:01:56

Tinker i know what you mean, but the problem is they are massive believers and say that they never get anything wrong.

I guess i'm just having a mini rant, sorry.

Tinker Tue 28-Aug-07 13:49:30

Oh rant away. Can see why it would annoy you.

startouchedtrinity Tue 28-Aug-07 15:13:46

This would annoy me too. You could point out that yoru granmother was almost certainly going to have a young relation who would be likely to have a child anytime soon and the spiritulist was just taking pot luck but I doubt it will make any difference.

Either you can ignore it or play up to it. Either way I'm sure you'll rise above it. smile

ally90 Tue 28-Aug-07 16:29:49

I understand your irritation. There's nothing worse than smug smiles and a 'i told you so'. Trying to think of a good way to deal with situation. My first instinct is to wind them up ;) 'oh...I feel a bit sick' etc but that would be playing too much of a game...<sighs and dismisses idea>. I agree with stt...rise above it. If they want to have their speculations fine, but only you and your dh know the truth of the matter. And if you did get pg...just wait till your REALLY obviously pg before you tell them...until then it can be really bad wind grin caused by a severe lactose intolerance or maybe that's not very flattering for you... hmm

Surfermum Fri 31-Aug-07 10:14:15

Well my MIL (a medium) says that there's no time in the spirit world, so if she's said a baby is on the way then it could be in the next few weeks or it could be in 10 years' time.

If you and your dh are happy with your decision not to have another at the moment, that's fine. Stick with your decision, there's absolutely no reason to start changing it. And mybe the baby is going to be someone else's.

I do know how you're feeling. My MIL was absolutely insistent during my pregnancy that the baby was a boy, and it really irritated me. When we chatted, she always refer to "him" and if I said "or her" she'd laugh at me and just not entertain the fact that it could be a girl.

I did get the last laugh though ..... when dd popped out!

fransmom Sun 02-Sep-07 01:05:47


lucylala Sun 02-Sep-07 08:49:07

I had a terrible experience with a spiritulist, I was desperately trying for a baby and getting very upset cos it wasn't happening (I didn't tell her this fact) and she told me 'I can see lots of serious gynalogical problems, surgery and a real battle ahead, you will have a baby but not for 5 years'.....she also told me my grandmother would die in the October!!

I went with my friend and hers was a really positive experience, she told her that her boyfriend was her soulmate, they would be together forever and live abroad.

I was crying my eyes out when i came out, it really freaked me out, I told hubby there was no point having sex cos it wasn't going to happen for 5years, I was in a terrible state.

4 weeks later, I was pregnant and my friend's bloke had fallen in love with someone else and dumped her! My grandma died in the March.

I've had some very good and comforting experiences with mediums but I would never, ever go to another now - the last experience was just horrible.

I totally sympathise with you, can just imagine how you feel, everyone waiting to say 'I told you so' - argh!!!

fransmom Mon 03-Sep-07 12:37:44

sad i don't know what to say lucylala. i can only say that i am sorry for what you went through and mediums don't predict the future because it is so ambiguous and very little can be predicted with any real degree of certainty. do you know if s/he was registered with the spiritualist national union? if so, you may be able to register a complaint with them.


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