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paps, stg anyone? thoughts or knowledge about chakras please...

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fransmom Sun 12-Aug-07 22:10:30

...the 8th charka in particular. tia

fransmom Sun 12-Aug-07 22:10:53

chakra obv

fransmom Mon 13-Aug-07 22:31:52


Papillon Tue 14-Aug-07 02:21:58

Be very careful of your energy, what you are doing within the realm of karma, past lives, astral travel and how that can affect you and others.

If there are issues from past lives that you are aware of, dealing with them truthfully and with right use of Will is essential if you don't wish the same issues to reoccur.

Have you read much about the 8th chakra? Or worked with it much?

SaintGeorge Tue 14-Aug-07 12:42:43

Sorry fransmom, only just seen this. Not much up with chakras.

<<waves to Paps >>

startouchedtrinity Tue 14-Aug-07 20:40:37

Hello, can I join in? I've just been attuned for Reiki and for the first time have become aware of chakras. I don't know about the eigth chakra but would like to hang out and learn.

Paps, I remember once you saying you were interested in energy. I'd never really understood the concept before now, and it's something I'd like to learn more about.

<waves to St.G and Fransmom>

fransmom Tue 14-Aug-07 23:10:10

hi everyone!

<<<<fm waves back, knowing full well its way past her bedtime >>>>>

thanks paps. am aware of spirtual responsibilty in regards to some issues but i guess it applies to all things. am also aware that some past life issues are maybe starting to impinge onthis life so i need to get that sorted out in this life. am going for a reading soon so will ask the lady bout it afterwards.

as for the 8th chakra issue, have only come across references to it roughly twice (name only, no info), so asked for your help and stg's. <<<btw stg, hows your mom?>>>

melsy Tue 14-Aug-07 23:26:29

hellooo gals ,

quick thread tangent : hows you (((((((paps))))))) ,how you doing ? been thinkng of you , as dd2 is 1 this week and was thinking of you here with dd1 also around dd2's age, insert [nostalgia emoticon]. Hows NZ ?

how you doing fransomom ? Left a message for you lastnght, sorry turning into stalker !!!

8th chakra can also be called transpersonal point and if you hold your hand a few inches from the top of our head you may just feel its vibration. Im yet to delve deeper into this area too , 1st strengething, activating and clearing all the other areas 1st I feel is more important (booked onto reiki one to attune properly). Although my thirst for information always makes me want to jump ahead despite that !! If your intuitive abilties are strong then one can pick up through connection the possbile reasons for incarnating this time.

ALWAYS ground and protect 1st before any "tuning" in.

fransmom Wed 15-Aug-07 12:46:47

came home for my dinner break and as soon as i opened the door i saw a shadow move from right to left; i haven't a clue who/what it was but i immediately threw up protection covering the whole of the flat and members of my family and asked archangel michael to get rid of anything that bore me illwill. i have had to put on some calming dolphin music to even out the armosphere although i'm sure it's probably just me being edgy.

hope everyone else is having a good day x <<<melsy, i didn't get the email sorry!>>>

melsy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:04:37

was just a few lines , nothing spectacular and insightful, I seem to have run out if words recently.

fransmom Thu 16-Aug-07 22:43:51

have felt energy moving about on the top iof my head - is this because i am becoming more aware?

fransmom Thu 16-Aug-07 22:45:03

melsy that cake pic on your profile page looks gorgeous!!!!!!!

melsy Fri 17-Aug-07 08:39:31

aww shucks thankyou , seems ages ago (4yrsnow , bt I stil feel the pain of making it !!! Cue M&S cake this time for dd2 !!!

Yes possibly feeling your connection to your own higher spirit.

fransmom Sat 18-Aug-07 20:44:49

<<<melsy have emailed you again!>>>

what does everyone think about what happened when i came home for lunch? it hasn't happened again btw

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