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Any Pagans? Please help

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lighter Sat 02-Jun-07 13:14:21

Not really sure how to write this, not looking to offend annyone. I have always been interested in the pagan way of life. There is not alot of information avalible where I live, and not many people willing to come out and say I am a pagan. Every few years I really try and get into this, but end up stopping because I just don't know what to do, or who to ask for help. There is one spirtulist(sp) church but they run in the evenings and I am a single parent and have no babysitters. Can anyone here help me please. Don't want to start 2 new posts so will add this here. I read that if you dream in colour then you have physic abilities, has anyone else heard this? Think I will leave it there for now. If anyone can reccomend any books, or good websites I would be very greatful. Thanks for reading.

Desiderata Sat 02-Jun-07 13:18:23

Sorry I can't help with anything definite, lighter - but I'm sure if you go onto google and do a bit of research, you'll come across some books that might interest you.

I'm not sure how I dream! The images fade so quickly from the mind .. and yet I would have thought it would be odd to dream in black and white.

You obviously have a need to get in touch with another side of yourself, so why not try having fun with the Tarot, or the Pendulum?

lighter Sat 02-Jun-07 13:34:10

Thanks Desiderata, I know it's something that I really have to do myself, it's all really confusing.
I have always thought it would be odd to dream in black and white, mine are always in colour and I can always remember them. Although I don't get many now after I asked a physic to make them stop(this was over the phone), but it worked.
I know about tarot but what is pendulum all about please? Will do a bit of googling now, I just am not sure which sites are trustworthy or not.
Thanks for your reply

Desiderata Sat 02-Jun-07 15:36:41

The pendulum is a bit like dowsing. You hold it between forefinger and thumb and it will rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise, up, down, etc.

For some reason I'm pretty good at the pendulum, but really I only apply it to looking for water/lost things, etc. My aunt uses it all the time to see whether food is good for her (clockwise, it's good, anti-clockwise, it's not). People use it for different reasons.

I dip in and out of the occult, but at the moment my interest is not that high. Next year I'll probably be interested again. It's funny how it works

bohemianbint Sat 02-Jun-07 15:46:18


I thought everyone dreamt in colour?

As for the Pagan thing, I suppose that's as close to spirituality as I get but I'm a bit wary of neo-paganism as a lot if it seems to be based on some idealised 19th century writings. There's a book called Spiral Dance (I think) which is quite interesting but when it comes down to it there's even an dummies guide to paganism.

I think you can over read about certain things. I'm an archaeologist and I spent a lot of time mooching about ancient sites; I reckon you can get a lot from that. Try going to some sacred landscapes like Avebury and all round there and see how it makes you feel.

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 15:50:11


I'm a pagan and so are a few others on here.

I found that Scott Cunningham books are a good starting point - they are Wicca rather than paganism but it does help give a general feel.

Googling can help with which books to go for from there. Make sure any sites you are on don't tell you all about what spells you can do for what - if you are interested in paganism then you need to start with the basics and the whole thing, not the magick side.

If it is just magick and the occult you are looking for then it is a whole different thing.

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 15:51:58

I don't know about the dream thing - only dream in B&W here.

For me I read a lot, and then pootled off my own way because the reading taught me what I did & didn't agree with, and helped my find what I did believe for myself iyswim.

lighter Sat 02-Jun-07 19:56:37

Hello everyone,
Thanks for all your replys.
Desiderata thanks for the explanation.
bohemianbint I would love to go to some places like that, they are just to far away from me. I agree on over reading certain things. I have in the past been sent magazines from this area just for pagans, but can't remember where I got them from, they were good tho.
Flame for some reason I thought you may reply, interesting to here you only dream in black and white, apart from here people I have asked can't remember if they were colour or not. What I want is to start with the basics, one thing I do belive in, is not messing around with things I don't understand, so magick and the occult is something I will leave well alone. I will try and look for some of the books by Scott Cunningham, thanks for that. For some reason I am more drawn to the physic side of things, I once went to a physic development circle, it didn't feel right so I never went back.
Think I will have to try and do alot more reseach. Thanks tho you all seem very nice.

