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Christian prayer thread for spring

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Dutchoma Sat 18-Mar-17 21:03:42

BES has no computer at the moment and has sent me a very comprehensive list of prayers partners.
Rather than put this is the middle of an ongoing thread I thought it would be better to start a new thread, so all the names stay at the top.

amberlight - for her work supporting people with autism, and for health and happiness for her and her family.

BlackEyedSusan - for all that she has to juggle as a single mum, for ds who has ASD, dd who might have ASD and dyspraxia (waiting for appointments) and for her mum. Also for the computer to be mended

Bloomed- New year, fresh start

Cocoaleaves - for issues around the safety of her DS.

Colabottles64- struggling with infertility.

DancingUnicorn - new to the thread, most welcome

Dontbesilly - for strength as she grieves the loss of her dad, for her DD's school issues, and for Dont's recovery from a car accident. For DH and his recovery from a heart attack and finding her phone!

drspouse - for happiness and a warm welcome in her new church and for dcs

DutchOma - with gratitude for all she does to support people on this thread and elsewhere.

EddSimcox - for her dd, for her relationship with DP and her parents and her growing faith.

FaithLoveandHope - for her anxiety and depression to lift and for her to be able to avoid falling into despair and self-harm, and for her relationship with her DSD.

girlandboy- family and faith

Lissette-anxiety and thanks for lots of prayers for others on this thread.

MadHairDay - for her health, and those pesky lungs. For her friend.

Musicposy- CT scans, diagnosis and treatment, giving thanks that some progress with diagnosis has been made

Nickel- for church and her disability, and a friend moving on from DV

NoRoomForALittleOne - Giving thanks that he operation was successful. For freedom from pain and recovery.

Orchidflower1- for help with her anxiety and the relationship with her husband

PositiveAttitude - for her whole family, but especially her DD1 who has been depressed, her dgs who was born early and poorly, her mum and dad, her DH and his work. Above all, we pray for PA herself, who is always there for others when they need her, for her studies, and for a potential house-move.

QoF - for her relationship with her DH.

sadandanxious- for help with anxiety

StillSmallVoice MIL has an invasive malignant melanoma for dd and historical abuse investigation.

Tunnocks - after the loss of her husband
Trazzletoes- for her young DS, Joe, who is having treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital- bereavement, losing her DH

TUO - who has had to withdraw from the thread for a while through business in real life.

Zombie clan- remembering Candy and MummyLin

And also thinking of friends who haven't visited for a while, or who pop in only occasionally, including: abbsismyhero, ALittleFaith, Anjelica27, Aphie, applesandpears33, Badders123 Bluetinkerbell, clementineorange, CoolCarrie, DancingUnicorn, FlappysMammyAndPopeInExile guinessgirl (how is your friend?)HardyLeodicean itshappenedagain, Kaykat, JugglingFromHereToThere, ktef, LarrytheCucumber legohurtswhenyoustandonit,LifeOfBriony,LittleBootsTheBabe, Mary, originalmavis, ozymandiusking Pandora97, pklme SESthebrave shortscotty,SingaSong12 SparkyStars Sugarpiehoneyeye The Woollyback'sWife Weegiemum, ZippidiSoozi and others.

And, as always, prayers for anyone I've forgotten (with apologies), for all who lurk but don't post, and for newbies who may not have posted yet.

TheWoollybacksWife Sat 18-Mar-17 21:19:19

Oh Oma and all on this thread many, many thanks for the mention. Prayers for all - I love lurking on this thread and the choirs and worship songs thread and following your journeys. I'm a cradle Catholic and have never really questioned my faith. It's just something I do. Everyone seems so knowledgeable about their faith and I feel very naive - l love hymns and feeling of calm that being in church brings. My parish has a wonderful sense of community and I enjoy going to church on many levels.

Prayers please for DD2 as she starts her final push before her A levels MHD and I were on the GCSE thread and she may remember DD2 being hospitalised during her exams. She is doing brilliantly and holds an unconditional university offer but I really want her to achieve her full potential, she's had a tough time in 6th form. DD1 is on the final stretch to her MA and I pray for her success and happiness. I'm going to visit her soon (she's studying in Rome) and I have missed her so much. Prayers also for DH and DS just because I love them and don't want to leave them out.

