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Where does all the time go?? MN Christian Prayer Request Thread JULY 2007: WEEK 2!!

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CaptainDippy Sun 08-Jul-07 22:54:32

Summary from last week:

KSM - DD had operation last Thurs (5th) to remove adnoids & have grommets fitted. No news yet.

PandaG - Praise God her friend's DD who was in hospital has had a DX for her rash & is home, feeling a lot better. Prayers for Panda as she is feeling low atm.

Suzy - Prayers for DNephew who has been admitted to hospital because his kidneys are leaking urine.

tasja - On-going prayers for her child-minding business to pick up.

fannyannie - Things are going well with DS3 and DH - Prayers this would continue and get better & better!

BedofRosesitAint - Prayers that she would be able to sort childcare out for Sept.

CarGirl - Prayers for increased intimacy with God.

CaptainCaveman - Praise God for the "all clear" result reiceved for A & J from her church! Lots of prayers for DSis who is drinking a lot again & not doing well, prayers of protection for her DNiece.

LaurieFairyCake - Welcome! Prayers for her & her family as they struggle to make ends meet financially at this time.

NASWM - Lots of prayers for her & her family as her DH gos through gruelling treatment for liver failure. NASWM also requested prayers for her friend K who has cancer but is too ill to recieve Chemo at the present time.

CaptainDippy - Praise God that Adam is recovering so well, prayers for this to continue. Prayers for her as she struggles with tiredness and anxiety.

MarsLady Sun 08-Jul-07 22:55:45

Thanks for praying for my ladies and their births. All turned out very very well!

Now... could you pray that I sort myself out and get my studies in order? Thank you!

<<mars waves... stranger that she is>>

CarGirl Sun 08-Jul-07 22:57:34

I want to praise God that we had a good weekend doing family things (even though the dc whinged far too much). We've been without a pastor for 18 months already.......the weekly church prayer meeting (ie for the needs of the church collectively) is very poorly attending - we need some umph, a prophet would be nice too???

morocco Sun 08-Jul-07 23:17:25

hello everyone
god is truly wonderful. I came onto this thread just now to ask for prayers for my grandad and also the whole family as we support him in his struggle with motor neurone disease. he is struggling now and it is so hard. I have prayed tonight and know god is there holding his hand but it is hard.
anyway, of course we all know how wonderful god is, but i wonder if he didn't direct me to this thread tonight to speak to suzy. my ds1 has minimal change nephrotic syndrome, he often leaks protein and has been hospitalised several times but the condition is currently stable. I wonder if your dnephew has something similar? I know some very good sites, my fave is kidcomm email group, please feel free to cat me/start a new thread/ask on here if you have any questions I can help with as well. I am praying for his speedy recovery and remission.

CaptainCaveman Mon 09-Jul-07 07:42:44

Welcome Morocco, a fabulous godincidence to direct you to Sooz! Praying for your Grandad and your family.

CG - praying for a prophet to come your way soon! We had 2 years of 'interregnum'(?) when our old vicar left. Now we have the most wonderful vicar (not that our old vicar wasn't great too!), but current vicar injects such life and enthusiasm (and humour) to the church. Praying God will guide your prophet to you soon.

Thanks CD for round up, you are too good to us!

Happy Monday everyone!!

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 08:27:53


Marsy - You're no stranger honey! Glad the births went well - praying hard for your studies - <<<<<focus & concentration>>>>>

Cargirl - Glad you had such a lovely weekend - praying that God finds a fantastic replacement Pastor soon honey - must be v.hard atm.....

morocco - Welcome! Lovely to "see" you here! Lots of prayers for your Grandad for your whole family, it must be tearing you all apart to have to watch him suffering so. {{{{hugs}}} Incredible God-incidence about Sooz's DNephew & your DS1 .... wow - that has really blown me away - God is just brilliant, isn't he!!? Do stick with us ....

Hello Fellow Captain!! <<<<Waves>>>

Prayers for patience & love in DippyLand today would be good - DD2 is not in the best of moods - wouldn't go to bed last night, got up v.early this morning & is in a foul mood - cue: lots of screaming, kicking, biting etc ..... Not nice.....

PandaG Mon 09-Jul-07 09:56:00

Thanks again fo rthe roundup CD

Welcome Morocco good to see you. Will pray.

Thanks so much fo ryour hugs and prayers all - and for that bible reading Mary had a much better weekend than could be expected, no real panic attacks, and less heart racing/sick feeling. Will be on my own this morning doing housework, this is when i feel worse, hate being on my own with my mind not occupied. I will try to pray, but find I can't concentrate fully for very long, gthen the wobbles strat to creep in again iykwim? Deirious very loud may be the answer!

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 10:00:04

Just talk to God as you go about your normal business, Panda - that is what I try to do as I am rubbish at sitting still and being quiet for even 5 mins ..... quite ap anicy person too, deary me - Continuing to pray for you though my sweet .......

Gotta dash, friend coming round in a min .....

ZipadiSuzy Mon 09-Jul-07 10:16:43

Morocco - welcome and thank you very much for your support, my dneph indeed has nephrotic something or other! (bless my technical terms)

He has settled with his treatment and is carrying on his recovery at home after 10 days in hospital, but he was double his size bless him, although his limbs are still ballooned! his parents have been so worried. "God please protect them" thank you!

I'm so sorry to hear of your dgrandad with 'MND' another god-incidence, I had a close friend who lost her dad this way, I pray also for god to hold him and guide him Is he still eating ok?

