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My lovely Minister

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LowFatMilkshake Thu 05-Jul-07 15:56:45

I have just met with our Minister to arrange DS Baptism and because she only had a couple of dates, both of which we already had something booked (holiday and MIL 60th) she has suggested a special Saturday afternoon and she will be doing a special service which she write for her own DN's. And she said she would make sure DD is involved as the big sister because she doesnt want her to be left out thinkning it's just DS's special day. I am so touched and grateful, and now I can get on and look forward to the day.

Just wanted to share my good news.

bobsmum Thu 05-Jul-07 16:11:14

sounds perfect

MaryBS Thu 05-Jul-07 17:50:35

That is REALLY lovely! When's the big day?

We're going to a double baptism on Saturday - my dbro's 2 adopted children are being baptised!

LowFatMilkshake Thu 05-Jul-07 18:13:06

The big day is August 25th - hopefully we're just waitng for the booking clerk to confirm.

MaryBS Thu 05-Jul-07 19:08:02

Wow! Sounds like you've got a busy minister there! How old is DD? Is she old enough to do a reading perhaps? My DD has just started reading short passages in church and she's 7.

LowFatMilkshake Thu 05-Jul-07 21:29:23

No DD is only 3 (4 in Sept) When she was baptised we had a different minister, but equally as wamr and encouraging.

I dont get to church as much as I would like because DH works 6 days a week so Sunday are when we visit friends and family etc, but when I told her this she, like the prvious Minister , said worshipping God is much more than going to church, it's in what we do and say and how we are - so refreshing and reassuring.

She moving to another post in November but before hand is going to try and link our Sunday school with the United Reformed Church accross the road (we have 4 churches on out high street), because they have a fantastic Sunday school.

MaryBS Fri 06-Jul-07 08:20:39

I'm glad you've got an understanding minister (some can be quite shortsighted). Maybe if your situation changes, you'll be able to attend church, but at the moment its difficult.

When our 2 were baptised, I was barely a churchgoer (unresolved issues), but I did believe in God and wanted my children to be brought up as Christians. Now I have a much fuller involvement in the church, and tbh, now I think I'd struggle without the fellowship I get there.

I started by taking my 2 to a midweek "pram" service, as Sundays were difficult - do they have anything like that at your church?

Our church started up a sunday school last Nov, and its been going great guns. Makes SUCH a difference!


Notquitegrownup Fri 06-Jul-07 10:07:07

Aw that sounds lovely LFMS. My ds1 was 6 when ds2 was baptised. The vicar gave him a new baptismal candle, when ds2 had his too, and ds1 went up to the front to collect it. He was very proud of his candle and it was a lovely way to feel special in the service.

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