Dutchoma Sat 18-Mar-17 22:08:39

So glad the mention has finally brought you out Woolly. Blessings on you and on all your family. We must meet again soon, are we going to manage it before Easter?

Dontbesilly Sun 19-Mar-17 09:21:01

Just wanted to say that I found my phone and after a ridiculous amount of attempts to sign in I have managed to. I had problems with Outlook and resetting my password and receiving the emails but it's working now.

I am going to carefully read each thread to make sure that I don't miss anything as last time I missed that Oma had been in hospital and I had to track back to discover it. I think that my phone misses out pages and unless they give reference to the 'hidden' pages I am not aware. Then I couldn't post as my emails were playing up as I needed to reset my password Aaaaagh

I am off to thoroughly check and check what is happening and I will be back. Hoping you are all good.

Dutchoma Sun 19-Mar-17 10:03:09

I was only in hospital for a very short while and am trying to forget about it.

Dontbesilly Sun 19-Mar-17 12:35:38

Oma I just wanted to explain as I feel awful about it, hope you are fully recovered and I understand that you want to forget it, flowers

I am having serious problems with my mum and I suspect that a devious relative is involved.

Its been two months since I have seen her and a month since she saw dh. Bearing in mind that in a seven week timescale we both suffered critical illness and our dc could have lost us both.

My mum has been 'poorly' and according to her, housebound and disabled, unable to visit us or offer help. Yet relatives have spotted her in town shopping and she has been abroad once, away in the UK on a long distance trip overnight for social reasons and about to go abroad on her second holiday. The relative needs her help and has clicked her fingers.

I am so angry and confused about why I have been abandoned by my mum and told how desperately sick she is and totally unable to help or visit when we know that she is flying abroad and taking lengthy trips to help someone else who is not had to deal with what we have been through.

My mum believes everything this relative says and they are clever enough to engineer situations to their gain and make me look unreasonable by questioning this.

I really do think that I will have to go nc with my mum. It's not right but we don't need the stress. It's exactly what the relative wants me to do. They have a knack of befriending relatives and dh and I suspect it is will related. It's happened before.

God forgive me for thinking like this. It's hard because it's coming to the anniversary of dad's death and we are physically recovering from the illnesses and alone while mum goes off to help them, it's mothers day too and yet she has gone away. I just sound like I am nuts yet everyone closely involved with us has noticed this and is of the same opinion.

I feel that I am letting dad down if I go nc with her but I don't know what else to do. This relative is quite twisted and sneaky yet comes across so measured that I always loose out.

It's so awful.

BlackeyedSusan Sun 19-Mar-17 21:33:55

<runs through thread>


just leaving their dads and it is stuupidly late finishing washing uniform!

Dontbesilly Sun 19-Mar-17 23:20:07

Oh no hope you manage to get it all dry by morning and with any luck you can get away with ironing it so that at least you are spared another thankless task on a Monday morning.

Madhairday Mon 20-Mar-17 08:39:44

Oh don't that sounds horrendous, sounds like the relative is doing some gaslighting sad praying for a lot of wisdom and grace.

Wooly, so pleased to see you here on the thread and glad your dd2 is doing better. You must really miss your dd1 being away.

Oma and BES - hello flowers thanks for the new thread with prayer points.

I'm doing ok - lungs sort of behaving. Loving new church life smile

CocoaLeaves Mon 20-Mar-17 14:14:55

Dear dont is it really so long since your mother was in your house being unreasonable? Where is time going? It sounds like maybe you are being blessed with her absence, although this is emotionally difficult. I think you can make the decision to let things lie, without overly going no contact. She is an adult and has to be responsible for her own decisions. You do have enough of your own concerns and it is reasonable to say that is all you can deal with right now. Your mother seems determined to make it all about her; let her get on with that where people will listen, but you don't have to buy into it.

