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What do you love about your church?

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ClimbingCatBells Fri 19-Jan-18 10:37:30

What do you love about your church?
I love the the peaceful feeling I get in there when I feel close to God.
The people.
The history and building itself and knowing it will be there in the future.
I love the good,renewed feeling at the end of the service.
I always smile at the peace when everyone shakes hands.
When one of my favourite hymns is sung.

vdbfamily Fri 19-Jan-18 19:21:22

I love the fact that it genuinely welcomes everyone. There are people in wheelchairs. a couple with learning difficulties who sit and cuddle until halfway through the second service and then leave with a big kerfuffle, a couple of young adults with autism who can be quite noisy, people from all continents and of all ages, but most of all I love that they use the chhurch all week for community events, that they do debt management courses, marriage courses, parenting courses, and that they know all the local homeless people, cook for them weekly and have actually funded 2 houses through a great charity called 'hope into action' and are starting to actually house some of our local homeless if they can get addiction free and want to try and get back to work etc. I love that the leadership team work as a team and are hunble about it. The lead pastor will always introduce himself as 'one of the leaders' and I love that he does not need everyone to know he is in charge. What I like less is the loud band and hours of worship songs as I love a good old hymn singing session. However I have 3 teenagers and they love it and that is good enough for me!!

ClimbingCatBells Fri 19-Jan-18 20:50:00

They sound like they are doing some great work vdb.Really hands on.
I do like the charity fundraising for Tearfund and the foodbank our church does.

Dalg Sat 20-Jan-18 21:49:33

I had not been to church since I moved house two years ago. I am quite shy and just couldn't face going into a Church where I wouldn't know anyone. I eventually found the courage to go into a Church on Christmas eve and I have been going back every week since then. I like that it is quite small, more modern than my old Church, it is very welcoming and I feel great after I have been. The minister came to visit me at home this week. I feel sure that ds and I have found our new church.

ClimbingCatBells Sun 21-Jan-18 21:11:25

I am happy to hear that you and your ds have found your church Daig.

Devonishome1 Sun 21-Jan-18 21:48:55

I like my Church because it feels like home!

slippermaiden Fri 26-Jan-18 22:10:33

I love the calm and peaceful feeling that comes when I am there. I love how welcome I feel every time I go to meeting. I love the architecture, and the history around me. (the building is from the 1700s).

GoldenWondering Fri 26-Jan-18 22:18:21

Just for balance I can't think of anything I love or even like, about my church.

Dalg Mon 05-Feb-18 11:52:30

That's sad GoldenWondering

Knitjob Fri 09-Feb-18 22:57:28

Parts of our church building date back to the 12th century and I get such a feeling of comfort knowing people have been here for all that time.
I love that we feel part of such a varied community, so many people we wouldn't come across otherwise in our daily lives.
I love the feeling of peace and calm as I sit there every Sunday. It keeps me sane for the rest of the week.

ListenToTheWords Sat 10-Feb-18 17:03:13

My church genuinely welcomes all, no matter who you are or what you look like. Everyone is seeking a closeness and fellowship with God, and a loving community. No cat's bum mouths or pearl clutching at noisy children or wild appearances of some of the congregation, and we all care about each other. It's family.

Paleblue Sun 11-Feb-18 14:16:06

I was thinking about this thread today when I was at church. I like the way my ds feels so at home in the church. It is a lovely old building and the people are all very friendly.

Fluffiest Sun 11-Feb-18 14:20:33

I love how I am loved at my church. Been part of the same church since I was a baby and now I bring my children. We have been supported through every life change and struggle. We have been cheered on and prayed for. I know these people genuinely love me and I love them.

Thinkingofausername1 Thu 01-Mar-18 09:53:15

It's so encouraging to see how people feel accepted in their church.
I have never felt accepted in mine. I've resigned my membership this week.

GoldenWondering Thu 01-Mar-18 09:57:40

In what way do you not feel accepted Thinking ?

mintich Thu 08-Mar-18 18:18:43

Very friendly, non judgmental, always planning social activities

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