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My deceased father came to me in a dream

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lars Sat 14-Aug-04 19:26:19

I know I was dreaming but can't help but think was this a message for me from my father ( or was it just a dream).

In my dream I was at a restaurant sitting down talking to my father. He said he was fine and that heaven was very nice. I asked him so there is like after death and he said yes. I always said to him to let me know if there was life after death if he should go before me. He was a strong beleiver that when your dead your dead and know nothing about it. Strange dream or was it a message? larsxx

Tinker Sat 14-Aug-04 19:31:51

Depends what you want to believe I think. I'm a firm non-believer in life after death and yet my dad was a strong Catholic and firm believer. If it were true I would have expected him to let me know. But nada, rien, nothing.

When did your dad die?

lars Sat 14-Aug-04 19:33:37

He died in March. larsxx

Tinker Sat 14-Aug-04 19:36:42

That's still very recent isn't it? I guess he's still on your mind a lot

lars Sat 14-Aug-04 19:44:59

Tinker, yes he is and that's why I suppose I don't know if it just me wishing he would contact me. It would be interesting to know if anyone on mumsnet has experienced a similar thing. larsxx

Tinker Sat 14-Aug-04 19:48:57

lars - that's just my opinion about life after death. Hope I didn't sound dismissive. Take care, I know how painful it is losing a very loved dad x

lars Sat 14-Aug-04 19:53:49

Thanks Tinker for posting. larsxx

jampot Sat 14-Aug-04 20:10:50

I dreamed about my mum about 2 years after she died and she was walking with her shopping trolley along the parade of shops where she used to shop and was just about to turn the corner. I tried to follow but she kept walking but looking back and I couldnt catch up. Very very vivid dream which I took to be that she was moving on. Also dreamed about my dh's nan whom he was very close to a few months after her death. In my dream she told me to look after him and make sure he was alright. Extremely vivid

millipede Sun 15-Aug-04 00:05:10

I had a very strange experience once - not in a dream but in the post office! I was standing at the head of the queue, and the old lady being served turned round, and I swear it was my Gran who had died several years ago. I mean, obviously it couldn't have been, but my Gran had had a stroke when she was young, and was left with a very distinctive droop to her face and staring left eye, and she always wore the most awful orange lipstick - exactly like this woman. Hair, clothes, smell, everything about this woman was my Gran. I was so shocked, and as she passed me, she looked straight at me and smiled. I was about to say something, when I realised that it couldn't be her, but it was weird.

Chandra Sun 15-Aug-04 00:30:49

My friend's mother died and of course, friend was devastated for a long time, one night though she dreamed her mother came to the side of her bed and tell her that she was fine, that it was time to ler her go, when she wake up she heard the same sound of plates her mother clashed against each other while dusting and she said she felt a lot of peace. I would not enter into details here but I think my friend treasures that dream and have not a single doubt that it was a message from her mother asking her to let her go in peace by seing her daughter happy again.

colette Sun 15-Aug-04 08:15:27

I have spoke to my deceased dad in a dream too,who I still miss dreadfully .My friend also had a lovely dream where her dad came and saw her ds who was born after he died .
Tbh I am not sure if it is a message or your subconscious helping you to heal a bit. I hope you are feeling ok and happy that it happened whatever way you look at it.
Look after yourself it is still early days.

honeybunny Sun 15-Aug-04 08:35:24

lars-I had a v similar dream about my grandmother about 8months after she died. She too said that she was fine, that I shouldnt worry as she was having a great time catching up with all of her friends who had passed on. That she was watching out for me and enjoying seeing all my triumphs (not that I remember having too many at the age of 14yrs).
It was an incredibly vivid dream and although I woke up crying that she'd walked away from me in the dream, I felt I'd really spoken with her and never dreamt about her again.

tigermoth Sun 15-Aug-04 09:02:17

lars, the first new years eve after my mum died, I happenend to be left alone in the house for an hour. I suddenly felt very lonely, but then sensed my mum's presence in the room so strongly. I could have touched her. At other times I sensed she was around me, and I feel have an idea of what's happening to her, sort of like a waking dream. I believe she is at peace. I too have heard sounds from her at special times. These have great significance for me.

Your dream is important to you, and don't dismiss it as just a dream if that makes you feel sad. Believe what you want to believe.

myermay Sun 15-Aug-04 12:54:20

Message withdrawn

stevensmum Sun 15-Aug-04 13:08:56

Hi, after a holiday with my nan four years ago, we stopped talking because we didn't like the way each of us was treating the other, she said i was obnoxious ans i said she was too controlling. I decided that it was time to make my appologises, the fact that we are going down to london from glasgow to see my parents and that she has never seen the children or my husband apart from our wedding day. The point is after posting the letter containing my appology and pictures of the children i went to sleep that night and had a dream that my grandad who died when i was just 11 years old came to me and put his hand on mine and said it's ok, it will all be alright. Although i was kinda scared in the dream at seeing him knowing that he was dead it was also a calming experience but i'm not sure how to interpret the dream.

