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St George can you help?

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glitterfairy Wed 18-Jul-07 20:46:48

I moved home today and seem to have lost your email address. I have taken your last charm (which worked a treat and we have had a wonderful 7 months) and buried it in our new garden.

I wondered if I could be cheeky enough to ask for a new one for this house?

fransmom Wed 18-Jul-07 22:43:41

hope she is listening then! <<hi gf! hows you?>>

SaintGeorge Thu 19-Jul-07 14:59:24

Hi both

Of course you can gf, will get it sorted next moon for you. Drop me your new address.

antlxstew at yahoo dot co dot uk

Glad to hear things are going so well.

jetjets Thu 19-Jul-07 19:23:44

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Thu 19-Jul-07 20:50:03

Not met in RL, only know each other through Mumsnet

glitterfairy Thu 19-Jul-07 21:44:02

THanks St G they really help my peace of mind. I left it behind and made a special trip back to get it. Still carry your necklace everywhere.

Hi Fransmom how are you? I am well working really hard and enjoying life.

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