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Religions Poisons everything

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remainderman Wed 05-Apr-17 23:15:19

Religions kill people

originalbiglymavis Wed 05-Apr-17 23:19:56

People kill people. Aethiest states have managed to carry out genocide without a whiff of a deity.

ollieplimsoles Wed 05-Apr-17 23:24:57

What's an 'Aethiest state'?

If you mean an 'Atheist state' whatever the fuck that is

The difference is that when an atheist commits murder, they don't do it 'in the name of atheism' they just happen to be atheist. Plenty of murder/ mass murder committed on a daily basis in the name of some deity or other.

originalbiglymavis Wed 05-Apr-17 23:33:49

Don't be an arse about crap spelling. You know exactly what I mean.

Murder 'for the good of the country try' or of 'enemies if the state' is just as shit as 'because god said so'.

thecatfromjapan Wed 05-Apr-17 23:45:55

Religion can be about creating a conceptual space in which you ponder that which is beyond the human, or the extraordinary nature of being. I'm not sure that's at all poisonous.

originalbigmavis is, I think, correct.

I think your sweeping statement about religion seeks to absolve humans of their agency (and their flaws) and also evades any real depth of thinking about why humans do all this killing - or even all this ideologising.

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 06:44:58

Anything or anyone who goes beyond physics have been brainwashed

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 06:54:12

Religion has mandated killing as a requirement

originalbiglymavis Thu 06-Apr-17 07:33:14

Ok dear. Why open a thread if not for a debate?

Just tweet your sound bites or stick it on facebook.

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 08:49:06

You find it impossible to debate the truth about religion

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 08:54:42

You generalize because of your inadequacies

bloodymaria Thu 06-Apr-17 08:57:47

You generalize because of your inadequacies

So do you?

OddBoots Thu 06-Apr-17 09:00:40

Politics poisons everything
Politics kill people

GoldenWondering Thu 06-Apr-17 09:00:58

Am I allowed to discuss how I believe religion poisons my life on a day to day basis or is this thread only to discuss killing?

originalbiglymavis Thu 06-Apr-17 09:08:03

I think Thursday is killing/trying to engage with Kevin the teenager day.

GoldenWondering Thu 06-Apr-17 09:09:39

I can't be bothered to kill anyone today so I will just put the kettle on instead.

DioneTheDiabolist Thu 06-Apr-17 09:11:58

This thread title is killing my eyes.angry

hiddenmnetter Thu 06-Apr-17 09:19:37

What do you mean by go beyond physics? Haven't you "gone beyond physics" by using the term gone beyond physics?

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 10:57:48

No it is true religions kill people, not politics it makes good people do horrible things. Please discuss how religion poisons your life. Would you kill someone if the 10 commandments said you could? Beyond physics is to believe in the supernatural

originalbiglymavis Thu 06-Apr-17 11:14:19

OP is trying to agitate people and failing. Discuss. All of you. Now.

remainderman Thu 06-Apr-17 11:35:44

Just like St Paul said on the road to domestos: RELIGION KILLS 99% of all known people, religion should be ridiculed.

hiddenmnetter Thu 06-Apr-17 11:37:09

Well isn't physics the supernatural? Can you observe physics? Is there a thing called "physics"? I mean I know of many natural phenomena that have been assigned to invisible forces with names like gravity and electromagnetism but there's no object called gravity. It seems that there's an abstraction from the specific to the universal that would be, as you say, going beyond physics (or going beyond what is observable).

Unless you think that abstraction or analogy from the specific is acceptable? Is that a legitimate activity in human thinking?

Mysterycat23 Thu 06-Apr-17 11:38:10

Road to domestos

Oh dear.

hiddenmnetter Thu 06-Apr-17 11:50:11

Sorry I'll withdraw at this point as soon as I saw St. Paul on the road to domestos...

Sodomeyes Thu 06-Apr-17 11:52:49

Road to domestos

That's the funniest thing I've read on MN ever.


DramaAlpaca Thu 06-Apr-17 11:55:17

road to domestos grin

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