Your dad sounds like a lovely soul who would support you putting your health, including emotional health, first. He is not there to look after you and your family, but you know he would if he could. So take that thought and do what you need to do to get well. It does not matter about the relative and what they do or don't want, it just matters what you and those in your household need right now. I am one for believing and praying and holding on to the fact that if our heart and our head are aligned, then we can cope with anything. It is when you know one thing, and try to ignore it for whatever reason, that stress appears. Your dad would want you to do what feels right in your heart, it does not need to be a big forever statement, just a step back to protect yourself.

musicposy I wanted to say I am pleased you got a diagnosis! That must be a relief, even if it is not ideal, hopefully with dietary changes and medical support, you will start to recover. I pray that for you.

bes thank you for the thread and prayer points. And for posting a new thread with them Oma

I am also thankful for the prayers and support on the last thread to me. I am under instructions from occupational health to meditate twice a day, which I am going to do alongside prayer, I always pray to a God to be with me and guide me during meditation. The next few weeks will be tough and I need a handle on the panic.

MHD glad lungs are behaving.

Prayers all around, I will write more later, may God be with you all.

CocoaLeaves Mon 20-Mar-17 14:16:41

pray to God, that should read!

BlackeyedSusan Mon 20-Mar-17 17:27:53

sneaking in the back door.

got a busy week. still no computer working properly. please pray that i start to get things sorted out soon.

CocoaLeaves Mon 20-Mar-17 17:33:48

Prayers bes you have such a lot on your plate, I hope things get sorted as neededflowers

DancingUnicorn Mon 20-Mar-17 20:47:00

Thank you for the new thread, and again for the welcome.

Don't the situation with your mum sounds so tough. It's so unfair that she isn't doing everything she can for you in this time when you need her most. I pray for strength for you, to put your family needs first and without worry, and I pray she will be enlightened to your family needs and will be the help and comfort you need.

I'm currently really struggling my way through early pregnancy. Would appreciate prayers to get me through the next couple of weeks when things will hopefully become a bit easier.

Dontbesilly Tue 21-Mar-17 15:16:31

Cocoa thanks so much for your very kind and helpful advice. Sometimes you just need to have someone elses take on things to reaffirm that you are struggling and they are being unhelpful and it's ok to put your own family first. I suppose that recovery for the pair of us and worry about us is starting to get to me and then this on top.

Unicorn congratulations on your pregnancy and I will pray for you for not only now but the entire pregnancy flowers Hopefully you will start to feel better soon and things will get easier and you will have a really wonderful pregnancy.

Mad hoping that you are feeling better and it's continues.

I am worried about my job. Being self employed isn't easy but being off so long impacts. I don't know if I would be allowed to drive after the six months is up and the doctors who decide are still looking into it and requesting medical information etc. If I can't drive then I cant continue with my mobile business. It's all so up in the air. I totally understand that I need to be checked out but I need a plan of action even a rough guide would be great. It's a pity that I don't have anyone to advise me on my business position or my employment options. If I had a rough guide I could perhaps consult with an agency for work. But I don't know what I am up against in terms of what I can do and when I can expect to be able to return to work and if anyone would employ me with severe head injury etc as an employee or self employed person.

I think that the head injuries don't help me with my rational thinking either. So it's tricky wondering if I am over thinking things or not.

DancingUnicorn Tue 21-Mar-17 16:04:12

Don't maybe there are people at the hospital who would be able to point you in the direction of practical support following your injuries? Or maybe the citizens advice bureau? Being self employed must be really difficult for you. I pray that you will get some practical guidance and some answers regarding the driving soon.

BlackeyedSusan Tue 21-Mar-17 23:15:23

we left the computer on this morning after ds tried to play minecraft unsucessfully. it was turned off when we got home and look, it is erm limping allong enough to post and not frozen.

ds noticed that minecraft loaded in less than 5 minutes.

ciderfairy3009 Tue 21-Mar-17 23:32:57

It's so nice to see the power of prayer being used in the right way and supporting one another zz

Dutchoma Wed 22-Mar-17 06:46:38

Welcome ciderfairy. You are right, the power of prayer is being used to support one another. It has even turned BES' computer on so that it will play minecraft. grin.
And I'm not even being flippant because I know how important it is for BES to have a bit of calm in the house and this is how God cares for all our needs.

Orchidflower1 Wed 22-Mar-17 18:12:53

Welcome cider
Praying for all - caught up with all and praying as I read.

Praying also for all caught up in the horrible news regarding London.

