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Witchcraft- have you tried? Would you try?

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speakout Mon 20-Nov-17 07:18:02

Have you had any experience of this craft? Would you try? I understand that some think it's all rubbish, or may have fear but I am curious to other's views.

Vitalogy Mon 20-Nov-17 18:08:07

What good could come of it.

BoneyBackJefferson Mon 20-Nov-17 18:19:11

you would have to define exactly what you are talking about before people could give you answers.

PenguinDi Mon 20-Nov-17 18:32:17

I looked into Wicca and witchcraft in my early and researched what was involved. It is based on a God and Goddess spirit form and using the powers of the elements and compass points. I found there was too much structure to it, you had to celebrate the festivals in a certain way and I didn’t do any spells. I now class myself as Pagan and feel free to pick and choose how I observe.

I definitely recommend doing a bit of research on the subject first.

speakout Mon 20-Nov-17 18:44:32

Vitalogy it may be life enhancing?

Vitalogy Mon 20-Nov-17 19:05:45

For the good of yourself and others?

speakout Mon 20-Nov-17 19:19:12


Jumpingsomebodyelsestrain Tue 21-Nov-17 18:06:14

I am a new Pagan and have chosen to be an eclectic witch rather than follow any particular structured religion.

I was put off by the structure and complexity of Wiccan rituals and prefer to practise in my own way.

I feel that I am primarily a kitchen/hearth witch but I am also enjoying some hedge witch practices.

As I said, I am quite new to witchcraft but see it very much as a craft that has a place in a modern society if you care to learn.

I feel much more deeply connected to nature and the earth and this in itself has increased my sense of well-being.

I am very inexperienced in casting spells, but the ones I have performed have bought comforting to me ( I will only cast spells that affect myself) and I see them almost as a form of positive thinking.

So far only a few close family members know (they think it's hilarious). If it stops being a positive force in my life then I will reconsider how I feel about it.

I have gained immense pleasure from celebrating the Sabbats with my family and observing the wheel of the year turning. Can't wait for Yule!

speakout Tue 21-Nov-17 18:31:18

Jumpingsomebodyelsestrain That's so lovely, Great to hear of your journey.

bluedemilune Tue 21-Nov-17 19:01:27

an article today about how water witchers are used by many UK water firms to find leaks and pipes. really interesting bit is that alot of them admitted and some even defended the practise.

Julie8008 Wed 22-Nov-17 00:26:09

Tried it, it was fun, met some nice people. What more do you want to know?

Pointeshoes Sat 25-Nov-17 13:00:08

I would suggest reading all you can - I've only just started in the last couple of months diving deeper into the history of it all and paganism is what I feel closest too- but also the witchy bits. I'm reading 'if women rose rooted' by Sharon Blackie. Im only half way through but it's an interesting read and would recommend it as it covers all the Celtic past and mythology. Also would recommend the following:
Burning woman- Lucy h. Pearce
Witch- Lisa lister
Wiccapedia- Shawn robbins
Women who run with the wolves- Clarissa pinkola estes
The good witchs guide- by robbins bedell

salmonofwisdom Sat 25-Nov-17 18:44:09

Ronald Hutton has just released a new book about the History of Witchcraft, The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present. Haven't read it yet but should be a good resource.

VileyRose Sat 25-Nov-17 19:04:27

I do. Some wonderful books recommended above. Also starhawks books.

Giggorata Sun 26-Nov-17 11:39:02

If you are interested in this, I would recommend reading some of the more reliable books for beginners, like those by Vivienne Crowley, Kate West, Marianne Green, and Rae Beth. There is a lot of dross and misinformation out there.... but these people are sound, and will give helpful info about solitary practice, which you can take up immediately.
There is probably a Pagan Federation or Children of Artemis run Moot (meeting) somewhere in your area, if you want to meet up with Pagans of varying types, to get a feel for the subject. They generally meet up in pubs, or other public arenas, which is a safe way of getting together with strangers...again, there are some predators on the fringes of paganism, so be aware and don't go off anywhere with anyone, at least at first.
Wicca (British Traditional Wicca, if you are in the US) is one witchcraft path; there are many others. I don't find it is as restrictive as others appear to have found it. Covens are so different from each other, even under the one heading!

purpleangel17 Sun 26-Nov-17 12:51:22

I tried it as a teen. Didn't really get anything out of it but I was just playing really.

Now I am a Christian I would not do it because I believe, while neither good nor bad in and of itself, any 'occult' activity can be dangerous. I would not say it is fear because I am actually far less fearful of that kind of thing now than before I became a Christian. But I know I have a weakness for the occult so I now steer entirely clear.

Bloodybridget Mon 27-Nov-17 01:20:14

I haven't and wouldn't, as I am a rational person born in the 20th century!

speakout Mon 27-Nov-17 06:20:40

Bloodybridget Me too.

I am a scientist, an atheist and a practicing witch.

speakout Mon 27-Nov-17 06:21:36

Bloodybridget What are the dangers?

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 07:34:46

Dangers? I would say anything that has any kind of power can be dangerous. So if you believe in the efficacy of what you practice there should be inbuilt into that a recognition of danger. If you have no recognition of this, at all, I would be concerned.

I know someone who, at least psychologically, has had their fingers burnt, at the very least with practising. I just hope they stay well clear. It was plain to see the 'craft' was not healthy for them. It allowed them to obsess over the perceived wrongs others had done to them and channel that energy. The sentiment was rather vengeful. Thankfully they realised this and stopped.

Bloodybridget Mon 27-Nov-17 08:10:50

No dangers, just complete pointlessness. Not intending to insult anyone else's beliefs or practices though.

Julie8008 Mon 27-Nov-17 09:29:04

I know someone who, at least psychologically, has had their fingers burnt, at the very least with practising

Yeah but thats the same as any religion. You pays your money you takes your chance.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 09:38:12

Julie, in witchcraft, I would argue it is slightly different to other religions because the parameters are looser. There is less established practice or established views over what is considered good or bad, harmful or not. More grey area. There is also an element of secrecy. So it is more difficult to see clearly potential troubles experienced by others. It can be pretty self governing. All I am saying is that there are potential dangers which should recognised if a person is interested in acting responsibly.

speakout Mon 27-Nov-17 09:45:38

Witchcraft is not a religion.

magpiemischief Mon 27-Nov-17 09:53:56

Excuse me. I should have said 'craft'.

speakout, do you recognise there are any inherent dangers in your 'craft', presuming there is power in it? How do you, personally, minimise them?

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