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Name change by deed poll?

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Dudu Wed 18-Jul-07 20:19:46

I just want some opinions please.

Before I married my husband I converted to his religion and felt that I ought to have a more Muslim sounding name. So I changed my name by deed poll just before our wedding (Muslim name first, then my old English first name became my middle name) and then took his surname at the wedding. This has been fine for the past 4 years as I live in east London and when people asked how come I had such an unusual name, "Where are you from? Where are your parents from?", I just had to tell them I married a Muslim and they understood. Except I always regretted changing my name as people always pressed me for such personal information, stuff that I would rather not talk about with strangers.

However, we are moving to Sussex to live closer to the inlaws at the end of the year and I'm suddenly feeling very scared about the whole upheaval. I decided that maybe I ought to change my name around by deed poll, so that the Muslim name becomes the middle name and I take back my old English name as my first name. Does that make sense?

My husband is really angry about it. My family think that I could just ask people to call me by my English middle name rather than going to all the effort of changing it around officially (passport, DVLA, tax, etc ...)

Does anyone have any opinions or advice around this?

FioFioJane Wed 18-Jul-07 20:23:58

I think it would be easier and cause less upset to your husband if you just asked people to call you by your english name, if thats what you prefer? I really wouldnt go the whole hog of changing it again unless you feel that passionately about going back to it tbh

but thats just my opinion

Dudu Wed 18-Jul-07 21:51:38

Thanks FioFio. It's also the whole thing about called by that name when dealing with banks, hospitals, schools, doctors etc. etc. I can ask friends and work colleagues to call me by my Engish name, but I worry it would confuse people

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