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Recommend some passages in the bible

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graysor Thu 24-Aug-17 22:01:24

I'm curious to start reading the bible, but don't know where to start. Can you recommend a few interesting passages to get me started?

PositiveAttitude Thu 24-Aug-17 22:05:27

I would suggest you start with Luke or John and then go to Acts. What version of the Bible do you have? You can also get google E100, which takes you through from the beginning to the end of the Bible in 100 small bites.

Millybingbong Thu 24-Aug-17 22:08:02

I always enjoy genesis as so much happens and it feels good to start at the start. shame I don't make much progress after that

lucydogz Wed 30-Aug-17 09:39:28

I second Luke or John. But check out a few different translations to find which is more to your taste.

BizzyFizzy Thu 31-Aug-17 15:02:30

I would recommend starting with The Lion's Children's Bible. Although it's for children, more like 10 years +. The advantage of this book is that you can zoom through the old and new testaments and get a good idea of how the key stories fit together.

After that, "30 days" by Nicky Gumbel. This book, for about £4, takes you through 30 key passages and explains them. It starts with the Parable of the Sower. Once you have read the 30 passages, you are in a good position to fly solo.

Strawberrybubblebath Wed 06-Sep-17 16:50:04

Definitely agree with the Children's Bible! After that I like Jesus Calling which has links to Bible verses

harvester77 Fri 20-Oct-17 10:18:13

I would suggest you read the OT thoroughly and then the NT and see that they ar3 2 different entities. Have a look at the marcion thesis. The God of death and anger and destruction. Then the love Ns peace Jesus brings. The contradictions are immense yet ignored because the church is a business. Good luck

cheapskatemum Fri 20-Oct-17 18:16:08

I have tried 30 Days by Nicky Gumbel and it just doesn't do it for me! On the other hand I've got the Bible in One Year app, also from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) and find reading that each day a joy.

There's a book called "The Story" which tells the Bible story in chronological order, which might be a good one to start with.

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