CocoaLeaves Wed 22-Mar-17 20:14:36

Things are progressing here as anticipated- terrified, but no alternative. Praying my solicitor can do her job and I keep on top of things. It will be very messy. Please God keep us safe. It has taken a lot of prayer and support to get this far, and I am grateful for that. I am exhausted.

Dancing prayers for your early pregnancy, very precious flowers - and for a safe and healthy pregnancy throughout.

Oma is right that God meets our needs. I am praying thanks for that.

Dont prayers for you, listen to your own needs.

Prayers generally all around, for those in London and in suffering, in need of God's love and comfort.

DancingUnicorn Wed 22-Mar-17 21:30:23

Praying for your safety cocoa, and for wisdom for your solicitor. 💐

musicposy Thu 23-Mar-17 07:12:24

Thank you for your prayers. I'm improving but still having a lot of niggling things wrong, constant pins and needles, heart issues, muscle weakness, stomach issues. I'm hoping they improve slowly. I have the doctor this morning so here's hoping I don't just get fobbed off.

One of my dogs died last night sad - she suddenly started having fits out of the blue the night befor last. She'd been completely fine all day. We rushed her to the vet. They tried to stabilise her but phoned last night to say she wasn't going to recover and they needed to let her go. We are utterly heartbroken. She was a rescue who had been a real labour of love and I adored her. The house feels empty without her and her rescue mate (we got them as a pair) is utterly bereft and I can't explain it to a dog. My daughters are also struggling with the loss. My youngest (she's 17) has barely stopped sobbing since.

We have times at the moment we wonder what else can go wrong in our lives. I'm still battling with my own health and there seems to be so much going wrong on top.
Please pray for us all. I will go through the thread, read it and pray for everyone. I'm just in a bit of a bad place right now.

DancingUnicorn Thu 23-Mar-17 07:48:33

Oh music I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for comfort for you and your family, it's so hard. 💐

Dontbesilly Thu 23-Mar-17 08:31:34

Music. Good luck with the doctor. Don't be fobbed off and be assertive and hopefully they will try to get you the right care.

I am so sorry to hear about your lovely dog. I have dogs and I know just how much they mean to their owners and how they are a part of your family. They are family members!!! I really do feel for you and your family. I am praying for you all in your sad time and hope that you can find comfort in the lovely time you had together and that you rescued your lovely dog and gave not one but two dogs a very happy family life. flowers

I am at the doctors this morning. Dh is also at his doctors too. I asked dh to come with me to tell my doctor that ok I am improving physically from the accident so far I appreciate that I have more hospital appointments coming up to keep checking on things physically etc, but as the recovery progresses, it is apparent what my head injuries are revealing.

It's 'trivial' I suppose but it's huge to me. In one week I almost walked out of a shop without paying for goods and didn't realise that I had left my bank card in the machine in the bank itself. They wouldn't give me it back due to their security rules and now I have to wait for a new one and have the added stress of having to set it up on anything else we use it for online. Never mind that we cannot get any cash out or pay for anything until the card arrives on possibly Monday. I do daft little things every day which I know sounds comical but it worries me. I did something silly last week and luckily my neighbours popped round after spotting it. The garage door was left open with dh's expensive tools etc inside on view but with the house and car keys left on the drive next to the car. Anyone could have taken them. I don't want her to try to dismiss it as these things are not something I have ever done. I am known for being so organised and a person who checks everything. These mistakes would be catastrophic in the workplace for me. I look ok and then have to explain to neighbours/bank staff/shop assistants my medical details in that I had a head injury and I am not ok.

I don't sleep at night anymore. I wake at 12.30 and manage to sleep until 2.30 and then that's it. I get up to not toss and turn and disturb dh and stay downstairs until about 5.15 when I try to sleep again. But I am not tired the following night as I would normally be. It's been a pattern for over a month now. I am also experiencing weird sadness and panic/anxiety. It is not something that I am able to predict or control. It can take effect when I least expect it and for no apparent reason.

I just want my gp to take it seriously and not pat me on the head and sympathetically tell me to be patient etc. The brain injury charity the hospital gave me details for has plenty of suggestions for recovery supported by the gp. I am praying for her to be proactive.

Prayers for everyone involved in the disgusting attack yesterday. Prayers for strength, calm, comfort, healing, love, peace and unity. flowers

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