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Suspicion often creates what it suspects (C. S. Lewis) - is this true or false?

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ConsideredThought Wed 22-Feb-17 14:06:23

Have you even seen this happening?

Rockpebblestone Thu 23-Feb-17 18:55:43

It would be near on impossible to prove.

Just because there is suspicion and then an event occurring which meant the suspicion was correct does not mean the suspicion created the event.

An alternative possibility is simply a person correctly predicting an event, from their experience in understanding cause and effect.

What I personally think is true, is that if a person cannot ever imagine something happening, they are likely to miss observing the first signs that it is about to happen or miss observing an event altogether if it is the kind which is a 'blink and you miss it' event. The opposite could also be true.

Suspicions could also cause a person to modify their own behaviour to encourage an event to happen.

RebelRogue Thu 23-Feb-17 19:29:50

Well there are 3 kids of people
1. People who suspect something,look into it and have their suspicions confirmed. This is a bit like Schrodinger's cat.. there's no transgression committed until you look into it.
2. (Rare) people who suspect something,look into it and drop it.
3. People who suspect something,find nothing but they twist every little thing that doesn't "fit" into a confirmation of their suspicions and they keep digging. Repeat...

RebelRogue Thu 23-Feb-17 19:34:40

Oh and type number 4. Which is actually an escalation/progress of type number 3,the people who set traps to confirm their suspicions. So while someone not doing something because there was no opportunity isn't ok,by setting the trap,type number 4 actually created the event.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Thu 23-Feb-17 19:40:48

DH suffers from health anxiety. We all become ill in the end. If you guess at enough illnesses, for sufficient years, eventually you'll hit the jackpot and self diagnose correctly.

All that worry though, all that speculation, what a waste!

Isn't it the same with predictions. Predict enough things and ultimately one of them will be right.

Not sure about the 'creates it' bit.

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