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Cherryblossom36 Sat 31-Mar-18 20:19:22

Just wondered if there was a group on here for Christian mums for encouragement and prayer? I'm a mum to an almost four year old xxx

CishAndFips Sat 31-Mar-18 20:37:52

Hi cherry I haven't come across one for Christian mums specifically but there is a Christian prayer thread. If you looking for something for Christian mums specifically I'll happily join you on here.

wwwwwwwwwwwwww Sat 31-Mar-18 20:47:14


Brys125 Sat 31-Mar-18 21:15:07

Not seen one. Happy Easter all x

Cherryblossom36 Sat 31-Mar-18 21:20:59

Happy Easter 😇 xx

carmelsundae Sat 31-Mar-18 22:31:47

I've not seen one either. Most days my basic prayer is just to survive the day. Not for my children to change or behave but just for God to give me the strength to cope with whatever they throw at me (3 and 1 year old)

Tuo Sun 01-Apr-18 00:16:15

Hello! Happy Easter!

Come and say hello on the Christian Prayer Thread or on the Christian Chat thread. They both do what they say on the tin. I'm not around much (except I made a Lent pledge to post a prayer a day for 40 days...) but the ladies on both threads are lovely....

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