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St Jude & St Michael the Archangel

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FairytalesAreBullshit Sun 02-Apr-17 06:30:19

I pray as often as I can, there's loads of really cool Saints out there, but both of these are really cool.

St Jude is who you pray to when you're worrying or have something that you're thinking about lots. He's called the Saint that helps those who are almost despairing. I prayed to him over the stress I was having with money and he sorted it. Well I believe he did. The idea is, if you pray to St Jude for something and the prayer gets resolved you tell others about what he did.

So he's a really good person to pray to in times of stress.

St Michael the Archangel is the Saint that fights of the devil and demons. So there's lots of prayers for protection and that kind of thing.

Protestant Churches are named after Saints, so you don't have to be Orthodox or Catholic to pray to them. There's a Saint out there that covers most things, so if there's something specific you want to pray for it's worth doing a search. Many have St Christopher for protection.

St Joseph, Mother Mary's husband is a good Saint, as is St Francis of Assisi who led a life of poverty and abstinence.

Did you know, ideally you should say the Our Father 3 times a day. Ideally morning prayers when you wake, other prayers during the day, then nighttime prayers. I believe prayer is a good way of connecting with your faith. I pray for others, I pray for everybody, especially those who are victims, such as those in war torn countries, countries with poverty, people in affluent countries but are struggling. Your prayer doesn't have to be about your wants and needs, I think if you pray properly you pray for a wide range of people.

jcscot Sun 02-Apr-17 18:42:48

Good for you

LilQueenie Sun 02-Apr-17 18:49:50

is a good Saint

aren't all Saints good then?

MaybesAye Sun 02-Apr-17 19:29:43

I think you've mistaken the point of saints. You don't pray to them. You ask them for their intercession and they pray with you - to God. Similarly to Our Lady. It's their help and intercession we seek. In and of themselves they have no power. We ask God, we thank God etc. The saints are powerless.

originalbiglymavis Sun 02-Apr-17 19:32:06

Since we are talking religion here what exactly is the holy ghost?

FairytalesAreBullshit Mon 03-Apr-17 07:25:39

I know it's intercession, sorry if I worded that wrong. Didn't expect the replies I've got.

The Holy Ghost is the Protestant / post reformation version of the Holy Spirit. There's specific readings about the Holy Spirit and they're involved in Pentecost after Easter. Plus Catholics believe or as far as I'm aware they believe the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, making us all mini churches, thus loving your neighbour & forgiveness of one another.

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