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kimi Sat 30-Jun-07 01:35:52

DS1 will be leaving school on July the 20th and starting High school on September the 5th, Please Please can you offer up a little prayer for him.
He as been bullied very badly at his school and I will be praying that when he leaves it he will leave the hurt and the bitterness behind him and not carry it with him to eat away at him.

I am also praying that his new school will be a safe and happy place where he will thrive and make new friends and be happy.

Please offer up a prayer for him.

AbRoller Sat 30-Jun-07 01:59:55

I'm going to bed now, will include him in my prayers

Nightnight, take care.

TenaLady Sat 30-Jun-07 03:16:54

Thinking of him.

BandofMuggles Sat 30-Jun-07 07:19:50

Poor little man, I hope he is happy in his new school, and that the bullies that made his life misery are bullied in their new schools.

MaryBS Sat 30-Jun-07 09:00:11

Prayers said... if you ask for prayers on the Christian prayer thread, then you'll get more people seeing it

prayer thread

BreeVanDerCamp Sat 30-Jun-07 09:01:05

Will do, but can I offer up a big one.

DutchOma Sat 30-Jun-07 09:13:22

Of course I will pray, large prayers to Almighty God who can do everything and work out everything for the best.
Is there anything you can do over the summer holidays to increase his self confidence? I mean, standing up to bullies needs to come from within him, because he knows he is worth it. Teach him to swim, karate anything to make him feel he is a brilliant young person.
Most of all teach him that he is loved by God even if no one else loves him.

kimi Sat 30-Jun-07 10:15:30

Thank you all.

morocco Sat 30-Jun-07 10:17:40

praying for a fresh start and happy time for him in his new school

ZipadiSuzy Tue 03-Jul-07 14:45:25

kimi - I too have a ds starting secondary school in september, he also has been bullied, I understand and sympathise with you.

My prayers for our children as they venture into the final making of their childhood, I pray they come out the other side un-scathed and stronger

Please join us on MarysBS link further down thread.

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