Anyone got any ideas?

DelGirl Sun 15-Aug-04 13:28:58

I've had dozens of things happen since my DH died 2 years ago and 2 very vivid dreams. The 1st one was I think a couple of weeks after his funeral, I can't remember exactly when. We we at his 'wake', he was there too, he wasn't dressed in what I had chosen for his actual funeral though. Perhaps he didn't like what I'd chosen, he was very particular!! He was chatting to everyone and they knew he was dead. In the dream he said to me it was time for him to go so I assume from that he was moving on to the next level so to speak. The 2nd one was almost like I was sleep walking. I went downstairs into my kitchen and everything was exactly how I left it the night before (you know, bits left out etc etc). My DH was standing in the kitchen and I knew he was dead but it was ok. I touched his face and kissed him and his skin felt different but it wasn't horrible it was just different. Anyway, I asked him what he was doing there - he said that when I was out at work he would sit and listen to his music and look out at the garden and when I am at home he just sits and watches me (not knowing that he's there) I do feel him around quite often. I've had so many signs from him - far too many to mention but that 'dream' was so lovely I hope I never forget it. I hope people won't think i'm weird or anything it's just what I believe is true and it helps me, which is the important thing.

DelGirl Sun 15-Aug-04 13:38:27

I've worked with lots of old people in many nursing homes. A few years ago I was walking passed one of the ladies rooms and noticed 2 men dressed in dark suits standing by her, one either side. I assumed it was her sons, she seemed happy enough. When I was chatting to another nurse later I commented that it was nice that Mrs so and so had visitors that day. I was told then that she hadn't had any and that I must be mistaken. She died the next day. I took it that they were helping her to let go. Alot of other nurses had had similar experiences. Apart from that, I've not seen a spirit myself although I remember seeing something cloud like when I was about 4 years old. I hope I don't sound like a complete crack pot . I'm not, but I do believe in life after death, especially after losing my DH. What is the point otherwise????

jampot Sun 15-Aug-04 14:05:49

Delgirl - I opened my dining room door one night to put something in there and by the window I saw a cloudy form. I only saw the arm and it looked as though it was in the process of disappearing but I opened the door just a couple of seconds too early (honestly I'm not mad). It did freak me out a bit. My sister maintains she's seen my mum at my house too although I haven't.

lars Sun 15-Aug-04 18:13:12

Thanks to all of you for posting. It's interesting to know that some of you have had similar experiences. larsxx

jnbsmum Sun 29-Aug-04 21:33:27

hello everyone
I know its a week after the last post but i'll tell you anyway.
My dad died 4 yrs ago and i have had a couple of dreams with what i can only beleive as 'messages' from him. The first was about a year after he died he was talking to me as normal and looked like he was before he got ill. I presume this was just a fream talling myself that he had moved on.
The second dream was strange and started to get me thinking that there is something real aobout this. About 2 weeks before i found out i was pg with my 2nd child, i dreamt i met my dad and he told me not to worry cause everything will be fine. (The first pg was bad. I became quite ill and almost broke up with dh too). I then found out i was pg and my dh was very supportive this time.
My most recent dream he told me everything would be ok again. At the moment i am under the hospital with a lump on my ovary so i can only presume it must be that. A lot of people may think i'm mad but before these dreams i was very sceptical. Dont know weather i'm just comforting myself but it keeps me happy. sorry about the long message.

earlygirl Mon 06-Sep-04 23:21:32

hi jnbsmum
i am sure messages can be given in dreams-i too was skeptical a long time ago but the amazing world of spirit has a way of inviting you in until you cannot possibly be skeptical anymore
your dreams are lovely-believe in them and there messages

SleepyJess Tue 22-Feb-05 17:30:51

LOL jnbsmums.. you say you were going to post anyway after a week... well I am posting after 5 months! I like resurrecting threads!!

Delgirl, you mention that you've not seen a spirit yourself.. I think you have seen several In fact the time that you thought you were dreaming of being in your kitchen talking to DH, you probably were in your kitchen with him.. and you were in spirit too! I think this is called astral travel.. will look it up. Have read of it often though.. it's what our bodies do when we sleep.. it is said that our souls/spirits are able to escape from the confines of the humans bodies they are stuck in whilst awake.. and the true 'us' can go for a wander!

Great stories.. good thread

SJ x

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