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Super Moon / Paganism / Imbalc

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MotherMarysStylist Wed 31-Jan-18 02:04:05

Does anyone know anything spiritually significant about tomorrow's Moon?

If you had say crystals, would this super moon do anything to them? Do you also charge different cards like Tarot Cards with the full moon?

Especially with it being before Imbalc.

What do you do to celebrate Imbalc considering most rivers aren't that clean, springs aren't widely available.

I was wondering if you could charge water with the super moon to cleanse yourself?

I'm not a Pagan, so just hypothesising and wondering.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Wed 31-Jan-18 02:18:45

Oh my god. Seriously? The moon is slightly closer to the Earth. It’s not fucking magic - it’s a ball of rock continuing its orbit around a larger ball of rock. Unclean rivers are the least of your worries.

Lessstressedhemum Wed 31-Jan-18 11:53:30

I'm not pagan, just someone who likes to mark the turning of the wheel. My crystals will be going out into the moonlight tonight in a glass jar of water purified with himalayan pink salt. I will light many candles and burn herbal incense. I may go for a herbal bath, with sage, lavender and hyssop (cleansing herbs).

I am Christian, so as well as the turning of the seasons, I feel the need to prepare myself for Lent by concentrating on renewal and getting rid of negative thoughts and habits, which actually ties in well with Imbolc and the idea of Brighid as a healer and with the return of the light that Imbolc celebrates.

I also have a child with an Imbolc birthday smile, so hearth and home are much in my mind.

I hope that I haven't offended any actual pagans and I know that my believes and practices seem a bit muddled - I get mocked all the time by my children, especially over my "altar" (prayer space) which changes with the seasons and is currently set for Imbolc/Spring with candles, healing herbs, bulbs and spring flowers as well as the 4 elements. I just think that there are more things in heaven and earth than we can understand and I like to feel close and connected to God and to nature.

I've no idea, though, if the "supermoon" is any more "magical" than a normal full moon. Perhaps someone with actual knowledge will be able to tell you.

speakout Wed 31-Jan-18 18:50:24

Hi, yes I feel this is a special night, and I always celebrate Imbolc

lovemylover Wed 31-Jan-18 20:16:03

I am very interested in the moon, and believe it has an effect on us,
As a understand it the full moon especially a blue and supermoon, mean new beginnings etc,
2 of my sons who have had awful luck recently espcially one of them have both had a real change in their lives, and i hope it means something special for humanity and the world
Sorry dont know what imbalc is, i have never really gone ito it very deeply, but would love to know more
The only chrystal i have is a rose quartz

Patodp Wed 31-Jan-18 20:25:29

All your ideas are great. Yes, create moon water, best in a glass jar, yes charge your cards or other divination means, yes charge your crystals.
The supermoon will be more powerful than other moons as it is bigger and brighter, the Goddess is closer.

Don't do what I did with a deck and charge it outside. It was summer but it was not fine. I think it was a cat that ruined the deck!

Some might use the moon's power to do a blessing for family and home. As Imbalc seems special to you you could do a blessing in preparation for Imbalc, keeping your "utensils" crystals or whatever laid out.

lovemylover Wed 31-Jan-18 21:00:16

Please tell me what imbalc means

Jason118 Wed 31-Jan-18 21:03:57

Please tell me what any of it means smilesmilesmile

Lessstressedhemum Wed 31-Jan-18 21:23:03

Imbolc is the first pagan festival of spring. It's a time of fire, renewal and return of light. Traditionally, Brighid is associated with Imbolc, as the maiden aspect of the triple Goddess. She is a goddess of fire, hearth and home, healing and fertility.

Imbolc has been morphed into Candlemas in some denominations of Christianity. So, it's a time for new beginnings, for getting rid of negativity and bad habits, for embracing the burgeoning new life all around us and for celebrating home and family.

speakout Wed 31-Jan-18 21:55:01

Imbolc is a lovely time, I like to decorate the house and I always make a special meal.

Lessstressedhemum Thu 01-Feb-18 10:26:44

What a beautiful cross-quarter day it is. It's easy to see signs of spring today. Have a blessed day, full of grace, peace and new positivity.

speakout Thu 01-Feb-18 11:11:38

And to you less stressed. I have been out picking snowdrops and pussy willow from my garden to decorate my house.

Lessstressedhemum Thu 01-Feb-18 11:46:30

Lovely, speakout. I'm going out soon to look for catkins and things to put with the flowers on my prayer table.

speakout Thu 01-Feb-18 11:50:12

That's lovely. The sun is shining here. I don't have a prayer table, I'm not a christian. I will decorate my kitchen though.

Lessstressedhemum Thu 01-Feb-18 12:42:48

I wish I could decorate my kitchen, I get enough grief over my table! I'm the only Christian, or person of any faith, in my house and am constantly subjected to teasing (both good natured and not so). Doesn't bother me, though, I am happy in my practise and if folk think that I'm a crazy witch it makes me smile.

speakout Thu 01-Feb-18 12:51:54

Aw that's sad.

I don't think my family notice half the stuff I do. I am forever bringing in flowers, chopping herbs, so if a few extra candles and vases full of pussy willow appear then it's just accepted.
I will cook a special meal tomorrow, but again they won't question it, just eat it.

Elphame Thu 01-Feb-18 20:52:00

Imbolc is the start of my ritual year. The king is reborn and the cycle of life death and sacrifice begins again.

The "blue" moon? Just a coincidence of society's decision to move from the 13 lunar months to an artificial 12 month calendar. Many will use it to "charge" crystals or water but that is not part of my craft. I have real ethical problems with crystal mining so I won't use them. Simple stones I collect from the beach or river work just as well without the human misery and environmental harm done by the mining industry

VileyRose Tue 13-Feb-18 18:57:04

We love Imbolc here. It's so lovely to see return of the snowdrops.

Crystals can be left in full moonlight to cleanse or buried in soil?

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