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Yurt Shop - come in and be amazed!

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wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 13:58:52

The Yurt Shop is open for business!!! Selling all manner of goodies - we have some Yurt cakes lovingly baked by the Yurt goddesses, plenty of incense and gentle music playing.

If you can't see anything you want just ask!

fairyfly Fri 17-Sep-04 14:01:01

I'd like a male escort please and a bottle of champagne, cheers

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:01:53

Here's a bottle of champers but you ask to ask papsy if we have any escorts in stock - she's rolled up in one of the rugs

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:02:12

(have to ask, not ask to ask)

fairyfly Fri 17-Sep-04 14:03:30

Is that your boss wk

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:04:43

Yep, I sit at the till and serve and she stays rolled up in a carpet testing new products. Melsy's also one of the big boss people but she's away baking more cakes.

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:06:39

Oh it's lovely WK what's the beautiful smell?

Maybe I could bring some sparkly fairy cards in to sell? and my glittery mod podged tea light holders?

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:08:03

Can I sit on this huge cushion to have my yurt cake and lemongrass tea please?

popsycal Fri 17-Sep-04 14:08:09

can i ask why paps is rolled up in a carpet?

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:09:00

The smell is from the big barrels of different herbs we've got in the corner. And fairy cards and tea light holders would be fab!!

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:10:37

you can sit where you like Juniper!

popsy - she can concentrate better there and it keeps her warm if someone leaves the door open. I have a nice big poncho to snuggle up in.

fairyfly Fri 17-Sep-04 14:11:01

What kind of herbs are they?

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:12:54

There's loads of herbs - some are lavender, rosemary etc and some are just in small mysterious bags and you have to smell them and decide which one you want.

popsycal Fri 17-Sep-04 14:13:35

can i have a small mysetrious bag of herbs then please

wobblyknicks Fri 17-Sep-04 14:15:02

Yep, just pick the one you want, and leave something behind in exchange.

I'm going on my break for 10 mins so its on your karma if you nick anything!!!

Papillon Fri 17-Sep-04 14:15:54

On a break already!

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:17:23

you can't get the staff paps I'll take over if you like WK?

Papillon Fri 17-Sep-04 14:20:57

don't ask that slacker! You are most welcome to mind the till Juniper and if you have any products you would like me to test I am all yours

Fairyfly here is your extra special bag of herbs, especially triple tested by yours truely

<WK, your off duty for now, well done attracting the customers... give Juniper your ear piece so she can be alerted to intruders at all times>

DetectiveInspectorRufus Fri 17-Sep-04 14:23:31

I'm afraid we've had some reportings of illegal sales, ladies could you please empty your bags

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:24:19

i'm sure FF will be pleased with her herbs but shall I give popsycal some too

popsycal Fri 17-Sep-04 14:24:45

i just helped myself - dont worry

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:25:43

Ok WK I know its u really in a hideous disguise. Ooops sorry didn't realise you'd forgotten to shave

DetectiveInspectorRufus Fri 17-Sep-04 14:27:03

Your obviously all off your faces, why is that woman rolled up in a carpet, what are in those barrels, i'm shutting you down

JuniperDewdrop Fri 17-Sep-04 14:28:37

Paps come out of the carpet!!

Papillon Fri 17-Sep-04 14:35:29

I am out of the carpet - hello inspector can we help you in anyway - perhaps a popsicle to help cool the internal fires.

Juniper I am sorry to love and leave you. Feel free to close the shop if you need to go as well.

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