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A question about Easter and the Jews

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JellySlice Thu 29-Mar-18 23:24:03

Why the historic fury at and hatred for the people that handed Jesus over to the Romans, resulting in his execution? I don't mean the ongoing anti-Semitism of the subsequent 2000y, but its origin and justification.

For Jesus to rise again he had to die in the first place. For him to represent the sacrificial lamb he had to die an innocent. So surely the Jews were the agents of God, and played a necessary and important role in proving Jesus's divinity?

CoolCarrie Thu 29-Mar-18 23:26:57

I have wondered the same thing ! And what if Jesus had decided not to let the Roman soldiers take him, if he had gone on the run, as it were.

specialsubject Sat 31-Mar-18 20:06:49

No religious scholar here - but Jesus saying he was the messiah would have been blasphemy. Christians later burned people for heresy, and there are still places today where apostasy is a capital offence.

Although there are still plenty who believe Jews drink christian blood. Hate doesn't require justification.

Imagine no religion....

JellySlice Sat 31-Mar-18 23:05:31

Jesus saying he was the messiah would have been blasphemy

Not the case at all.

specialsubject Sun 01-Apr-18 19:27:42

Really? As I understand it Judaism believes the messiah hasn't been yet. Christianity says he has and will return.

It was the romans that did the crucifixion, apparently. The usual line about facts and good stories doesnt really apply.

JellySlice Sun 01-Apr-18 20:47:26

Yes, but claiming you're the Messiah isn't blasphemous in Judaism.

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