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 20:12:33

I've not been to any development circles, but talking to my gran (a medium who runs some & attends etc) it seems to be very much a case of finding the one that suits you - they are all very different with different techniques.

I've been too scared to go You'll find lots of threads on here with me scaring myself and StGeorge talking me down .

I am getting the feeling I should try something soon though... although I'm also getting the feeling that I want a tattoo, which is something I have always said looks pretty but hurts too much for me! So there is a good chance that I might just be going insane

lighter Sat 02-Jun-07 20:24:18

Flame, it was the only circle I could find. Will have to run a search and look for the threads would be interesting to read.
As for the tattoo, I have 3 and after the 1st I said no more, so can't be that bad lol
I have a feeling something will show up for me, maybe when the time is right prehaps. Thanks for the advice, all makes sense, so you can't be insane, unless maybe I am too

MerlinsBeard Sat 02-Jun-07 20:34:25

Just to confuse you even more...I dream in colour AND black and white (altho not at the same time obv!)

Not sure whether that makes me psychic or not tho

Flame, i have a tattoo - quite a large one. It hurt like HELL (altho that was half of the point at the time). but your feeling of trying something is not the same and you know that <ahem>

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 20:37:57

I dunno - mind's all over the place atm, I'm not sure if it isn't for similar reasons I dunno what's wrong with me - it feels like a positive thing to do and that it is something I should be doing, but at the same time your reasons are sort of lurking there too

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 20:38:32

Lighter - I agree that things do come up when they are meant to

<How are you feeling today MoM?>

lulumama Sat 02-Jun-07 20:38:38

i only dream in colour !

expatinscotland Sat 02-Jun-07 20:42:04

I am a pagan.

'Hedge Witch' and 'The Hedge Witch's Way' by Rae Beth are my literature companions, as well as a number of other helpful books.

I don't really keep track of my dreams.

I am not psychic, I don't think. I do have empathic medium tendancies, however , and DD1 appears to be a healer like my paternal gran.

Flame Sat 02-Jun-07 20:47:29

The empath thing sucks doesn't it? Luckily I only get it from certain people, but its the days I forget to shield before I see them, or when its strong enough to hit me from a distance and I end up texting asking what's wrong!!

Healing is cool though - just try and help her to learn to shield before doing it... I drain myself a tad too often

expatinscotland Sat 02-Jun-07 20:55:06

I just got, in the post yesterday, a picture St. G drew of my other spirit guide.

And yep, St. G, that's him . THANKS! He came through last night.

He's strong!

I also like Kate West, 'The Real Witch's Handbook'. A good intro.

HunkerFlunker Sat 02-Jun-07 20:56:29

Ooh how cool is that??

HunkerFlunker Sat 02-Jun-07 20:56:57

Oops - sorry, tis Flame... have been on the Hunker replacement thread!

SaintGeorge Sun 03-Jun-07 15:25:17

Only just seen this.

Glad I got him expat. I was a bit worried as I have never managed to do a picture for someone long distance like that before, but he was so insistent when he kept saying your name.

lighter, I 2nd all of the books mentioned here, plus 'A Witch Alone' by Marian Green (all of her books in fact). One you might find particularly helpful is 'The Art Of Being Psychic' by June-Elleni Laine.

SaintGeorge Sun 03-Jun-07 15:27:17

Expat, don't know if this is relevant or not but whilst I was typing that last post I kept getting 'Si'. Might be a name for you but not sure. Simon or something along those lines maybe?

lighter Sun 03-Jun-07 21:03:28

Hi Saintgeorge, will deff be looking for the book you mentioned, sounds interesting. Not sure if it's relevent, probably just a coincedince, but I know a Simon, who calls himself Si? Anyway thanks for the reply everyone and please excuse my terrible spelling

Flame Sun 03-Jun-07 21:06:16

I went all shuddery when you said Si and thought of my mum's ex

Hope he's ok!

We all link with Si's Tis most likely for Expat!

lighter Sun 03-Jun-07 21:08:03

Hi Flame,
Really hope it is for expat, very common name isn't it.

expatinscotland Sun 03-Jun-07 21:11:03

It's Simeon.

And yeah, the one who was waking me up during the 3AM hour?

Well, he's had to put a stop to the RIGHT NOW!

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