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Is anyone familiar with modern Christian music? Trying to find a song

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NannyR Sat 24-Feb-18 21:24:01

I've been racking my brain trying to remember a song we had in church last Easter that I loved and played a lot, but now I cannot remember the title or who sang it. I've tried googling and I can't find it on my YouTube history.

The singer is Will something with a group with Union in the name. The video was black and white, set in a recording studio. The guy was playing guitar and there was a girl singing with him.
Would love to listen to it again if anyone can help find it. Thanks.

Jaytee38 Sun 25-Feb-18 00:31:41

Shot in the dark. But there's a christian band called We the union.

NoSquirrels Sun 25-Feb-18 00:35:05

Any lyrics? Something it reminds you of?

NannyR Sun 25-Feb-18 08:08:05

After trying to think of it all day yesterday, I woke up this morning and remembered it exactly (aren't brains strange!) - it's Will Reagan and United Pursuit, lay it all down

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