Thank you Morocco

mufti Mon 09-Jul-07 10:37:02

hey all - just to say dumbledoresgirl needs our prayers again - have reminded her where we are.

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 12:05:21

Glad your DNephew is home Suzy ..... poor little thing - continuing to pray for his recovery ......

Mufti - Hello! Has DG posted somewhere - do you have a link?? Will pray for her and her precious fmaily - Thank you for reminding her that we are here.

DD1 doing my nut.


mufti Mon 09-Jul-07 12:41:45

cd - yes its in the "feeling depressed" topic

sorry cant do links

ds acting up over his lunch..

mufti Mon 09-Jul-07 12:44:34

thread title - "i'm back..."

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 13:46:42

Will look it up when DD2 isn't trying to type on MN as well & do link!! Hope DS managed to eat some lunch in the end - my 2 are terrible!! DD2 now playing with bin, gotta dash ......

morocco Mon 09-Jul-07 13:58:44

thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. another coincidence suzy! my grandad is not doing too well really, as is expected I suppose. I saw him this weekend and his voice is starting to go and he has only the smallest movement now in one hand. it is very very sad I need lots of prayers to help me deal with issues around his care and organising things to make life more comfortable for him, it would be much appreciated. I am trying to pass my worries up to God.
re nephrotic syndrome, it could be worth knowing, and you will know if it is appropriate to pass this information to the parents, that it very often recurs as the medication is reduced. I don't say this to worry you, they will just increase the meds again if it happens, but it could be worth knowing. it is also worth making sure your dneph is treated by a paediatric nephrologist (major hospitals) rather than by a paediatrician consulting with a paediatric nephrologist. if it is nephrotic syndrome of some kind, you and your family are more than welcome to email me/phone any time, I will pass on my details by email if you are interested. the swelling is horrible, isn't it, poor lambs. did he need any albumin/iv antibiotics? how was it initially diagnosed? my email is j il le ades at
h o t mail dot com (take all spaces out obviously!!)
sorry to crash the thread!

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 19:40:21

You're not crashing morocco!! You are v.v.v.welcome here!! It must be so completely devastating to have to watch your Grandad go through this. I am so sorry that you & your family have to bear witness to his deterioration. It is an awful & shocking illness. Praying for your Grandad & for you all .... Please do keep posting ..... & tell us a bit more about yourself too - we're all friends here!!

I'm CaptainDippy, nearly 25, DH 27, DD's 3.5yrs, 2.2 yrs, 10 weeks (completely mental me!!) Super!

Chinese take-away tonight - yum - and the best thing about it is .... WE'RE NOT PAYING!!

CaptainCaveman Mon 09-Jul-07 20:02:15

How so CD, are you stealing the takeaway!!!??

Always welcome here Morocco - I am 34, dh is 39 and ds is 3.2. We live in Nottingham

tomorrow is our 8 year wedding anniversary!! Where did that time go?!

I have an interview a week tomorrow, its for an add-on to my current role, more strategic though. I'd love to take the role on and would really appreciate your prayers as I prepare for this over the next week.

How's everyone else today?

morocco Mon 09-Jul-07 20:18:08

better introduce myself then lol! I'm 34, live in bolton with dh, ds1, 4 (minimal change nephrotic syndrome), ds2 3 and dd1 16 weeks (so we just missed meeting on the antenatal threads capt!). I only recently started my journey with christ, about 2 years ago, and am still a beginner. I'm hoping to go on an alpha course with the church in sept, it's hard finding the time in the evenings, as you know

Tiggerish Mon 09-Jul-07 20:33:33

I hope I'm not intruding - I've not been on any of your threads before.

I was wondering if you could say a prayer for me tomorrow? I am having spinal surgery and am getting very anxious about it all. It shouldn't be anything too major (micro-discectomy) but I can't help worrying about the possible complications.

CarGirl Mon 09-Jul-07 20:54:01

Message withdrawn

DutchOma Mon 09-Jul-07 21:56:57

Most certainly Tiggerish. What time? Let us know how you get on. When will you be out of hospital?

Notquitegrownup Mon 09-Jul-07 22:19:29

I'm emailing you now, Cargirl.

Praying for you tomorrow, Tiggerish.

Hi Morrocco and welcome! Great to have you on board! Special prayers for your Grandfather to know peace in the midst of this awful illness, and for you in finding suitable care for him.

In haste. God bless all.

Tiggerish Mon 09-Jul-07 22:25:48

Thank you both. The op is scheduled for early pm and I should be home again either Wed or Thursday.

Will post again when I can

CaptainDippy Mon 09-Jul-07 23:11:40

Quick post before bed .....

Cargirl - Praying for your MIL and the children as you go away (how exciting! ) .... I am sure she will be fine once she gets "into" it!

CC - Happy Wedding Anniversary tomorrow - doing anything lovely?? Will pray for you as you prepare to apply for the new bot of your job .....

Morocco - Congratulations on the new (ish) bubba & on your relatively new decision to follow Christ too! Tis good to have you here!

Tiggerish - Most definitely praying for your op tomorrow. God hold you close. do come back & post when you can to let us all know how it went etc. xx

ZipadiSuzy Mon 09-Jul-07 23:28:09

Sorry busy atm, just have enough time to read posts but not participate [frustration]

morocco and tiggerish, hia, I'm soozi from Notts, and am 45 DH 53 DS1 11 and twins b/g 3.9 been married 22 years this august and I am also a nutter!!!!

tiggerish - prayers for tomorrow with the op [ouch] good luck

Hi everybody else will catch up when I can!

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