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Domestic violence from female ex partner towards male. Urgent advice needed.

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WhippinPiccadilly1 Tue 17-Oct-17 20:46:30


I'm asking for advice in an urgent matter. Today, a woman physically assisted her ex partner in a soft play centre. It was witnessed by 3 independent witnesses, and on cctv. He was holding his 8 month old child when she attacked him (she's the child's mother). She tried to grab the baby back because she wanted to end the contact. He said no, it's my contact time please leave me alone. So she grabbed him, scratched him and punched him 3 times. He has broken skin, to several areas on his arm.
I don't want to go in to lots of detail, but the contact case is on its way to court. Mediation has taken place. And failed. She wants contact only with her present. She has no concerns about his parenting. That's not in question. She just feels the child has no bond with its father (she has consistently prevented contact, reduced hours and times, cancelled etc).

He has reported what happened to police, who have been to take a statement. He has reported it to social services. He has informed his own solicitor.

The police initially didn't take him seriously, and we're abrasive in their treatment. They eventually softened after he had given all the detail. They have said she will get an appointment to attend for an interview under caution, where she will be given a caution for the offense. They said it's extremely unlikely to go to court.

Social services said 'why did you let her take the child', to which he answered because the only way to stop the abuse was to hand my child to her. They said they would investigate and get back to him.

So, what now? Any advice on this matter would be very helpful. I'll answer what I can, without going in to endless detail. I'm not sure what is or isn't relevant at this point.

Bombardier25966 Tue 17-Oct-17 20:51:37

Sadly the reaction of the police does not surprise me.

What does he want to happen, does he feel the child is at risk?

As the case is on its way to court, then if the child is not at risk, he needs to let his solicitor deal with the ongoing case. If he has concerns for the child he needs to be pushing SS to investigate urgently.

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